• Published 14th Oct 2012
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Deadpool Vs. Equestria - Live Light

The Merc With A Mouth finds himself in Equestria. This'll take some getting used to.

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Issue #24: Hell Hath No Fury Like Angry Pony-Human Girls of Cuteness

Deadpool vs. Equestria




Deadpool stared at Fluttershy, and she stared at him. It was kind of terrifying. Weasel could tell that at the moment, she was just unamused, and not using the full-on Stare.

"...Hi." Deadpool greeted.

No response.

"I rescued Pinkie." Deadpool said, hoping that Fluttershy would cheer up.

No response.

"We were just going back."

No response.







"...Help." Deadpool said. He tried to turn his head away, but it was like somebody was strangling him unsuccessfully, but was keeping his neck very still successfully.

"You have some explaining to do, Mister." Fluttershy finally said, still glaring at him.

"...I thought It was a very nice and engaging film."

"Oh, come on." Weasel and Pinkie both said out loud. "You've not even watched it." Weasel said by himself.

"I watched a trailer!"


{End flashback.}

"When you search YouTube, you're bound to find some fake trailers around. Didn't you think to check the comments or suggestions?" Weasel asked.

"Yes, and I thought they were all crazy."

"Don't you have something -else- to explain?" Fluttershy asked, "Something more important?"

"I actually threw out the wedding engagement ring you told me to keep safe, Weasel." Deadpool explained.

"Wait... what!?"

"Other than that." Fluttershy said through gritted teeth.

"...Alright..." Deadpool began.

Time to do one of those songs they probably do all the time.

"Watch this..."

These are my confessions
Just when I thought I said all I could say,
I came up with more secrets to tell you today
These are my confessions
Slipped my mind the last two times
Silly me, so now I gotta give you part three of my confessions-

"NO!" Fluttershy screamed at him, silencing him immediately.

"Two cute little animals went with you through this portal thing so you could go to this strange place which looks very unfriendly! As a resident of this world, you should have known better than to let them go with you, they could have been hurt! You could have brought them back to where you discovered the portal and placed them back here! But you don't seem to have any problem with any deaths near you, just as long as you get paid, now, would you think that's a fair assumption of you!?" Fluttershy yelled... demandedly.

Deadpool was silent for a moment. He looked as though he was thinking of a way to reply.




Fluttershy's stare got more terrifying.


Still scary.

"I don't know."


"If you don't know," Fluttershy began, "Why can't you be honest with yourself!?"

"Just trying to make a decision..."

"Well, I'm giving you two choices for you to make a decision, you... ungrateful... monster!"


"Either you stay here where you belong, and not ever coming back," Fluttershy began... then hesitating, as if deciding that punishment was a little bit unfair for one citizen of Ponyville to make onto someone, "Until you've... learned to behave..."



She's so adorable!


"Or... you can come back... and you'll be a guest at my residence while I teach you how to behave myself."

{...I hope there's no torture involved.}

"Yes. No. I don't know." Deadpool failed to decide.

"You've got ten seconds, mister." Fluttershy warned. "Ten..."

"...The Record."


"I'd like to talk to Daniel, please..."


"Let's make music together... let's make sweet harmony?"


"...? ...Seven."

"...I ran out of jokes."


"...No 'Don't joke then?' I was hoping to slow the countdown.



"One...?" Fluttershy said...





"I vote to go with you."

The look on Fluttershy's face was the sort of look one would use to say, 'Oh, bother,' without words.

{...Time cut.}


Weasel used a cell to create another portal to Equestria. Everyone was reverted (And re-transformed, in the human's cases) into their pony forms. Everypony headed over to Fluttershy's cottage, which would be where Deadpool's current residence would be, much to his chagrin. You'd wonder why he decided to go with them at all, but you wouldn't get any answer at all.

For the most part, Fluttershy had calmed down considerably, and was back to her usual skittish self. Deadpool still did whatever she said, though. She was just really scary to him, it was like that teacher from that Harvester game he saw Cry play once... the teacher would make the students duck and cover when an alarm rang, and if they didn't duck and cover correctly, they were hit with a baseball bat covered in blood that I think killed one of the people who didn't do it right. It wasn't a game for the kids.

Although, Deadpool did find it nice that Fluttershy sang a lullaby for him to go to sleep.


To be continued in the next issue!



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