• Published 14th Oct 2012
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Deadpool Vs. Equestria - Live Light

The Merc With A Mouth finds himself in Equestria. This'll take some getting used to.

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Issue #13: The Long Wait

Deadpool Vs. Equestria

Issue #13: The Long Wait

Previously on Deadpool Vs. Equestria...

Portals requested. Portals granted. Animals seeing rollin'. Animals hatin'. Animals patrolling directly.

White And Nerdy.


Weasel walked into Sugarcube Corner. He looked around, and smiled at the citizens eating casually, and by how realistic (despite cartoony) it looked. He looked over to Mrs. Cake.

"Hello, Mrs. Cake." He greeted.

"Hello, dearie... can I get you anything?" She asked.

"Do you know where Wade and Pinkie are?"

"They're probably upstairs," She answered, "Why, do you need them for something?"

"Yeah, I finished building something, and I thought they should come and see." Weasel replied.

"Oh, I see. Well, off you go. I hope they're glad to see you and whatever contraption you've built!" She said, sweetly.

"Thank you," Weasel said, before going upstairs. In the upstairs hallway, he heard near to nothing. He looked around, before looking at a door that had the following sign on it...

'I'm doing things right now. Like, waiting for my game. GET OUT.

If you bring tacos or chimichangas, though, I might let you in. :D

-Deadpool's Room'

He nodded, and turned the doorknob, opening the door, and walking inside the room. He was mildly surprised to see Deadpool lying down on the floor, and Pinkie lying down on a couch.

"...Uh... guys..." Weasel said. Deadpool instantly perked up.


"W-what are you talking about?" Weasel asked, frightened and confused. "I saw you yesterday!"

"Canonically..." Pinkie said, appearing next to Deadpool.

"It feels like half a month, because SOME author hasn't been paying attention to our fanfic!" He yelled at the sky.

[Shame on you.]


{I wouldn't talk to him right now... seriously.}

[Why not?]

{He tried something and failed miserably.}

[Which was, what exactly?]

{Writing a horror fic. I hear he thinks it sounds stupid and weird, now.}

[I don't see it.]

{And... you never will...}

[In other news. I'm confused. Are we being shipped with Pinkie still?]

{I honestly do not know...}

"...Well, maybe you should pay more attention to your fanfic..." Weasel said.

"I'm not writing it. Neither is Pinkie," Deadpool answered. "Get used to it."

"...I'm just gonna tell you now... I finished the portal... Bye." Weasel said, before running off. He really didn't want to stick around near Deadpool any longer now.

"This is gonna be fun!" Pinkie exclaimed, "Wadey, do you have any favourite sports?"

"I like kicking heads like soccer balls and playing basketball, because my girlfriend was Anna," Deadpool replied. "If, at the time, my girlfriend was Susan, I'd probably be into completely different things. Strange things. Horrible things. Dirty things."

Pinkie looked at him with one eye narrowed in confusion.

"They're both dead now." Deadpool said. "Although, I'm not sure if Anna actually existed."

Pinkie looked at him with a neutral expression.

"...Awkwaaaaard..." Deadpool said, trying to break that silence.

"Wanna go to Earth?" Pinkie asked.

"Indubitably." Deadpool said, before walking out of the room, with Pinkie following.


Angel watched as Deadpool and Pinkie left Sugarcube Corner. He, Miss Rabbit and Hyper were inside a bush. Tim, Cutie and Fuzzy were on an opposite bush.

"Tim says they were talking about a 'portal'..." Angel said. "Are they going to summon a magical portal or something?"

"We should follow them and find out." Miss Rabbit said.

"Indeed." Angel agreed.

"I dunno. We might get taken on some weird adventure." Hyper said, skeptically.

"You heard the lady, Hyper," Angel said. "We're still gonna follow them."

"You would say that..." Hyper whispered to himself.


"Nooope, nothing." Hyper said.

Angel rolled his eyes, and looked to the other bush. Fuzzy popped up, and pointed at the ground. Cutie Mouse was on her way to the other bush, and Deadpool was sorta close to squishing her.

"SLENDERMANE." Hyper yelled, causing Angel jump at the sudden yell, and scowl with fury at Hyper. Fuzzy, however, let out a rather girly scream. Deadpool stopped in his tracks, and looked to the bush.

"...Do all the bushes scream like little girls?" Deadpool asked Pinkie. Pinkie shrugged. "Good enough." He said, and they continued on. Deadpool began to sing the one song that came to mind.

Donkeys stood on a field and they're up to no good,
Can't anyone see it's truuuuueeeee,
Look at its face, there's something nasty in store for you.

Donkeys stood on a field and they're up to no good,
Can't Anyone see it's truuuuueeeee,
What on Earth are those donkeys trying to do.

Five members of the Woodland 6 watched as Fuzzy screamed repeatedly and loudly at the very song about donkeys. Angel, Miss Rabbit and Tim face-pawed.



{To be continued in the next issue.}


{Heeyyy. Sport. How are ya?}


{You know what'll cheer you up? A story about the Ugly Barna-}

[We don't watch that show.]

{Doesn't mean he won't enjoy it.}


{You know what else might cheer you up? A live video of Weird Al Yankovic... I dedicate this song to you.}


{What about thi-}

*File:Caption Boxes placed in Recycle Bin*


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