• Published 19th Nov 2023
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Aura. Back to equestria. - Dot-Dot_Dot

Aura is brought back to equestria to answer to her crimes.

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Filler: A New Character

The land burns as a group of villains rampage through equestria. Draining the magic of all of the innocent ponies and creatures of equestria.

“Twilight! Have you seen Aura at all since she’s left?!” Celestia shouts.

“No! I haven’t seen her! I checked the human equestria but no one has seen her since she left!” Twilight shouts back.

Meanwhile in the griffin territory Aura runs throughout the kingdom as there are building burning, corpses litter the ground. Aura runs towards the castle. As she makes it to the castle one of the doors come crashing down on her.

Aura shoots a blast at the door, destroying it and she runs into the castle. “Hello?! Is anyone still alive!?” Aura shouts as she sprints into the throne room.

Aura looks around as she spots a griffin laying on the floor battered and barely breathing. She approaches the griffin as he frantically tries to back away but can’t.

“Hey. I’m not going to hurt you. What happened here?” Aura asks in a kind tone.

The griffin studies Aura as he begins to calm down. “You are what happened Aura. You came in the kingdom with a group of villains and started a massacre and destroyed the kingdom.” The griffin says while barely breathing.

“Me? But I wasn’t here. I was in… Vacation. I don’t know who did it but they stole my body. Where are my parents?” Aura asks.

“They’re over there. I don’t know if they’re alive but… I… tried to protect them.” The griffin says as the color in his eyes start to fade.

“Here. Eat this.” Aura says as she puts a small bean into the griffins mouth and the color returns to his eyes.

“What was that?” The griffin asks as he stands up.

“I don’t remember. A man gave it to me and I forgot the name of them. You go look for any survivors.” Aura says as she stands up and walks to the room that the griffin pointed to a minute ago.

Aura opens the door to see herself holding her mother my the neck.

“Mom!” Aura shouts as she sprints towards the faker.

“Ah ah ah.” The faker says with a laugh.

“Why are you doing this! Who even are you!” Aura shouts.

“What’s the fun in telling you if you could figure it out yourself. And besides. You should know who I am Aura.” The faker says.

Aura stands there puzzled as she starts to think of who this could be. Aura hears something thud against the ground and when she looks she sees the faker gone and her mother lying on the floor.

“Mom!” Aura shouts as she sprints towards her mom.

Aura lifts her up so she can look at her.

“Aura… I’ve… I’ve always been proud of you. No matter what happened. I knew you would never do this. I’m proud of you. My princess.” Mom says as she takes her last breath and the life leaves her body.

“Mom? Mom! MOM!” Aura screams as she lets go of her mom’s lifeless body. “I’ll kill that faker if it’s the last thing I do! I’ll MURDER THEM!” Aura shouts as she breaks a hole in the wall and takes flight towards Canterlot.

Aura flies for what she feels is eternity as she finally reaches Canterlot. Aura lands as she looks around at the destruction.

“What happened here? What’s going on?” Aura says to herself as she hears an explosion in the distance.

Aura runs over to the origin of the explosion and she sees the girls and the princesses trying to stop the faker.

“Aura! Why are you doing this?! What did we ever do!” Twilight shouts.

“You all don’t know half of what I’ve been through! You can’t even tell who Aura really is.” The faker says as she points to Aura.

Everyone turns to the real Aura as they are shocked and confused.

“Two Aura’s? What’s going on?” Rainbow Dash asks.

Aura stands there as she studies the faker until something snaps in her head.

“Are you my twin?” Aura asks as scratches her head nervously.

“Hehe… That’s rich. Although I’m surprised that you could remember that. Even though your memory is terrible.” Aura’s twin says.

“Wait…” Aura says as she begins to think.

“It shouldn’t take you this long. I’ll tell it anyways.” Aura’s Twin says.

“Go ahead. I won’t stop you.” Aura says as she waits for her sister to tell the story.

“Back when we were young fillies, our parents were killed. Then we were split apart. Aura was adopted by the griffins while I was left alone. No one ever adopted me so I went on my own. Anything Aura could ever improve upon, I could do better. The transformations she can do, I can do.” Aura’s sister says.

“Wait… does that mean if I learn something new, you can do it as well? Who even are you?” Aura asks.

“I’m Blitz Shifter. The better you. And I’ll do anything to wipe you off from this universe!” Blitz shouts as she goes into a combat stance.

“What’s your problem? I never did anything to you!” Aura says as she takes a stance.

“You were everything that I couldn’t be! I always heard about how the Queen of the griffin’s adopted a Pegasus and every single griffin respected that Pegasus.” Blitz says as everyone else looks shocked as they turn to Aura.

“Is this true Aura?” Celestia asks.

“Yes. I never told because I never liked the title of Princess Aura.” Aura says.

“Enough talk! We will settle this now!” Blitz says as she charges towards Aura.

Aura waits before dashing towards Blitz and start to clash as the air begins to boil around them and everyone else runs for cover.

Aura and Blitz sling each other away before they lunge towards each other and clashing. The air begins to thin before cracking.

“This will end now!” Aura shouts as her Aura begins to build and her hair begins to turn red.

“Oh? God energy? Hehe… that’s adorable.” Blitz says as she does the same.

They begin to fight again. Dealing blow upon blow. Clashing blows for a while before suddenly disappearing.

Blitz shoots an energy attack towards Aura and she forms a barrier that turns the attack into dust.

“It’s Futile!” Aura says as she kicks Blitz in the chest and shoves her back as she flies towards Blitz she slams her fist into her which explodes and sends them back into Equestria.

Aura and Blitz stand there a small distance apart from each other as they stagger towards each other.

Aura and Blitz throw one punch and Aura doesn’t make it before getting tapped by Blitz and she falls over.

“She got me!” Aura says as she falls backwards.

“I… I did it! I… beat, Aura!” Blitz shouts as she falls backwards.

Both siblings lay there unconscious as they get their rest from their fight.

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So blitz has the same motive as aura?

Not exactly. But yes.

Didn’t they both want revenge because of jealousy?

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