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Ponies are humans, their stories, their vices and their virtues, just more colorful


Vinyl can’t sleep, but, as she will find out, she is not the only one.

Inspired by the song “Tenebra è la notte” by Murubutu

Biggest thanks to TheAncientPolitzanian
For taking on the arduous task of proofreading my crappy writing

Cover image by pandan009 on derpibooru

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U talkin bad for the h of it addicted to betrayal but ur relevant

The ending was cute

Keep up the good work. Review.

This is so beautiful, if only luna knew how much her night was appreciated before she turned nightmare
for me it's 4am right now my sleep habits are so cooked

Thank you for the review!
I’ll surely try to improve

Speaks to insomnia. I wish for overly loud silence these days. Tinnitus can be randomly maddening.

I have insomnia so this speaks to me. Also vinyl and Octavia!

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