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After being free of the Darkness, Stygian has practically thrived since his return from Limbo. He’s become a successful writer, and the Pillars have helped him no longer feel like he’s insignificant compared to them. But even so, he struggles to find his place in the group and still wonders whether he’s actually worth something.

In the midst of it all, Stygian finds himself falling in love with Mage Meadowbrook, the Pillar of Healing. A development that does not go unnoticed by Starlight Glimmer and Pinkie Pie, who offer to help him.

Meanwhile, despite her health clinic becoming even more successful in the modern age, Meadowbrook has felt constantly concerned over Stygian’s well-being. With her guilt over when she first turned her back on him with the others secretly still ongoing, Meadowbrook wonders whether there’s anything she can do to truly ensure that Stygian is alright.

The only question is…why? Why, more than any of the Pillars, has Meadowbrook become so focused on Stygian?

(No actual suicide but talk of it.)

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It’s only the first chapter in, and already I’m entranced by this story and enjoying what it’s providing. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Why is there an EQG tag?

Not only why is there an EQG tag like MatTheBook pointed out, but why was this story submitted into the Sunset Shimmer story group?
Don't get me wrong, this story looks wonderful and I'm curious to see where it goes, but...

Probably hinting at Sunset appearing?

I don't see why though.. Why go to Sunset for romance help when the Princess of Love is right there in Equestria? Being the pillars and Starlight being Twilights student it wouldn't be all that hard to set something up with Candance.
Besides that, the Sunset Shimmer story group are ment for stories where she's the main character, which in this story she clearly is not.

I’ve asked the author similar questions quite a while ago. You’ll all just have to wait and see.

Fair and valid point. At least for the Equestria Girls tag. But putting it in the Sunset Shimmer group is pushing it too far. Even if she does make a cameo, it doesn't belong in the Sunset story group. A cameo, even if it's an extended one, is not enough. Only stories where our little bacon hair is a central focus or heavily involved are the ones that belong in that specific group. I already talked about that with one of the groups mods. Rules are rules, I don't make them but we gotta follow them.

That being said, this is still a wonderful start to a story and I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

I am REALLY enjoying this so far!

As for the Author's note, I had a feeling she would come in later. If I make a suggestions for the future though, don't at it to the folder till she appears, if that makes sense?

I loved seeing Meadowbrook go into mother-bear mode over Stygian just because he got syrup on his face. It was a truly amusing moment! Plus, Somnambula’s mischievousness was equally fun.


Seems like someone has a problem with us asking questions.

How do you figure that?

Oh no, it’s not that. I’m just trying to help the author out some, you know?

Def gonna keep this on my radar for when more chapters come out

Also, W Ditzy profile

Ty and nice Derpy profile.

Not really since she is in this story and now it's been pretty much spoiled completely because people complained about the man adding in sunset.

This story does not revolve around Sunset, that is why it doesn't belong there. Just being apart of it is not enough, that is my point and the point of that group. The Sunset Shimmer group are meant for stories where is the main character, not a side character. This one is already four chapters in and she has not appeared. IF you wanted this story to be that group, she must have already been in the story since the start and in every chapter going forward, nothing more, nothing less.

Why are treating me like I'm ragging on your story? I love this story! But it does not belong in that group. There is nothing wrong with it not belong in that one group. That's like saying that all the Harry Potter book should belong in non-fiction because every book has humans in it even though it's about wizards and witches.

Its my story but yeah. Maybe they should add a place for stories where Sunset is a supporting character and people would quit rightfully complaining about their stories being essentially blacklisted from groups. It makes no sense for them continously hate on my story like this just because she isn't there now.

It's not like I'm tossing it in there and never having Sunset show up

Just because we point out that it doesn't belong in ONE GROUP in this entire website DOES NOT mean we hate your story, holy crap dude...
It just doesn't belong in the Sunset Shimmer story group and there is NOTHING wrong with that

I'm happy you like it🙂🫡

She will be next chapter

That's great and all, but she's still a side character and that doesn't mean it can be in the Sunset Shimmer story group. It just doesn't fit.

Oh I'm passed that. I don't give a shit about that anymore, I got more stories to worry about than pointless shit

I’m amazed at how rapidly the chapters are coming. Both chapters 3 & 4 have proven to be a great read, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this interested.

My only recommendation is that you either do a lookback on your chapters to correct grammatical errors and mistakes or hire an editor who can point them out for you. After all, it would help the read be all-the-more enrapturing.

I have no life so chapters usually are daily

Are we about to get an epic Stygian rant?


When are you going to upload more chapters?

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