• Published 12th Sep 2012
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What Happens in Terraria - BioChemicalWolfGear

I was playing Terraria when I found a magic mirror that went somewhere...new.

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A Return Trip

I woke up the next day and groggily got out of bed to shut off the blasting alarm clock that I need to wake myself up. I’m a heavy sleeper so the loudest alarm was necessary.

I took a shower and got ready for the day.

Brushing my teeth first and then getting dressed for work. I worked at Portillo’s while I get enough money to afford collage. Of course I actually have enough money to go anyway but I’d rather get used to being on my own first before going to collage. I’d rather not have to learn two different phases of life at once if I could avoid it.

The whole time I prepared for work my mind kept wondering to Equestria and all the ponies I still want to meet. I kept planning on what I wanted to do when I returned home.

Work was boring as always but never slow or idle. We needed to make food fast enough the Chicago area has a lot of people who like Portillo’s.

My mind kept on going back to Terraria every few minutes on the job. I wasn’t really into it at the moment. But I was able to get through the long and grueling day.

That was the weird part. I used to not mind my job, now I want it to end earlier so I could go home.


Home finally!

Getting out of my work uniform I made my way to my computer. I remember feeling the anxiety of being able to go back and find the mirror to Equestria so I can go back and find out more about my favorite ponies. There are a lot of questions about culture that all bronies would want to know about. Questions like: ‘What are their stallion to mare ratio.’ Or ‘gender rolls.’ And other things like that.

I personally thought that those thoughts were meaningless since they obviously mirror humans so it’s assumed that their history mirrors ours and in the episode where Cheerilee and Big Mac are victims of a love potion we saw evidence that there is a fifty-fifty ratio of stallions and mares.

Since there were so many single stallions that were presented and so many one mare and one stallion couples.

Though it didn’t stop me from enjoying fan fictions about the gender rolls and ratio of stallion to mare. So maybe when I’m done with going to Equestria I will gather a few friends to join me in doing a few boss battles and getting all hollow armor. Then I’d be able to take anything in Equestria.

I logged onto steam and started up Terraria. I remained offline so none of my 100+ friends can interrupt me.

The first thing I did when I got in was check for the magic mirror. To my relief it was there. Then I emptied my inventory of everything I won’t need. Such as wood and other things. I also brought a sign. Then I went into my storage room that was filled to the brink with chests, and then I looked through them to find the one I was looking for. The one with all my outfits in it. I grabbed the goggles and clown outfit. Also a top hat and robe for whatever reason. And everything else including a plumbers outfit and the doctors clothing.

Then I went to the platform that looked out into the world. I waited a few tense seconds. Then the moment of truth…I used the mirror.


The background was different. It was the Everfree again. I ran to the left side of the screen and waited while traveling. Two full minutes passed before I came across a familiar hut. I went inside not invisible and I saw Zecora. She looked at me with a puzzled expression and I started jumping. Then I left.

Thoroughly convinced I left her in a confused state I headed towards Ponyville. I did what I did yesterday and unequipped everything and made myself invisible.

I didn’t have enough room for any other item in my inventory since it was now officially full with all my gear off.

I made my way to the center of town and I found the almost deserted streets. Only a couple of ponies were outside and they were talking to each other. I saw Lyra and Bon-Bon and I went over to them to listen to their conversation.

“-A creature on two legs. Bonney! It could be a human!” said an excited Lyra.

‘Note to self. Avoid Lyra.’

“Lyra will you give it a break? I’m sure Applejack’s just protecting her sister so no one thinks she’s crazy or something.”

“Yea but she’s the ELEEMENT of honesty! She wouldn’t betray her element!”

“She’s done it before with the whole Pinkie’s birthday fiasco. And that was to protect her friend from finding the surprise party. Not too different from protecting her sister.”

“What about Zecora and Rainbow Dash? They’ve seen it too!”

“And they are also close to the crusaders so they’d probably protect them too.”

“Yea well…It’s not likely!”

“But it’s reasonable!”

I’ve heard enough of the conversation. I decided it was time Ponyville was aware of me. I undid the potions effects and put all my gear back on. I walked passed the two mares and they looked at me in shock. But as I was going out of view Lyra smirked and looked back at her friend.

“Told you.”

I walked through Ponyville and other ponies began to notice me as I sped past them toward the town center and a few other ponies went inside due to fear or something. Maybe they couldn’t handle my awesomeness.

I came across a tree building and I immediately recognized it as the library. I decided to go back into stealth mode and stuff. I took another invisibility potion and undid all my gear again.

Entering the library I quietly opened and closed the door.

“I really don’t think the princess will really respond to that on so few eye witnesses.” Said a purple unicorn.

“Ah know it doesn’t seem believable but Ah know what Ah saw!” Said a familiar southern drawl.

I tried typing again.


Not even a flinch or look around.

I realize it would be a good idea to just come out of hiding and say hi or something but…oh what the hell I already ran around town. I went into inventory and put on all my gear again. I unpaused and removed the potion effects. I used the Rainbow Rod to make some noise.

“What’s th-” Twilight stopped mid sentence when she saw me. Applejack turned to look at me too.


I jumped three times. I’m sure the image of my character lifting his arms up in silent joy they would get the message I’m friendly. And maybe they’d follow me if I’m lucky…so they can eat my dust HAHA!

I ran out the door leaving a few dumbfounded mares in my wake.


Twilight and Applejack just witnessed the most awkward sight. A two legged creature appeared in the library and started hopping happily then sped out the door.



“I’m going to write Celestia…SPIKE!”


Sprinting down the streets of Ponyville I had the chance to admire each building I passed…Which looked exactly like the last one.

Oh god is that a different color? WHAT IS THIS WITCHRAFT!

Oh wait that’s just Sugar Cube Corner. Might as well pay a visit to the party pony and see if she really can teleport…or maybe kill her and get her 4th wall breaking item…Naaaaaaaaah.

I approached the door and with heavy anticipation and right clicked on it. Going inside I saw Mrs. Cake at the counter with not a shocked face but her mouth was a clear O shape. She looked at me for a moment and to make it awkward I walked up to the counter and waited for her response.

It took a full minute for her to respond. I think my awesome tux kept her from thinking I was a threat, which I was thankful for mind you.

“Uh what can I get you…dear?”

I opened my inventory and looked through my stuff. I happened to have glow sticks and I equipped them and did the most comical thing I could think of…

Throw them around the room. I started with 99 glow sticks

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I had 89 glow sticks.

“STOP IT!” 73 glow sticks.


“What’s going on in here?” Said a pink mare. 54 glow sticks.

Pinkie took a few moments to look at me. 39 glow sticks. She grabbed something that was in the kitchen and pulled it through the door…party cannon.

I had no idea what the damage that thing can do to me but I thought against running because Pinkie is a people person. She wouldn’t fill a cannon that fills the world with laughs with deadly force right? Right?



I was flung toward the door but I was happy to find out that I didn’t suffer any damage. And I was still in Sugar Cube Corner.

I expected to at least be flying out the door but apparently cartoon logic doesn’t apply to Terraria characters. Lucky me!

I walked up calmly back to the counter. Then I stood there for a three full seconds before I went behind the counter and stood in front of Pinkie who looked at me with a questioning gaze. I really expected her to jump for joy at the idea of a new friend but the strangeness of seeing a new creature must have been suppressing that urge to make friends.

I stood there for ten seconds before she smiled awkwardly and said. “Hi?”

I looked through my inventory again to look for something to give her…Ah! The ‘Summer Hat’ would be a nice gift.

Grabbing the item and throwing it out of my inventory I unpause and watch it fly toward her. Somehow it landed on her head and with that I began to leave. Before I even got to the door I heard a confused “Thank you?” from Pinkie Pie.

I looked back to take a look at my handy work. The ground was literally glowing from the amount of glow sticks were on the floor.

However I still had a few left so before I exited the sweet shop I threw one more.

38 glow sticks.

I sprinted out the door and while I was out there I heard a very angry shout come from Mrs. Cake.


Laughing to myself I continued to sprint down the main street of Ponyville…or what I thought was a main street. It seemed wide enough to be like a filter for traffic.

However I was completely oblivious to the prying eyes above me just waiting to pounce.


Rainbow Dash was above Ponyville doing her whether routs as she always would. Today there was supposed to be clear skies, and she was determined to do it quickly. However when she was about to destroy the last cloud she saw a certain two legged creature sprint into town.

“What the hay?”

She hid in the cloud and gave chase.

She followed its miss adventures and lost sight of it for a moment until it and sprinted out of the library. Applejack shortly followed it outside and watched it go out of view.

Rainbow didn’t stop to ask her about it because the speedy biped was almost out of view for her as well.

She saw it stop and rush into Sugar Cube Corner. She was tempted to corner it but thought against it as she didn’t know what it was trying to do. She waited impatiently for the thing to leave. Since it was taking forever she took a few laps around the cloud until she heard the most angry voice of Mrs. Cake she thought she would never hear.


“What the hay?”

She saw it sprinting away but she wanted to see exactly what kind of damage it actually did.

When she entered the sweet shop she was shocked by what she saw. Hundreds of glow sticks were littering the ground and Pinkie was wearing the strangest straw hat while Mrs. Cake was angrily cleaning up all the glow sticks with a broom.

Pinkie sat there looking at the door with an expressionless face.

Rainbow decided it was best to ask what in the hay happened.

“Pinkie…What in the hay happened?”



“…it gave me a hat.” Her statement was more directed to her befuddled mind rather than her friend.

Rainbow rolled her eyes and up and left the establishment. She looked over to her right and found the creature still in viewing distance. Enough was enough. She needed answers and following this thing around was likely to add in more damage…or shenanigans…that would terrorize the town in some manor.

She went high enough so her shadow wouldn’t be visible anywhere along its path and she set herself fifty feet above the creature before going into a dive.


While I was running toward what I assumed was town hall I started to hear a whistling sound.

Wait that sounds almost like…

I stopped moving when something colorful came into view. It landed right in front of me and I almost swung Night’s Edge at it out of shock.

I’m glad I didn’t though or I would seriously have to hide the body…or run away and never come back…or the fun option fight Celestia over the issue.

“HEY YOU!” Said a brash voice. “You’ve got some explaining to do! You left a mess at Sugar Cube Corner and I wanna know why!”

Not like I can explain myself to her since there is no push to talk button on Terraria. Although I must admit that wasn’t the most thought out action I’ve ever done. Now that I think about it…it’s almost like the time when I used to grief. I was never really happy doing the regular old shit with the other players so I played pranks on them.

I wonder what went through my mind when I did that.

Now that I think of it I probably seem like a complete ass hole right now. Although Pinkie might be indifferent because I gave her a hat. A good one too…that actually looked pretty cute on her.


Frankly there wasn’t much I could do. So I had to do something to appease the cloud goddess of loyalty. I went into my inventory…I debated with myself. Sunglasses or goggles?


I walked up to her and opened my inventory. Since time stops when I’m in it I could have as much thinking time as I want…goggles…sunglasses…goggles…sunglasses…

I couldn’t make up my mind. Sunglasses look good but goggles allow her to fly without the worry of wind blowing the moisture out of her eyes or something…

I couldn’t make a choice…

So I gave her both of those and put a top hat on my head in place of them.

“What…the…hay?” She looked at the goggles and the sunglasses. She picked each up and looked at them like she was choosing between them like I was moments ago.

“Dude…These Goggles are awesome!”

I totally expected her to go for the glasses. She put them on her head.

“Wow these fit pretty well…Yea I can use these. Thanks dude. But you’d better head back to Sugar Cube Corner. You know the place you trashed! Go clean up your mess and I’ll be off your case.”

Does she want the glasses?

“Oh and you can keep the glasses. I already have a pair.”

Damn. Well at least I don’t have to face the wrath of Rainbow Dash…or kill her to protect myself…or fight Celestia.

I would hate to fight Celestia. Or Twilight even.


Pinkie remains broken and confused. Only now she’s upgraded to wonderer, pacing about Sugar Cube Corner with an intense look of deep thought with a summer hat on her pink head.

“Pinkie can you help us?” Said Mrs. Cake angrily. That is until she noticed the uncharacteristic look on Pinkies face. “Pinkie sweetie…are you ok?”

Then another out of character action Pinkie did…she ignored somepony. And not just anypony either. It was her employer, caretaker, and close friend Mrs. Cake.

She started to walk up the stairs and the door opened up. She took a small glance toward the door that transformed into a full head turn right at the being that was standing in the door. It ran across the room with Rainbow in tow. Mrs. Cake glared at the creature and opened her mouth to say something but what happened to the remaining glow sticks that were scattered on the floor caused her to recoil. Same with Rainbow and Pinkie.

The glow sticks floated and fell into the two legged creatures’ hand. Including the ones in the trash that he ran by. When all the glow sticks were off the ground it ran out again.

“W-what happened?” Said Mrs. Cake to Rainbow Dash.

“Umm I told him to come back and clean up his mess.”

“Oh…well thank you.”

“No problem. Now I’ve got to make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble in town. See ya!” Rainbow speeds out the door.

With the glow stick catastrophe taken care of her attention was put back on Pinkie.

“Pinkie are you-…Pinkie?” Pinkie was no longer on the staircase. Mrs. Cake could only assume she went upstairs so she followed suit.

“Pinkie are you up here?” She said as she ascended the staircase cautiously. She slowly made her way to Pinkie’s room, since she couldn’t think of anywhere else she could have gone. She takes a quick peek in the babies’ room and noted it was empty. She made her way to Pinkie’s door and listened.

She heard noises of paper and some writing.

Mrs. Cake recognized that sound; it was Pinkie writing down party materials. Despite how often she makes parties she always changes them in her own personal way to represent each pony’s interests. Mrs. Cake breathed a sigh of relief that Pinkie was acting normal again.

But then her relief became worry. She could only think of one creature that she would organize a party for…the one that trashed Sugar Cube Corner…but nicely enough cleaned it up.

‘Oh Celestia no…’


Pinkie’s thought process went like this.

He threw glow sticks around Sugar Cube Corner for fun. That seems like something a meany pants would do, but he gave me a hat. Wait does that mean he could be like Discord? Discord gave us chocolate rain and cotton candy clouds…NO! He’s not like Discord. Discord did all that for himself. But this thing gave me a hat, one that looks fun too. So he can’t be all bad right?

No he did it for fun…could this just be a prank? Dashie confronted him about it and she may have mentioned how mad Mrs. Cake was so he came back to clean it up because he felt bad…Yea that makes sense. He was doing it all in good fun! But when he realized it was hurting other ponies he came back and fixed it!

So he isn’t a meany pants! He deserves a party unlike Discord.

Safe to say it was a well thought out decision.


Dude that was close. I almost had the entire town on me…ok maybe not but I would have ruined my image if I didn’t go back and fix that. Shit I’ve got to be careful with what I do if I want to fit in. Although I did establish I wanted to fight Celestia…well actually no I don’t but…It could be fun.

Or a slaughter depending on who’s stronger. She does control the sun and I don’t really have the luxury of celestial bodies as a power source.

Hmm…It’s time to get an upgrade.

I pulled out the magic mirror while Rainbow was hovering above me staring at me. And waiting for me to do something.

I used the mirror to return home. Then I searched for my golden chest where I put my vanity items.

I exited the game.


I stared at my computer for a moment. I went online and messaged my friend.

“Gonepostal?” I typed in the chat box.

A few seconds later he messaged back. “Yea?”

“You up for a multiplayer in Terraria? I need Souls of Might.”

“How about tomorrow?”

“Yea that’s my day off. I’ll message you.”