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Equestria; a vast, bountiful, and beautiful land blessed greatly by sapient life and powerful mist. Seething at its brim with potent magick and seemingly devoid of malevolence, its inhabitants live and die in nigh perpetual harmony, under the protective wings of their ever vigilant diarchs, the Princesses of the Sun and Moon.

But Fate would never be so kind as to remain as such for so long.

Like the delicate weave of a spider web struggling against the distant howls of a maelstrom, the facade of utopia begins to crumble as an otherworldly wanderer is thrust into their world. He forgets himself and knows nothing of this world, but is an ominous and unwitting herald to the advent of an impending change. Meanwhile, immortal eyes cast an ambitious gaze at the untainted realm, desire fervently set ablaze past meager wantings of mere godhood, which it will have at the natives' greatest expense.

Will our heroes hold fast to their mettle and save their world from the another plight greater than all those they have faced, or will they let themselves be crushed under the sheer weight of adversity?

Let the answers reveal themselves as the tale unfurls by the life of a Zodiac Brave.

Update: The overhaul will be completely separate from this one. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. It's just that things felt convoluted with this story now that I look back. I will do my best with the new version, however slow it may be. Again, deepest apologies.

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You spelled magic wrong in the description.


That was intentional in order to set the right atmosphere. I just find the archaic way of spelling things fascinating, that's all.

1544381 well then I withdraw my previous statement.

They're in FF7, aren't they? Zach is going to regret ending up here.

Oh, so close and yet so far! :raritydespair:
So, take another guess.

And his name is spelt as 'Zack' Fair, not the same as my 'Zach'. Though i may bring him over, if I can find a place for him in the story.
A stache for you, the first to notice! :moustache:

1588655 No, huh? Lessee... FF6 had a train... a ghost train, and it would be logical for them to end up near it if they just escaped from Death's domain, not to mention the overall lack of magic to those not connected to the local espers. Also, I have a bad habit of thinking 'Zack' and 'Zach' are the same name, even though they aren't.

Ennope, try again please! :ajsmug:

I'll give you a hint: You were warm with your last guess. :trollestia:

1588700 One of the FF7 spinoffs? I dunno. I never actually played those games. Hmm... FF8 was also fairly technologically advanced and restrictive about magic.

See, this is why they don't want players entering the virus-infected fields. We need some admins over here in the Fluttershy's dreamscape field! Or at least Kite!

(Joke) Alt. Title: Summer Skies, Humans Why?: You, Your Fic and Your Johnson

Didn't get it til I watched the video, so it didn't really hit its mark, sorry. Catchy tune though.

Why not mention that this is an FF tactics crossover story in the description? Or I think that it is one since you have the Gran Grimoire from Ivalice as your cover. By the way is it rather hard to make any picture of what the story is about from your description, beside that it is an transdimensional story


It my first attempt at a writing anything and I wanted to do something to challenge myself. I wasn't able to come up with anything original at the time, and I'm a big fan of tactics, but I also didn't want the story to be bound solely to Tactics or MLP. So I borrowed the realm of Ivalice for the premise of the story and origin of my character, hence the crossover tag. Looking back now, I should have thought things through properly and taken my time to come up with something original, and, with concerns to the aspects of the story such as setting, serious motives, characters and such, it'll probably never get more than 1000 views at best. But I'm still content with that because all I want to do with it is write, progress and move ahead. But If there are people who appreciate it, then it makes writing this all the more enjoyable.

Though that does make sense, that I should put it up in the description about it being a Tactics crossover :twilightsheepish:

Well tactics and XII crossover if you really want to be precise... Maybe also mention war of the lions, but that comes down to what time age we are in.

And how can something not be original just because it is an crossover? To be really original is not making up an new idea, but taking an old formula and break the mold, making it better than before by exploring new aspects that you could not do in the game. Some of the most original stories I know is retellings of others. Like Fo:E or some of the stories in the FF history line, taking 9 as an good example. The formula in the unnumbered amount of FF games is almost the same, half of them turning around saving the world with crystals, and the other half saving the world with some old and forgotten tec from the world that came before the one that is.

Many tropes and memes lives so well not because they are original, but because there is something special over them, so take what you have, and since it is inspired by FF, then take an politic viewpoint or another strong view, and explore that.


I've change the story title and description. Sorry if it upsets either of you.

This story has been reviewed by the The Equestrian Critics Society.

Story Title: Otherworld

Author: Blankscape

Reviewed by: M1SF0RTUNE

In short, Blankscape’s “Otherworld” is something of a flawed masterpiece. If given the proper treatment of a smart and equally talented editor to trim a lot of its’ fat and speed up some of its’ slow pacing, Otherworld could become something truly special and is something that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately as it stands now, it’s a very rough, but at least shiny and pretty diamond that a fair many may come to appreciate or even learn from.

Full Review

Score: 7.8/10

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