Aura. Back to equestria.

by Dot-Dot_Dot

I’m in the past.

The mother turns to Aura. “I’m okay but I’m not sure about Luna.” The mother says as she points towards Luna who has a face of awe stuck on her face.

Aura crouches down towards Luna. “Hey? Are you okay?” Aura asks as she boops Luna on the nose.

Luna shakes her head which knocks off the stuck look on her face.

“Woah! That was so cool! How did you do it?” Luna asks energetically.

“Well. It’s a thing called energy. I’m able to harness the magic in equestria to become an energy for an attack.” Aura says while looking proud of herself.

“That’s so cool! Can you teach me?!” Luna asks in her usual enthusiasm.

“It took me years to learn how to do it.” Aura says while standing back up.

“Oh… that’s okay. I’ll still learn to.” Luna says with a smile.

The mother steps up.

“I want to thank you for saving me and my daughters. Where did you come from Aura?” The mother asks.

“It was nothing. I felt that I had to do something. I’ve always wanted to help others. And I’m from the future. I’m assuming that it’s from this ring that I have but I’ve got a question for you. Why is that city on fire?” Aura asks as she points to the city.

“Canterlot? There’s been riots about how the king has been treating us.” The mother says as she sighs.

“Who’s your king?” Aura asks as she crosses her arms.

“His name is King Sombra. He’s been our king for over two decades now. He’s treated us poorly ever since he rose to power.” The mother says.

“Sombra? I thought he was supposed to be the king of the crystal empire. Maybe this was before he went to the crystal empire.” Aura says to herself.

“Maybe I should have a word with him. And by word. I mean a fight to prove if he can truly be a king.” Aura says as she turns towards canterlot.

“I wouldn’t do that Aura. My husband was the strongest unicorn in equestria and even he couldn’t stand up to Sombra.” The mother says.

“Heh. If I’m going to die then I’ll make sure everyone knows it was for the right cause.” Aura says as she points to herself.

“Then I’m going with you.” The mother says as Celestia and Luna nod in agreement.

“Then it’s settled. Sombra will be removed from this land. Everyone hold on to me.” Aura says as she places two fingers on her forehead and the others hold on to her and they teleport to Canterlot.

“Woah. How did you do that?” Celestia asks with her head tilted.

“It’s called instant transmission. I learned it from a very respectful man in another universe.” Aura says.

“How did you go to another universe?” The mother asks.

“It’s an extremely long story.” Aura says with a wink as she faces the Castle.

“Alright. Shall we continue?” The mother says as Aura nods and they begin to walk to the castle.

As they enter the castle Aura is shocked to see how many ponies are displayed on the floor. Their bodies lifeless.

Celestia and Luna gasp and Luna starts to cry.

Aura lifts up Luna and starts to hold Luna.
“I know this is something you’ve never wanted to see in your life ever. Sometimes life doesn’t end up how you want it. It will be painful. You will go through loss. But no matter how hard it gets. Giving up hurts worse than failure.” Aura says with a reassuring smile.

Luna stops crying and nods as Aura sets her back down. Before their interrupted by a loud slam in the room ahead of them.

“You all wait here. No matter what. Stay here please.” Aura says as she runs towards the room and opens the door to see a pony in armor fly past her and slam into the wall and as she walks in she sees what it is.

Sombra. Enraged.

“Who are you! Are you here to oppose me?! King Sombra?! I’ll kill you where you stand! You lower life form!” Sombra shouts at Aura.

“If I’m lower then kill me. But you won’t be so much better than me.” Aura says with a smirk as she points to herself.

Sombra’s horn glows as a beam is shot at Aura and she dodges it just before it hits her she watches it go through the wall and as she turns to face Sombra. His hoof comes in contact as it slams against her face and she gets flung into the wall.

Aura lets a shout of pain. “AGH! That hurt!” Aura shouts as she leaps up and uses the wall to push herself to Sombra as she pulls her fist back she reaches him and slams her fist against his side as a crack can be heard from him as she lands and he flies to the wall.

Aura turns to look around and hears a light fizzle sound then a loud bang. When she turns around she sees Sombra flying towards her and he goes to strike her in the face but she uses her arm to block the attack and as she blocks it her arm snaps.

“AHHH!!! MY ARM!” Aura shouts as she stumbles backwards. Sombra smirks as he pulls a dirty move and shoots a small beam at her which pierces through her heart.

Aura stumbles backwards as she falls to the ground and starts to lose. Aura lies there slowly slipping away from the mortal realm until she hears a voice.

“Aura! Please! We need you!” Luna shouts.

“Please Aura! You’re the only one who can do this!” Celestia shouts.

“Show him what power you hold Aura!” The mother shouts with determination.

Aura stands up as she clutches her broken arm.

“How can you still stand?!” Sombra shouts in disbelief.

“Because. Celestia and Luna, and all of the other ponies and creatures of equestria depend on me. They trust me.” Aura says as her hair begins to glow.

“Trust?! How hilarious! It’s useless! You’ll only need yourself in this world!” Sombra says while laughing.

“If that’s how you see this world then you’re wrong!” Aura says as she clenches her fist.

An Aura starts to build around her as the ground starts to tremble.

Aura’s eyes begin to glow as her pupils start to crack.

“What the?! That can’t be right!” Sombra says as he takes a step back.

Aura’s pupils explode as her hair glows a bright green color as she leaps towards Sombra and she grabs him by the throat.

“Is this so worth it to keep your pride?! It won’t shine the blood of your halo!” Aura screams as she throws Sombra through the wall.

Aura sprints at him as he lays there trying to recover.

“I don’t want you here ever again! I WANT YOU GONE!” Aura screams as she grabs Sombra and throws him into the air and away from canterlot.

Aura returns to normal as she sighs and her hair reverts back to her original color as she turns around.

“Goodbye you three! I’ll miss you!” She shouts as the ring flashes and she gets taken through a rift.