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Dark Side of the Rainboom


Twilight searches Pinkie's room for signs of where her friend is. Instead, she finds a couple of mysterious bottles with a dark liquid in them. Her scientific curiosity gets the better of her and decides to try it. Just a sip... for SCIENCE! What could happen? Famous last words.

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HAHA amazing, not perfect, but this is def getting at least 4 stars from me. i got some awesome laughs out of this!
oh, and about the theft of applejacks alchohol? i think this fits

That was awesome. Drunk ponies are always hilarious.

Um, that was very confusing at some points and it heard my head trying to follow. :derpyderp2:

Still, drinking pony is best pony. Just the thought of Twilight being drunk is very amusing. :rainbowlaugh:


Damn, why can't this site have the option to edit you're comments!

Cool story, bro!

Oh wow, i laughed so hard... Drunk Twilight is Awesome Twilight...:twilightsheepish:

Drunk pony is the best pony... well, not really, but I love it!

Oh Twilight, still my favorite :3

Twilight. Hammered.


@Legacy>>112599 Sorry that it was confusing at times. I tried to make it sound illegible but at the same time... legible? I suppose that would be the closest thing I could think of. Anyway, did anyone catch any allusions or references to anything? Anything at all? Hint: In the title and in the story. I'm a history buff.

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But the academic in her was just dying to find out what this liquid was. So, cautiously, she took a small sip.

Apparently despite the fact that she's an academic, no one ever taught her one of the most important chemistry lab safety lessons? "Never taste or directly smell a substance if you do not know what it is." :derpyderp2:


Lambdon is obviously a reference to London, at one time the largest wool and textile producer in the world, and which later became famous for poetry and plays written by such poets like William Shakespeare.

That's all I found.

quick how do you post pictures?

Okay, for all the references missed.... Lambdon= London, Fire in Lambdon, 1666= The Great Fire of London. How did you miss that? Manehattan blackout 1977= Great Blackout of New York, 1977. Painting Ponyville Red = obviously a reference to "painting the town red'. Baker's Treat = Baker Street. And the title is a reference to "Dr Strangelove. Or How I Learned to Stop worrying and Love the Bomb. That's about it. Glad so many people liked the story.

That was a fun read, Thanks. :twilightsheepish:

The story is about as clear as Twilight's thought pattern, so it accurately reflects on her mental capability during her wild night out. Yet at the same time, there are no errors in it and it is an excellent read.

OMG this is really old.

Can't believe that it's been over a year since I read this the first time.
I still find it gives me a chuckle when I read it again. :pinkiesmile:

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