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That chick that tattoos at Babscon


Clip Cord and her friends are part of a growing industry in Equestria. Tattoos and piercings are still considered taboo by many ponies; but in the modern bustling heart of Applewood, the heroes of our story thrive. In Spectrum Tattoo and Piercing, five ponies learn lessons about friendship, magic, art, stabby things, donuts, and the lengths an apprentice will go to prove himself in a ruthless industry full of weirdos.

Author's Note: This is just something I wrote for fun, to blow off some steam and get a very pesky idea out of my head. For the moment, this chapter can stand as a fun stand alone, though I'm considering writing more. Please, for the love of Celestia, don't take this fic too seriously. :) Crappy doodle cover image to be replaced by something better when I have the time.

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Why can I suddenly imagine fluttershy running a campaign against tatoos?

Love the story, btw!

I could see Fluttershy being very concerned about the pain. ;)

And thank you!! I'm so glad you liked it. :raritystarry:

I liked it. The subject of tattoos and ponies confused me a little, one would figure that getting one done would require shaving or somehow being bald because of fur.

As for the "Gotye" song, there is only one version of "Somebody That I Used To Know" that is tolerable to me.

By Eric Calderone, if you like this check out his YouTube page, the guy makes metal covers of everything and anything.

To be perfectly fair, the subject of tattoos and ponies confused me a little, too. I thought about the whole shaving thing, and perhaps having the pigment of a tattoo stick around to permanently alter that specific group of hair follicles. Of course, that presents the problem of accuracy and detail - obviously I have quite a dilemma in really addressing the issue as thoroughly as I wanted to. So, for the sake of still wanting to tell this story, I simply chose not to address it. Luckily in the world of colorful cartoon ponies, a little suspension of reality and creative license can go a long way. In my mind, I figured if a pony can have a magically appearing butt-tattoo with very little explanation as to the cultural origins of such a phenomena, it's not impossible to think that they could find other ways to mark themselves permanently.
TLDR; I'm a bored tattoo artist that loves ponies and suspending reality. :trollestia:

Also, thanks!! I'm really glad you liked it.
And everything about that video you shared is just...awesome.

Yeah...butt tattoos. Another subject in the show that makes me laugh because of this one pony. They get their marks when their little so...
"Back in my day you could smoke at the age of five."

Hah!! Perfect example of being able to bend the rules a bit.
Gosh that old pony sure is adorable though. I can just see him, back in the day...smokin' a pipe with his rebellious young friends behind a shed - the ones his Mother warned him about. What an awkward cutie mark story. :trollestia:

Nice story, you have proven that a story need not have an overly complicated plot to be enjoyable to read. Very well done my good sir. :pinkiehappy:

Love all the characters and their interactions with one another. Very much like watching a good tv sitcom.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes and what all you have in store for this. :twilightsmile:

Thanks a bunch Stormcaller, that's so nice of you to say. :twilightsmile:
I admit, I love a good complicated plot myself, but I also really enjoy the lighthearted slice of life type stuff, and think that it has great potential for storytelling.
Of course, I've already foreshadowed a couple of more interesting plot points in chapter one....but they could have been so subtle as to be hardly noticed. I guess we'll see as I progress.

Anywho....this silly little filly is glad her story is being enjoyed. Truly. :yay: Thank you for the nice comments, everypony. :heart: :raritystarry:

Huzzah, update at last and well worth the wait. Hmm I do wonder about Ink Cap however, as in if that's even his real name. Maybe it's something else, but only time will tell. :pinkiehappy:

Also, nice bit there with the fog. :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks again Stormcaller! Glad you enjoyed the update. :twilightsmile:

I'm also glad you picked up on Ink Cap's quirky behavior. :trollestia:

Thanks very much for keeping up with this silly story, and keep an eye out for chapter 3! I'm going to try to get it done much quicker this time.


Huzzah! Sooner chapter is best chapter!! Indeed, I miss nothing... oh hey, I have a text from yesterday... whoops.

Now, back to pondering Pinkie Pie tattoo if we survive the zombie solar flare twinkie shortage apocalypse in December!! :pinkiecrazy:

Well....I'm really biased, so I'll always say DO IT! :) But get it done by a good tattoo artist, so it will look nice forever. ;) Would it be your first tattoo?

Also, thanks again for your comments, and the following of this story. :rainbowkiss: I'm really happy that at least one person enjoys this odd little love child of my two obsessions. :raritystarry:


Was just wondering when the next chapter might be out. No rush though as I know how it is when you get stuck writing.

As for your question you asked a bit ago... yes, it would be my first tattoo if I was to get it. This is my first choice, though I would need to get the artists okay before using it.



Thanks for the prod, Stormcaller! I'm hoping to get the next chapter up pretty soon, although it's been busy for me the last couple months with actual tattoos and real life and all that. :P Which isn't a bad thing for me, really, but forces me to put aside my pet projects sometimes. Just one simple reminder though, that someone is looking forward to the next chapter, really makes me want to get back to this project asap! :) So thanks for that. I appreciate the support!

As for your tattoo choice, very cute!!

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