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They say that music soothes the savage beast, an idiom as old as time and the modern world was no exception, despite their changes; even now, it'd wielded the power and potential to basically unite its listeners whether in proximity or distance altogether so to speak of: Equestria harnessed that power, with and without the Elements themselves, but that constant had been common knowledge all the same as is.

Of course, there were other countries, like and unlike them, which had their own unique talents, persistences, and resolves too: Neighpon, for all its differences between themselves and the outside world, was the epicenter of its own culture due to their upbringing; granted, similar ideas could be found elsewhere too but it didn't stop the equivalent exchanges either way, nations, creeds, and inhabitants.

Speaking of which, the landscape had changed one day when one popular song out of many had basically entered the forefront: little could be said about it freely except the lyrics were so filthy, airwaves were restricted around the young and old alike either way; still, despite their best efforts, individually and collectively, excerpts would find their way out into the open world, near consequences notwithstanding.

An entry for the A Thousand Words Contest II in the Comedy category.

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“Alright, citizens, we are all extremely upset over what’s happened, but let’s try to speak one at a time…” one of them had announced instantaneously so to speak of, a lightly tanned mare with white hair and eyes of a raging tsunami mere moments away from massacring the approaching shoreline even though her peers weren’t the target of such impending doom and gloom no less.

dang Mayor Mare means business

“This is the worst thing that’s happened in this town, the worst thing…!” cried another mare, this time a white unicorn and more colorful in the horsehair department alone, especially since both of them had big blue eyes; however, the former had shadows and length enhancing them as hell and highwater banded together in an uneasy alliance upon the land of the living as they all were.

aww love Rarity, who i assume this is

“you see the damage you’ve caused, sick dastard; what were you thinking: that you were going to get some chicks singing that song like it was going out of business faster than Bravomax…?”

”dastard” is a good TV-Y minced oath, and makes sense as the Ponish version

“Uh, yeah… I agree: our friend’s autistic damaged mind couldn’t make out what the lyrics had meant; Dennis should be punished and transformed: I say we tar and feather this stupid prick…!”

well that is less TV-Y!

“Ponies these days need to have some respect for their elders, no matter how old they get; besides, your J–Rock is but a gateway drug that makes all the stanky booty guerilla noise here too coherent…!” the aged zebra replied before bursting with laughter, his sights already being treated to the condition of the blackened blond burping up tar from every orifice, known and unknown.

well, certainly a disquieting end. Maximum the Hormone is pretty cool tho. thank you for writing!


Who wouldn't be after everything that happened to them no less; after all, Good Times With Weapons ended with Cartman exposing himself: what do you suppose would've been the realistic response to seeing him in public?

In any case, the white unicorn was in character all the same, both comically and dramatically as it is: the former because of her reputation throughout the entire series nevertheless as we'd remembered; the latter due to the events shown later on in the story, something you already came to understand.

In all fairness, rhyming slang was all I could think of since, for all we know, there were and are goals: even that AVGN pony I had written in was in character and his human original is a father IRL; by the way, I had this dream that he appeared in expressing contempt at a voyeuristic episode as is.

In any case, the word prick is not a bad word whatsoever, at least compared to the original seven; as far as I see it, it's nothing compared to the sex and violence we see in real life, then and now: if anything, blaming it all on the media is a reminder of why humanity fell in the first place since then.

Word limit had to be adhered to all the same, not just for the group in and of itself, but the contest too; the funny thing was I was on my way to making three more entries but the computer was a witch: startup was taking too long and I was about to go to sleep at the time of submitting this story as I were.

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