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Blood fallen

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keep up the good work


ps I would add your name but I don't know how to 

You can tell just by the title that this story will contain some quality material. :trollestia:

ngl this is rough......:facehoof:

the STU is too strong on this one.....:trollestia:

We all got to start somewhere. So far to me it's all right. Just remember to stay Unapologetic and keep on going we're not trying to write the Bible here it's just entertainment whole website full of it.:moustache:

Comment posted by Blood fallen deleted Oct 5th, 2023

you forgot the sex tag

edit: when this chapter release it didn't have a sex tag.
I was just too lazy to change my comment when it did

Comment posted by Blood fallen deleted Oct 5th, 2023

XYZ reasons is just my way of saying I'll come up with some bull shit of the top off my head.

so this story disappeared for a while what happened.

Yeah I accidentally removed the story while on my phone and didn't notice until I fired up my laptop.

so do you have any plans on a bleach fanfiction.
because you did do one on dbz

Comment posted by Blood fallen deleted Oct 5th, 2023

I think this story can be awarded this CRAAAAWWWLINGGGG award.

Ichiro [REDACTED] form do be pretty cool

"Rogue, you son of a bitch." Jason said walking over to Rogue as the two recreated the scene from the original Predator film where Dutch and Dillon flexed their muscles in a handshake.

No puede terminar así!!!
Te acepto cualquier final pero no este!!

estaria padre una secuela de esta historia, lo vale

Warrior is technically a sequel, but I do have something more direct planded.

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