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Alone in a chilly night, a filly sits in a darkened alleyway. Surrounded by a blanket of snow and with nothing else but a tattered cloak to keep her warm, she stares down at a box of matches. As the night only grows colder and colder, she sets a match alight, looking to the tiny flame in the hopes it will keep her alive.

Edited by the ever efficient MagerBlutooth
Cover Art by Yours Truly

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Thanks. I hope others think the same too :twilightsmile:

Have another like. Also, thanks for giving me another chance to say: Arson would have made everything better! A free fire to warm up to, followed by a comfy bed. Prison is pretty okay, afterall. Three squares a day and you can make sangria in the toilet. 'course, its shanked or be shanked.

Also, Hans Christian Andersen was a dick. There, I said it.

4426496 This is beautifully done. Horribly sad, doubly so for me, since she's my favorite filly. I'm sad the story you based this one off is a true story. And this ripped my heart up to read it happen to one so young, or that it was my favorite in this case. Well done, and have a like and a fav for this....:raritycry:

I hate you soooo much right now Blanky! I was already sad about LBB going away!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

...Was good...

Don't hate you....

Still sad filly

I haz a sad nao. I haz a lot of sads.:raritycry:

I'm glad you both enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

You... You heartless bastard. I didn't want these feels.

Sounds like it had its intended effect on you. A more bitter, slightly less sweet ending was what I was going for at the start. I'm glad it gave you feels, and thanks Joro :twilightsmile:

Before reading: What does this remind me of some sort of anime that I saw many years ago (whose name I never learned)?

I came here from a link from the person that made your cover art.

I am not disappointed in this at all.
The music was an awesome touch. I even restarted it when it ended(I love classical music).
The writing I thought was great.
And the story itself... simply amazing.

That ending, it was.. it was... something. But, at least she lived her last moments happy.

Thank you for this story and the feels. It was amazing. :moustache:

I don't know if there ever was an anime adaptation. The source story is called 'The Little Matchgirl' by Hans Christian Andersen, author of many of classics such as 'The Little Mermaid.' Here's a link to the animated short Disney made, if you're interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUSzQBaWq0Q

Not to surprise you, but I made the cover art. That was my DA account you came from. Well thanks for all your kind words :twilightsmile:

“Oh Apple Bloom, Ah missed you too” The elder mare replied as she returned the hugged. “We all did.”
“We?” The Apple Filly wondered, her brow askew. From the haze, two ponies came forth. An orange mare with a blond mane sporting a steston, and an apple-red stallion with a yolk resting around his neck.
“Yes, Apple Bloom,” the orange mare answered most joyfully. “We all did.”
“Eeyup,” the red stallion reaffirmed.

There go the tears. My entire computer is wet. I was smacked with feels and beaten with a bag of dead kittens.
Well done... also the set up at the beginning just solidified that despairing gut I had in my feeling from the get go.
Well played.


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