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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011


This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls and the Crimson Thief

The ninjas and Rainbooms are back again taking on the Kraang, Subprime, Bixolio, and Armaggon this time in the city of Dakota, most notably known for it's crime, gangs, and Bang Babies. With the aid of their new allies Static and Gear, the ninjas hope to apprehend their enemies, before they pull off their most vile plan yet to create mutant Metahumans.

Equestria Girls x My Little Pony Friendship is Magic x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Static Shock x DC Animated shows.

This story was written by deviantartist TMNTony whom I promised to upload here when he was done.

Cover art done by AmethystMajesty25

The events of this story take place following the events of the Carmen Sandiego crossover; The Crimson Thief, and before the events of the Growing up Creepie story; Bugged Out.

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I'll get to the others ASAP

Yeah, no rush. But please make the Bonus chapter official

Good one! I be wait for new chp in time

Is this before or after the finale? You know because of Ebon-Streak

Awesome. Thank you for using my cover art. :pinkiehappy:

It really is one of your better works

Oooo~ Static Shock time. This'll be fun. I wonder if the Quantum Vapor and Mutagen Ooze would cause something to happen to characters.


It sure is. Static Shock is one of my favorite DC animated shows of all time and has an awesome intro performed by Lil' Romeo.

Hey Amethyst, no profanity. Last thing we need is minors picking this up

It's okay, but you understand my reason right?







Static Shock will always be one of the best animated DC shows of all time. Gave us laughs, cheers, and tears for each episode. Plus, the show made great episodes, brought out special guest stars, debuted new faces, and taught us life lessons. No matter where Static goes, he will put a shock to the enemies’ systems.

And hope into the right people

Got that right. Why couldn't DC cartoons stay that way?

(Crying) That's what I got from the series: Hope

Yes!! I knew this would come up one day!!

I thought you said this was after the finale. I remember Kangor and Talon were human again.

Comment posted by Postwarmonkey50 deleted January 16th



“Kraang Subprime?!” Everyone gasped.

Wait, wasn't this story based before they met the 2003 Turtles, or did i

Then someone turned them back into metahumans again

Why? Talon or Teresa since that's her real name wanted to be human and escape from the ship where Ebon and the other Bang Babies who wanted to keep their powers.

now things are gonna get heavy.

Ah, so that's how the Meta-Breed got their powers back after the events of the show. Makes sense for the mutagen to do that.

looks like Ebon is showing his true colors.

What did you expect? I mean Talon did say he was nothing before the Big Bang. Also about the ones got kidnapped, I think one of them is Ferret.

dang. that dude is gonna have a bad day around Rarity.

Raph was the next to use it, only to turn into a prom queen again, “What the? Donnie!”

Rabbids: *laughing* BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

And with the giant amoeba defeated, the gang have their own hideouts for the moment. Good use of locations used in episodes of Static Shock.

But looks like Ebon's forcing old members of his gang to return to being Bang Babies. Hope that Talon will defect by at least talking with the heroes. Donnie would help make a cure for her transformation.

Wait, wasn't this story based before "I love being a Rainboom"? Or is it really after they helped Carmen?

Ooooooh. I didn't see that. :twilightblush: My bad.

Or the other way around. Ferret has a strong sense of smell, so he can find their hideout and static's

Static took a deep breath, “It’s... complicated.”

Ah, racism, one of the world's greatest problems. If a word like that had never existed, would the world be a better place? I guess that's one of life's greatest mysteries that will never be answered.

Can't help thinking of there can only be one Utrom that's gone bad.

It’s actually Dr. Karl Marx. I just hadn’t gotten around to fix that. Sorry

I’m really sorry. Darth Wrex told me that and I forgot. The other chapters should be okay. Just this one

Aaron Price has acid powers, huh? Interesting. As for Richie's dad, I think that after everything in canon, he'd be more tolerable of others. After all, he went to that inter-faith service in the Christmas episode.

“What is with people using their own siblings?!” Applejack cried.

Not everyone is as close to family as you are AJ. Such is the sad truth in life.

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