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This story is a sequel to Canterlot High School

Aura was knocked unconscious in the fight with rainbow dash but doesn’t know how.

What will happen to her while she’s back in equestria?

The ring Aura stole is starting to bring her through rifts in time.

Will she break the timelines?

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That was a lot to take in. They may need to take that ring from her.

“It’s called instant transmission. I learned it from a very respectful man in another universe.” Aura says.

Yay! She watches anime!

Aura lets a shout of pain. “AGH! That hurt!” Aura shouts as she leaps up and uses the wall to push herself to Sombra as she pulls her fist back she reaches him and slams her fist against his side as a crack can be heard from him as she lands and he flies to the wall.

Is she human in this?

FYI when she said she learned it. It implies that she went to that universe.
And yes she is human.

I think I might have a clue of what will happen.

Do you? Do you really though?

I think? But the chances of me being right is slim.

I’m guessing she’s gonna be mentioned in the book that twilight was reading.

The book at the beginning of the show. The book of the two sisters.

Nope. If you read the paragraph. Aura says that it was April of 2015. Not October of 2010

Oh my mad. I thought the episode came out in 2015.

No ya goofball. The series started in 2010

Yeah, I’m definitely a goofball for that.

Something tells me she’s gonna run into trouble.

Well I won’t say but you’ll wait.

So blitz has the same motive as aura?

Didn’t they both want revenge because of jealousy?

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