• Published 14th Oct 2012
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Deadpool Vs. Equestria - Live Light

The Merc With A Mouth finds himself in Equestria. This'll take some getting used to.

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Issue #12: Thinking Of Portals

Deadpool Vs. Equestria

Issue 12

Last time...

Pinkie decides that she would like to go to the home dimension of her new boyfriend(?). They go to find Weasel, but are unaware of the Woodland 6's suspicions.


Weasel walked around Ponyville. He was wondering where Deadpool was. Where did he put his bag? Well, technically it was Deadpool's, and he asked him to take care of it, but he thought it would only be temporary. He decided to walk back to his hotel room.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie.

"Hi, Weasel!"

"Agh! Oh, hi, Pinkie. Uh, have you seen Wade?" Weasel asked.

"Yeah. Look up." She answered.

As soon as Weasel looked up, Deadpool landed behind him. Weasel was really close to being landed on and having his bones broken, worse. After about 5 seconds, Wade got up, with one limp foreleg.

"Hey, Weas!" He greeted. "What's up? Besides me about 10 seconds ago?"

"...Are you... gonna give me the bag back?" Weasel asked.

"No. Anyway, we have a request for ya!"


"Any chance you could build a portal and send us to Earth-616?"

Weasel scratched his head. "Where?"

"Home." He dead-panned.

"Oh. ...Well, I could -build- one, but I need a power cell... and they're back home."

"What kinda power cell?" Pinkie asked.

{Censoring Power Cell name.}


{Because the Author doesn't want to make up a name, and have it be scientifically incorrect.}

[I guess that's a good reason.]

It's not.

"Wadey." Pinkie said, poking him.


"I said I have that kind of power cell."

"Why do you have one?" Weasel asked.

"It's either because it's convenient, because someone from your world already went here and put a power cell he found in my basement, or all of the above."

"Cool. So, Weas, get to work on the Portal. Pinkie wants a look at our world." Deadpool requested.

"You sure she'll like it there?" Weasel asked.

"Nope. But she wants to go anyway." Deadpool said, nodded.

"Yeppers!" Pinkie said.

"...Well... okay, I'll get to building the portal..." Weasel agreed, "Might take a few days..."

"Nothing a good ol' transition scene can't fix!" Deadpool exclaimed.

*2 Days Later*

*Attempt failed*

"Hey! I said... TWO DAYS LATER!" Deadpool yelled at the sky.

*Attempt failed*

*Meta sucks*

"Now that's a big lie!" Pinkie yelled. "Meta has all sorts of awesome if used right!"

"What are you two talking about?" Weasel asked.

"I thought you'd understand me when you realize how Pinkie speaks to the audience, Weas," Deadpool said, "Not cool."


-----Point of View: Angel Bunny-----

Angel watched the three with his binoculars. He, Miss Rabbit and Hyper Hamster were on a tree. The rest of the group were on a bush, on the opposite side of the tree.

"What are they yelling about?" Miss Rabbit asked.

"Don't know, but it's like someone just insulted their way of life..." Angel commented.

"I can't watch..." Hyper said. He had his paws over his eyes.

"Hyper, do you know what we're looking at?" Angel asked.


"What do you think?"

"I thought we were at a Slendermane sighting..."

"..." Angel was silent. Partly because it's ridiculous, and partly because he doesn't like that subject very much. He just went back to looking at the group of Earth-Ponies.

"So it's not a Slendermane sighting?" Hyper asked.

"No, Hyper, it's not." Miss Rabbit said.

"Okay!" Hyper said, taking his paws off his eyes. "Oh, there's Pinkie, Wadey and the weird guy I don't know!"

"I beg to differ," Angel said, "Weasel there seems to be the most normal of the two, despite coming from somewhere else and having a jacket Rarity would hate to see."

"Agreed." Miss Rabbit agreed.

Yay. Angel thought, holding back a smile.

Angel noticed a rustling in the bushes in front of him.

Fuzzy's head popped out of it, he looked around frantically. Angel scowled.

"Miss Rabbit, one of the rocks, please?" He asked.

"Certainly." Miss Rabbit said, reaching into a bag, and handing Angel a rock.

"Thanks." Angel said, before throwing the rock all the way at the bush, inadvertently hitting Tim, who was still hiding in the bush, in the head. No one on the tree noticed, though. At least it got Fuzzy's attention. He looked over to Angel. Angel pointed downwards, motioning for him to stop looking out of the bush and get behind cover.

Fuzzy shook his head. Angel shrugged, asking why he wouldn't. Fuzzy pointed at the bush, grabbed himself, and made a slit-throat motion.

"DONKEYS." Hyper yelled. Fuzzy immediately retreated into the bush.

"Thank you, Hyper, for making a large amount of noise the ponies might've heard," Angel said, sarcastically.

"Hamsters sound like squeaks to others," Hyper explained, "No one really knows what rabbits sound like, so you can yell too. Tim shouldn't, though, because it'll sound he watched a horror movie while in a horror movie."

"...If you say so..." Angel said, shrugging. He looked back at the group... and they're gone. He looked left and right, and eventually saw Deadpool and Pinkie going to Ponyville, and Weasel going elsewhere, probably a hotel room.

"...Right, now we need to go after Deadpool and Pinkie," Angel explained, "And the other group hopefully remembers they have to follow Weasel. Alrighty then, let's go." The group then used a rope they'd brought with them to descend the tree, and follow the pair.


To be continued in the next issue!

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