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After washing up on a beach unknown to you, you found yourself in Maretime Bay, a place full of talking, magical ponies. It didn't take long for you to realize that you were in another world, but at least you had some new friends to give you a helping hoof.

Of these ponies, Princess Pipp Petals became particularly interested in you, and you quickly became an inseparable duo. Well, sort of.

You can't say you necessarily expected to end up in a different world, but if you did, you probably would have hoped that your cute alien girlfriend wouldn't be a social media influencer.

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Hye #1 · Jul 11th, 2023 · · 1 ·

That was adorable, heartwarming, and thought provoking. Maybe everyone should be taking 2% more photos to remember a particular time/place, and not just the special occasions.

Same dude, I didn't like her first in the movie but after awhile, the series expanded on her personality and liked he soon after haha

"I wonder if I can fit my tail through this. Wear it next to my flank or something, ya know?"

Is that an alternative way of wearing a ring 💍?

Awww! Frankly, it would be weird to be in a relationship with a Pon because well- Differences in normal posture if you will.

Yay! A Pipp Petals story! Thank you! I've been waiting for this one. :raritystarry:

Amazing job on her character development! Also a very thoughtful gift from Anon as well. :ajsmug:

Pipp, might I suggest a necklace for the ring? :raritywink:


I was in the same boat. At first , I didn’t get Pipp since I just associated her as one of those people who do nothing but social media. But thankfully, the shows have flushed her out to be more than that.

What, me? On my phone all the time? Please! :duck:

I'm never dated an "Anon", or whatever these creatures are called, but I'm kinda embarrassed to admit I've had a few breakups because of the phone issue. 💔 If only we could've talked through things like rational adults, like Anon and I actually do in story (big surprise :pinkiegasp:).

I instantly renembered the one piece referênce, where the story introduces the restaurant ship and sanji
However, now that rarity is gone, who will be in charge of making anonimous clothes in g5? Izzy is not on that spectrum of creativity

In all those years of reading mlp fics i womder if i did consider tail rings to be the. Adaptation for relationship rings

Well Zephyr Heights has many stores, one can taylor some clothes.

and this is what'll get me to like G5.

The Fan Content! The Beautiful, Well Made, Fan Content! (and the memes, shitposting, and the porn)

It's like bethesda games, i don't like the base content, but as a framework? A base for fan content/mods?

This is where the fun begins

She’s just too much with the phone

nice work

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