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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Magic in Manhattan

During a snowstorm, caused by unknown flying fortresses, ACME's Chief assigns Rainbow Dash, on her Birthday, to deliver a donor heart to a sick little girl, across the country through a blizzard. And along the way, forces are trying to stop her.

I've been an EQNG follower for a while and have helped out with quotes for a while. But this is the first time I've ever written one of my own.

Based on the Young Justice episode, Coldhearted.

Shout out toWildcard25, Jebens1, AmethystMajesty25, Postwarmonkey50 for helping with quotes.

EQNG belong to Wildcard25.

Cover Image created by Jebens1 on DevainArt

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Hey, thanks for the shoutout.:pinkiehappy:

Now I'm looking forward to this.

Love the opening and appreciate the shout out

I loved this episode in Young Justice. Let's see what's adapted for everything as Rainbow rushes to save the kid's life with the doctors.

I love the opening and thank you for the shoutout. :pinkiehappy:

That was great RT! A word of advice, please, you might want to change the words school day to "snow day", all do respect. :twilightsmile:

“As an unexpected result, we're dealing with a big snowy day. So, the following schools have been declared a school day. Hollow Shades, Crystal Prep, Canterlot High...”

“Yeah! Snow Day!” Rainbow cheered in excitement.

Ah, thanks for the notice. Been fixed.

It's a great chapter. I really like it. And when will you post the next one?

And they’re off ready to do their part for this mission

The heroes found their first obstacles, but not even they will stand in their way from doing what's right

ACME's Chief

But isn’t ACME from Looney Toons?

Devineaux still bad with cars, but Rainbow sure handled Coach Brunt well

Not in this case.

ACME is short for, the Agency to Monitor and Classify Evildoers.

Something's fishy about all this going on at the hospital. Hope Rainbow realizes that herself.

Who is this VILE organization, and these random villain names!!??

I never heard of them from the official Equestria Ninja Girls series?


Ooohhh, I see.

The Carmen Sandiego's Reboot Show. I now understand where VILE and ACME came from.

Does that include the random and wacky villain names?


Who is that clocked figure with his companion falcon that helped distract Paper Star so Rainbow Dash can escape?

Rainbow was tricked by those operatives. Luckily she realized it and with Carmen’s help was able to get the heart back

Oooh, this is so exciting. Now I can't wait for the final conclusion l.

Yep, those V.I.L.E. operatives shouldn't have messed with the wrong girl.

And nice that Carmen came in to help.

You spelled goat boy's name wrong multiple times.

Le Cherve

It's spelled Le Cheve.

There's no R in it


(“By the Rainbow, you might need this.” Carmen showed Rainbow her geode, which she managed to swipe from Tigress.)

“By the way, Rainbow, you might need this.” Carmen showed Rainbow her geode, which she managed to swipe from Tigress.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Dainbow Rash, uh I mean Rainbow Crash, no, no, I'm Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash." Rainbow was not so composed around the young warrior.

Okay, now that was adorable. About time someone had Rainbow smitten.

Excellent job. The mission was a success

Love the fact vile was brought back in the storie I loved that cross over

Nice job on your first story so far.
You really did a good job there.

Still another chapter, plus a late Christmas bonus and Epilogue, to go.


But here's a spelling mistake I found.

Chaplin and her brother Zach," Leo introduced.

Chaplin, Caitlyn, and her brother Zach," Leo introduced.

Also, you left out Half Note's sister Sweet Note.


Fixed that error.

But still, so many Young Ninjas, it's hard keep track on who's already appeared.

Hahahahaha!! Nice one. Great Chapter.
And in a strange way, I'm looking forward to the next story that's a sequel to this one, one day. If there is one that is.

Oh, there will definitely be a sequel to this one day.

That was some party for Rainbow

Also, yeah that was a funny chapter especially at the end.

Nice job.
Now I'm also wondering about the epilogue.

Hm, I wonder what Queen Unna's Speech will be about? 🤔

Thank you for mentioning me and adding the song to your story, my friend.

The plot thinking how does the queen know cleastia and who is this man is he really from the turtles clan guse we have to find out

oh snap. things are getting spicy. so spicy that cyan peppers are feeling dull.

“Yes, Rainbow Dash,” Unna agreed, before having a smirk on her face. “She is a fine young lady.”

I am definitely shipping those two. Good call on that BTW.

Hmmmm, in the future, would it be alright if I used him for my TMNT story?

The Faculty had gained an interest in Equestrian Magic

Uh oh. A foreshadow of Rise of the Young Ninjas.

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