• Published 12th Sep 2012
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What Happens in Terraria - BioChemicalWolfGear

I was playing Terraria when I found a magic mirror that went somewhere...new.

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Celestial Bodies

The next day started off slow. I eventually progressed with Terraria with Gonepostal but we couldn’t get some things on our own. He invited a few friends to join us and I did the same.

One of his friends was a hacker. He didn’t have all the gear we did but he didn’t need it with the amount of health he had.

When he died he dropped twenty platinum…I ended up with that in my inventory.

I asked him if he wanted it back but he said no so I excused myself from the group to safely store it in the piggy bank.

During our adventure I obtained 40 might souls. I crafted the Excalibur which is the most powerful melee weapon of the entire game. (To my knowledge that is)

Depends on what you assume is most powerful. Damage? Or how fast is it dished out.

My old favorite weapon the Muramassa taught me that. I had a more powerful sword but it swung slowly. But Muramassa was able to swing so fast it did more damage than that sword over time.

God I loved that sword. I felt so bad when I had to craft it into the Night’s Edge. But it was a necessary sacrifice that turned out great in the end when I ended up with a very powerful weapon. (At the time that is)

Excalibur wasn’t invented when I got Night’s Edge.

When the Goblin room made came to my house after I saved him it was the first weapon I’ve upgraded. It had 53 damage when I was done. Spent 5 platinum just to do it.

(It broke several times)

Anyway back from memory lane.

I finished up the playing session with my friends and new friends, we all got something out of the session.

I gave my Night’s Edge to someone with lesser gear than me and he was grateful. I told him to take care of that blade and NEVER sell it because it was forged out of my best weapons I’ve ever crossed paths with in my Terrarian adventure.

He agreed knowing the feeling.

I returned with my new gear and money to my sky home in single player.

First thing I wanted to do was go back to Equestria. But I had gifts to hand out to show good will. But with gifts…came the hard decision on whom to give what.

I had an idea. I would bring all the vanity items and all the sugar cane wall pieces from the Christmas update.

I would also bring as many different magical items that aren’t weapons.

I’m sure Twilight would love to read some ancient dungeon books…I’m not sure if she could read them but that’d be interesting for her to do.

Know what…I’m going to build a book shelf. Just imagining Twilight’s face when I throw it down would be worth it.

Although Twilight might be more interested in water candles than books she can’t read. So I’d better bring at least one.

At this point I realized it was around lunch time so I went out in my car to grab a sandwich or at least a Billy Club from Jimmy John’s.

I wasn’t in the mood for making something at home. Besides I haven’t stocked the fridge for a while now.


At Jimmy John’s I noticed something VERY weird happened. When I went to take my change all of the change flew into my hand. Not the change in the cash register (Which I was grateful for since it would have caused an incident) but everything the guy gave back. I was grateful that no one saw that because that would be hard to explain.

Pushing the incident out of my mind I grabbed my food and went home.


When I was done with my lunch I immediately went back on and checked through my inventory. I had a Magic Missile and an Agile Flamelash.

These items only make cool looking sprites that I love to look at because of how cool they are. I also improved my Rainbow Rod to be the Quick Rainbow Rod which had 13% more speed.

The Rainbow Rod was naturally slow so that was a plus.

I also used some money to upgrade my demon wings to become Armored Demon Wings with +3 defense.

It replaced my cloud in a bottle so I wouldn’t have to worry about that much. Though I changed the cloud in a bottle to a ‘Guarding Cloud in a Balloon’ which really helped me with my jumps.

Looking through my inventory one last time I took note that my wings will remain off until I need them. Who knows if Celestia will set up a pit in the ground to contain me, and if she knew I could fly then she might block off the only ways out.

I forgot I had arrows on me. Jester’s Arrows too. That will come in handy when I want to make the foals awed. And maybe pass myself off as an entertainer. I grabbed a Demonite Bow to shoot the arrows.

Maybe a hero of Terraria? Yea that seems more reasonable if Celestia discovers my armor. And maybe I can explain my magical abilities with being a wizard or something.

Now I was fully prepared to go back into Equestria.

I Equipped the Equestrian Mirror and I peered into it.


“Are you sure you saw a two legged creature?” Asked Celestia.

“With my own eyes princess. It ran in and ran out. Well it actually appeared out of nowhere and then ran out. But if you wait it might come back.” Said Twilight to her mentor.

Twilight was very nervous to say the least. She didn’t want to look like she called away Celestia for no reason at all. Celestia trusts Twilight, and Twilight wouldn’t want to break that trust that was forged over years of listening, learning, and even laughing.

Celestia set up patrols around the town that will report back to the library when they spot the creature rumored to approach the town.

“Come on wolfGear, where are you?” Twilight said to herself.


I entered the Everfree forest and went left again. Only I went a different left. Not sure how to explain it but I went some…lefter left?

I was hoping I would find something interesting if I went that direction. It didn’t take long to figure out what I ended up at. I’ll give you two guesses…YES FLUTTERSHY’S COTTAGE!

And it was pretty awesome to be able to walk around it. However there was one problem…SO MANY ANIMALS! I mean come on! You can’t tell me that you didn’t go on a wildlife massacre when you found out you could kill animals. ESPECIALLY BIRDS! They are really good magic target practice. Every bunny I saw I either corrupted or killed outright when in Terraria.

However this was Fluttershy’s cottage. And not only that but these were Fluttershy’s animal friends. I was so tempted to KILL every single on of them…but I restrained my self.

I looked around the property for something to kill-I mean for something to do and I found the smallest creature…a cricket.



*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz SPLAT*

Oh that felt so good! That may have been a small victory but it was a victory.

I looked around. All the animals saw me but thankfully the cricket was far enough so they didn’t see what I killed. I was so relieved that today couldn’t possibly get any better. I wonder what their health looks like?

I scanned the group of animals with my mouse. 5 5 5 5 5 5 10? 5 2 5 5 5 50. Varying health’s but most of them were five.

The larger animals like birds had 10. However on rabbit was a ten whom I soon recognized as Angel.

He was giving me a weird look. It was half way between curious and neutral.

I walked up to him and looked past him…because I couldn’t look down.

I tried typing again.

“Where’s Fluttershy?”

No response other than a scowl. More annoyed that I’m standing in his zone or something. He started stomping on my toes but stopped after his first stomp. Probably because he felt my invisible armor.

On my screen a small yellow Pegasus pony appeared behind me. Not really appeared but walked onto my screen on the far right. I turned around which caused her to ‘eep’.

I waited for her to calm down.

“…u-umm hello?”

I slowly walked toward her. I intended to give her a Jungle Rose to put in her hair. Because flowers and Fluttershy go SO CUTE TOGETHER!

She tentatively backed away from me so I stopped and waited for her to calm down again.

I repeated the process over and over again and I soon realized she’s keeping a safe distance from me. Which was strange. Was it my suit? Probably…Fluttershy wouldn’t react to upper class well because of her timitdness. Maybe…

I equipped the Fairy Bell and summoned a magical fairy. It was green. Fluttershy backed away even more but hesitated when she saw the fairy.

After a moments hesitation she seemed to forget me entirely and she flew over to the fairy with an expression of awe.

I’m so smooth.

“Whoa what’s her name?”

“…Cindy?” I typed.

She looked at me for a minute.

“What are you?”

It’s not like I can say anything back so I opened up my inventory and selected the Jungle Rose. I didn’t know how to get her to put it on…Then I remembered the manikins made of wood where you can put armor on. I clicked on Fluttershy and the rose appeared in her mane.

so FUCKING adorable.

At first she didn’t realize what happened but when she figured out there was a flower in her mane she gave me a warm smile that melted my heart.

“Thank you. Oh um I heard the princess wants to meet you. Um can you follow me please?”

I did what I was told and I followed her. She trotted confidently down the path while I followed in her adorable wake of love and adorableness.

I almost laughed at how quickly her mood changed when we got closer to town. She suddenly became less confident and lowered her head to look less conspicuous.

I wanted to scream “I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

But alas! I am stuck with wordless shenanigans. But it didn’t stop me from bursting into tears from the adorable meek little pony in front of me.

We got closer to town when I noticed patrols. It was, dare I say awkward to see the province of Ponyville under marshal law.

I became wary as two guards got nearer to us. Both seem to notice me immediately and the one on the right who was closer to the town took off toward what I assumed was the town center while the other made his way toward me. He is a white stallion with golden armor. The other one had a brown coat. But I couldn’t see the mane color because of the armor.

He calmly strolled towards us and Fluttershy finally took notice.

“Good afternoon ma’am.” Said the guard said to Fluttershy.

“Oh good afternoon.” Said Fluttershy averting his gaze.

Then he turned to me. “Excuse me but someone wants to meet you. Please follow me to the library.” Said the guard.

Now I understood exactly what was going on. Either Celestia is here and wants to meet me or she asked Twilight to ask me questions.

Probably the former of the theories if I’m a new creature…or like all other fics I’m a human from this worlds past…unlikely because there is no way a human can evolve in a place like Equestria and be as curious and violent as they are now. But again not all humans are violent.

Maybe humans needed more land so they said goodbye to their pony friends and up and left.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah that’d be to easy.

I watched my surroundings and noted Fluttershy was still following me.

We took a few minutes but we eventually reached the Library without incident. The whole time I was debating what to do when I meet Celestia.

“Please go inside.” Said the guard. Fluttershy tried to go in but she was stopped by the guard. “Not you.”

To my dismay I went inside without Fluttershy.

Inside the room was the brown guard and Princess Celestia. Along with Twilight Sparkle by her side.

“Hello there wolfGear. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I walked up to her and stood there for a second and started jumping.

Celestia had a concerned (And practiced) facial expression “what are you doing?”

“I don’t know really.” I typed.

Celestia held a look of genuine shock. “E-excuse me? What did you just-?” Her face turned into a genuine and none practiced smile. “Can you do that again?”

“Um princess what are-?” Twilight was interrupted by Celestia’s horn lighting up.



“W-….How? How are you able to do that so efficiently?”

“Do what?”

“That…use the spiritual plane like that. Bend its energy into vocabulary.”

“Nothing special I assure you. I can do much more physical things to this realm.” Yep just me trying to be a boss.

“I believe you.”

“Princess is he speaking to you?” Asked Twilight.

“Yes he is Twilight. And he’s using a form of communication only the creators have mastered.”


“Beings that made this entire universe.” She said with excitement in her voice. “It’s been my dream to speak to one of them.” She whispered to Twilight.

Now that’s interesting. Well My Little Pony is made by humans so it may or may not be at all possible that we use our creativity to create worlds…unknowingly of course.

“And so I am here. Though let us get acquainted. I’m wolfGear and you are?”

“My apologies great one. My name is Princess Celestia. Is there anything I can get you that is within my power to give?”

“Please let the adorable yellow coated and pink maned pony that I met in.”

“Yellow coat? Pink mane? Fluttershy? One moment. GUARD!”

I was impressed by how fast they came in and surrounded me with spears pointed at me.

“STOP!” she said sternly to them. They disengaged. “I’m sorry great one they are trained to protect me.”

“I’m impressed by their swiftness. Forgiven.”

“You guard.” She pointed a hoof at one of them. He turned and saluted. “Retrieve the bearer of kindness Fluttershy.”

“Yes ma’am.” He was a pegasus and he flew out the door. “Whoa! Uh found her!”

That was pretty funny. Also adorable that she’d wait for me.

“Oh um I’m sorry.” I heard from outside.

“The princess summons you.” Said the guard in a louder tone.

He trotted in with Fluttershy close behind. She still had the rose in her hair.

“Oh Fluttershy you look great with that flower in your mane.” Said Twilight praising her friends fashion statement.

“Thank you. It was a gift from him.” She said pointing a hoof at me.

“Fluttershy.” Said Celestia and Fluttershy bowed. “You’ve been summoned at the request of your friend.”

“He can talk?”

“Well in his own way but you wouldn’t be able to hear it.”

I pulled out my Fairy Bell and summoned another fairy.

“Oh wow.” Said Twilight. “T-that’s unbelievable. He created a new creature right in front of us from nothing but air and a bell.” Said an overly excited Twilight.

“Well actually I summoned her.” I typed.

“That’s still an impressive feat wolfGear.”

“Thank you. Now is there anything you’d like from me?”

“I-I could never ask you for anything powerful one.”

“Celestia…I am your guest and I would like to be a part of this world. Maybe not officially but I would like to stop by from time to time or even daily.”

Oh GOD THIS IS BORING! No wonder you never see Celestia speaking to delegates and such on screen. Well she certainly is all fan girlish with this stuff about creators.

Well I’d better try to wrap this up so I can go have fun or something. I’m also pretty hungry so I should really just quit the game and have some dinner…wait hold on that went fast.

I also noticed the guards standing there looking confused. Celestia and I have forgotten about them entirely. I’m sure they feel pretty neglected right now…LOL wait that’s funny.

“OH MY I FORGOT!” I typed going into an all caps rage.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Yes! I need to be somewhere right now. I’m terribly sorry for the rush.”

“Not a problem wolfGear. Should I get you a chariot?”

“No thank you I have my methods.”

OH GOD MY ESCAPE IS COMPLETE! I pulled out my magic mirror and used it. The look on everypony’s face was an expected shock.


“Pinkie darling? I don’t think he’s coming.” Said Rarity.

“Shoot. Maybe next time everypony.” Came Pinkie's disappointed voice from somewhere in the dark room.

Collective ‘aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwws’ came from the dark room in Sugar Cube Corner.

It was late afternoon and they’ve been waiting for hours for wolfGear to appear again.


Ok I’ve become friends with Celestia I guess…now for Luna and then for Twilight. WAIT! SHIT I FORGOT TO GIVE HER BOOKS AND WATER CANDLES!