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A nopony trying their best


A random package flying through the window in the middle of night leads Pistachio to meet a Legend of Equestria.

Written for Libertydude for Jinglemas 2022

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Pistachio's Exquisite Hearth's Warming Adventures

Then why is this story only one chapter long?

Was that a Changelling attack? They were all transformed and incorporated into pony society these days, but... Maybe a bugbear? Worse, a thief?


“It’s a fine tale and all, but I always been a fan of Mistymane’s.”


Hey it's actually pretty awesome to see Pistachio ever since the best gift ever and it was pretty sweet of Rarity to invited him to the castle for hearts warming but apparently things got a little crazy when the gifts got mixed up and it looks like flash Magnus is going to fix that problem as well but apparently the kid didn't know he was one of the pillars but nevertheless try to return to the rightful owners until they found out that Discord mess with them again and Twilight had to explain to him that was not supposed to happen and pistachio put everything together what was going on and apparently he realized that flash Magnus is one of the pillars and even friends with mistmane and he was even invited to go to the Crystal Empire next time and once again this was the best night he ever had well this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work and Merry Christmas

Heh, that was a very cute and cozy story. I really liked how you made Pistachio this wide-eyed colt who was so in love with all the designs and the castle. I also enjoyed that Pistachio didn't really know Flash Magnus by sight, which makes sense considering the Pillars really didn't have much other than drawings to physically describe them.

A delightful Hearth's Warming Tale. Thank you so much for writing it!

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