• Published 14th Oct 2012
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Deadpool Vs. Equestria - Live Light

The Merc With A Mouth finds himself in Equestria. This'll take some getting used to.

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Issue #8: Reunion

Deadpool Vs. Equestria

Issue #8


Previously on Deadpool Vs. Equestria...


And so continues the story.


"...So... Weasel... you followed me here. Took you long enough." Deadpool said.

"You're the one who used up the first cell, Wade. I had to buy another one in order to get back." His friend/acquaintance replied.

"That Portal runs on tech-cell thingies?"

"Well yeah, it needs a power source!"

"How'd you calibrate it to send you to this place specifically then?" Deadpool was a bit curious how.

"Who's the one here who knows how to use his brain for things like this? I am."

{He's got you there, Wadey.}

"Fine..." Deadpool said. "I still want my cheesy puffs."

"Yeah, yeah, you ate them all. I always let you eat them anyway, remember what happened last time I had MY bag of cheesy puffs?"

"Oh, yeah..." Deadpool said, recalling back to that time they were both in that game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

"Wow, this new body feels really weird..." Weasel commented. "I feel like someone's cut off my fingers and toes, and someone deformed my skeletal shape so I have to walk on all fours... not as painful as I thought..."

"Welcome to my world..." Deadpool said.

"Technically, it's not your world, you fell through it after all."

"Okay, okay, no need to be a smart-ass about it."

Weasel took a moment to look around his surroundings.

"Oh, I'm outside Fluttershy's cottage. Perfect. Still, introductions later. Wade, who've you met so far?"

"I've met Pinkie Pie, Stephenie Meyer, Outlaw, Rainbow Sprint, Ah'dawwable-ness and Eughgodsnob." He replied.

"In other words... Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity?"

"Eughgodsnob is a better name."

"You don't want Fluttershy catching you saying that. Trust me."

{But she's so harmless and cute.}

Listen to the voice of reason, head migraines.

[I thought that was me.]

Well, you're supposed to be, but so far, the Author's portraying you in the sort of way that makes you a voice of reasonable offence. No offence. And we're meant to hate White Box, but so far, he says what we're all thinking.

{Oh, thanks alot.}

"Anyway, you've met the Mane 6 then? Right. Anypony else?" Weasel asked.

"HA! Going local alright, total brony."

"Yeah, you found that out, back at Earth. Already it's not funny. AnyBODY else you've met?"

"Well," Deadpool began, "There was that psycho-lady who tried to attack Pinkie for some reason, and that was when we were at Celestia's castl-"

"You met Princess Celestia?" Weasel asked.

"Yes. Why?" Wade answered.

"Did you meet Princess Luna?" Weasel inquired.

"No. Why?" Wade answered.

"Hold on, why were you there to begin with?"

"A letter flew into my face, by Celestia, and I had to go see her so she could determine whether I was evil, nice, or just dangerous, and after I crippled the before mentioned psycho-lady with the switchblade, for trying to protect Pinkie, she was like, 'Aw, Hell naw, you'se dengerous!' And Fluttershy's like, 'No, he can stay, we can make him nice,' and Celestia's all, 'Don't approve, but fine, go, you'se gonna get owned by him soon!'

{She never said it like that. Or said you'd attack in the end. Just to be careful.}

"Shut up, White Box."

"So... that means I'll receive a letter with that request?" Weasel asked uneasily.


"Oh, kay... Uh.. not sure I'm ready for this..."

"Oh, don't worry, you probably have a few hours. Either that, or you could yell that you're a safe person, which you are, you didn't bring that laser gun with you, and your hair isn't blue anymore, you seem like you could fit in."

"Besides the fact I know a bit too much about the show and stuff... yeah, probably."

"Speaking of which... would you be happy with showing me around the place, since you know more than Stephenie Meyer?"


"I'm calling her Steph."

Weasel sighed. "Sure, fine. Can you just introduce me to Fluttershy?" He asked.

"I can introduce you to Fluttershy AND Pinkie Pie! She's in there right now." Wade replied.

"I'm not ready for that..."

"Too bad, I've already figured out they're the same voice actor, and I already think Pinkie's a little bit awesome."

"A little?"

"Well, she doesn't jump around, and shoot things, and slice things and look bad-ass all the time, like this..."

Weasel looked at him confusedly, wondering why he had extended his arms so it looked like he was trying to show a massive picture.

"Whatever, let's just go in." Weasel said, irritated.

"Alrighty!" Deadpool said, trying to hop like Pinkie Pie to the door, then falling on his face. "Damnit." He got up, and just walked to the door, with Weasel smirking.

-----Point Of View: The Animals-----

Angel Bunny watched them enter the cottage. He narrowed his eyes, suspicious of the two 'ponies' that appeared. He hopped over as fast as he could to a rabbit hole. He looked around, and saw Miss Rabbit head for a rabbit hole herself. He nodded to her, she nodded back, and they both jumped into the rabbit hole, and where they went, we shall return later.

-----Point of View: Deadpool-----

Because my point of view was so uninteresting ya had to go away from it! SHEESH!

Deadpool and Weasel walked into the room, and found Fluttershy and Pinkie still talking. They looked at him, and Weasel. Fluttershy 'eeped' and hid behind the couch almost immediately. Pinkie Pie *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP*ed, and appeared in front of him quickly.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie, but you probably know that already, because Wadey here either told you about me, or you're from his world and you watch the show! Well, is it good? Huh? Huh? Huh? Also, you wear different clothes than him, does that mean you don't all wear those costumes that I think I'd look good in? I mean, not to diss the jacket there, it looks pretty cool, but I haven't tried wearing red and black before, although maybe I shouldn't, the town will think I turned back into that character from that evil fiction called C- NO! I won't say it, we made a Promise to that fan and his unwavering loyalty, and by Celestia, we are gonna keep it!"

"You mean Cu-" Weasel began

"SHUSH, HERETIC!" Deadpool shushed loudly, placing a hoof over Weasel's mouth. "You're gonna promise you won't ever mention that again... GOT IT!?"

"...Got it."

"Pinkie Promise." Pinkie insisted.

"Huh?" Deadpool said.

"...Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye?" Weasel said desperately.

"Okie-dokie-lokie!" Pinkie said, bouncing over to Fluttershy. "It's okay, Weasel's a friend of Wadey!"

"O-okay..." Fluttershy squeaked, peeking from the couch, a bit quicker than one would expect, probably expecting a weasel.

"U-um... hello there." She greeted meekly.

Weasel has to suppress a fan-boy attack. "Hi." He just managed to say neutrally

[I want to go somewhere else now.]

"Well... I'll let you two get acquainted, I'd like to see the rest of the Ville of Ponies." Deadpool said. "Coming, Pinkie?"

"Okay!" She said, hopping over to him.

"Err, Wade, didn't you want me to guide y-" Weasel bega-

"Later, at the dangerous parts."

"I could show you those places too!" Pinkie said.

"Yes I could, why don't I..."

[Ask her out.]


[Why else do you not wanna danger her?]


Well, let me put it this way, Yellow Box... I'm not comfortable with dating a horse as a horse yet. If we do somehow manage to have to do you-know-what, I might have to do it the way a horse does, and that's just awkward!

{...Wow. You had to give us that mental image.}


I should be asking that question, it's happened to me, not you.


[And sleep with me, come on why don't you slee-]







{A Freakazoid cross-over might be fun, actually.}

[Ask her.]

Not today.

[Another day?]

Probably not.

[Probably so.]

(Hai guys, I'm back!)


(...Oh... okay... bye...)


Where were we? Oh, right.

"Anyway, let's go." Deadpool said, walking out the door, with Pinkie following. "What now?" He asked outside.

"Wanna go see Twilight? You can make all the Stephenie Meyer jokes you want." Pinkie offered.

"...Yes, let's go." He said. And they went over to Twilight's.

-----Point of View: The Animals-----

Angel Bunny was falling down the rabbit hole for a bit of a while. It was really a sort of slidey thing. The last mechanism, it was actual falling, and the slide was at the bottom. He broke a few bones from that one, suffice to say... he reached the revised end of the slide, and slid into a room.

The room looked a meeting room... an underground meeting room... the ground and walls were made of board, and the ceiling was made of earth. There were plants around the place, and a large metal, circular table could be seen, with cosy, cushion-y chairs of different sizes surrounded it. This room was the perfect meeting room and hide-out. And this hide-out was just one of many.

This meeting room belonged to a group of 6 animals, and that team's name is... Angel's Angels. ...Well, not really. Angel wanted it to be called that. But the votes were in favour of the Woodland 6, as it was better than Team Woodland, that sounded too corny. Seriously, Angel's Angels. ORIGINAL! Thought Angel.

The animals involved in this group was Angel Bunny, the stubborn bunny with a heart of gold, and favourite of Fluttershy, gets cranky without his carrots. Then there was Miss Rabbit, another rabbit, who he secretly has eyes for, and will usually agree with her all the time. Cutie Mouse, a timid mouse with a personality reminiscent of Fluttershy, is undoubtedly cute. Then, there's Hyper Hamster. He used to be named Huggy Hamster, but now he's always jumpy and energetic, ever since that party for animals Pinkie Pie threw. There was also Fuzzy Ferret, who was like the conspiracy theorist of the group... he kinda takes his job a bit seriously, he's very paranoid. And there was Tim, who, incidentally, is a cat. Not much else.

Angel walked over to the seat made for him, and sat on it. Miss Rabbit eventually appeared out of the rabbit hole she entered, and sat on her own seat, opposite Angel. Cutie crawled out of a crawlspace, and timidly got on her seat. Hyper rolled through a spinning entrance probably designed for small rolling balls, then bounced over to his seat. Fuzzy walked through a sort of hidden doorway, wearing a gas-mask. He saw it was safe to breathe, and took it off, taking his seat. Tim walked through a crawlspace of his own, and went to his seat.

The group was gathered.

"Well, team..." Angel began. "How about we discuss the aliens who've entered Equestria?"


To be continued in the next issue!

{Huzzah, you explained the animals from The Recluse in detail... and made them recurring chatacters... again. Why?}

They're arguably the best characters I've thought up. Besides Angel, he already existed.

"HEY! YOU!" Deadpool yelled.

Hi. What can I do for you, Deadpool?


They're stealing your show as much as Live Light's. Only a little bit each chapter. That way, I can discuss two goings on, and bring more entertainment. Plus, it's a fun idea, in my opinion.

"Well, why don't you give them their own adventure?"

Maybe I will. When I have the time.

"Ergh, fine. Bye."

...I could have made that a bit funnier. Oh well. What're ya gonna do?



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