• Published 24th Nov 2022
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"Lost Dog" - Mockingbirb

Spike's dog went missing for three years. The night after she came home, she helped him with his homework instead of eating it. There's a story behind that.

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The next afternoon, a tall, pale amazon knocked on Spike's front door again. She shouted, "I'm here to apologize!" Spike looked through the peephole.

"Sis!" he shouted. "It's that big weird lady who kidnapped our dog for three years!"

A minute later, the door opened. A teenage girl with purple skin and long dark hair (with one pink and magenta stripe) stood in the doorway. Behind her, a little purple dog growled.

"You!" the teenage girl said.

"Yes." Princess Celestia nodded. "Me. I'm so sorry. If only I had known." She looked the teenage girl up and down. "Now I understand. Everything I did was a huge mistake. But can I really be blamed? The two of you DO look almost exactly alike."

The princess continued, "Would you like to go to the very best schools? On a free scholarship? As a foreign exchange student?" Celestia held up a leash. "All this could be yours! Just let me put a collar around your neck so I can lead you to your new home."

The girl eyed the leash, and suddenly pulled an electric stun gun out from behind her back. "Surprise!" she shouted, as Celestia collapsed to the ground.

Author's Note:

Minor edit made 2023/12/21.

Comments ( 11 )

So Cadence... and Sparky the dragon... who was actually a dog....

I have no idea if this is bestiality or not...
And what happened to Cadence?

A friendly reminder that stories need to be submitted to the species change group page in order to be considered as an entry. :twilightsmile:

This story is hard to follow, or care about what's going on, with the very sudden turns in what's going on. A little bit of buildup to and elaboration on the spicier parts (Cadance and Luna), and callbacks to them in later scenes, could really help give a feeling of momentum.
Also, as is far too common nowadays, this story has a case of excessively-warning-based tagging; both the warning tags are unnecessary, and I'm even pretty sure this could actually be rated E!

There are 2 other problems with this story qualifying...as far as I understand it, the species-swapped characters need to be recognizable in their personality, and them being a different species needs to result in a significant choice being made. Sparky to me is unrecognizable as Twilight, and I'm not sure that Celestia sending Sparky back counts choicewise.

need to know more

Wait...why the Smex and Death tags?

As best I can tell, the sex tag is for mentioning tongue kissing, while the death tag is because of Luna getting squished. Your usual case of overzealous warning tagging.

Ah, thank you. Definitely not as bad as I thought.

Done, thanks!
I was waiting to see if I would write something else that I might prefer to enter.

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