• Published 12th Sep 2012
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What Happens in Terraria - BioChemicalWolfGear

I was playing Terraria when I found a magic mirror that went somewhere...new.

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A Different Mirror

Terraria is the best game I’ve seen when it comes to any 2D plat former. I don’t know much about how it is made or whatever but I know one thing.

This is the most fun I’ve ever had while playing a game.

I created a new character a few weeks ago and I’m already ready to take on the dungeon. It took a while but I was able to defeat the dungeon boss and after waiting for my health to regenerate I made it down into the depths of said dungeon.

It took a long time (and many deaths later) when I found an oddity. A shadow chest at the bottom. Of course I wanted to grab it but before I could the mob of dungeon skeletons that was on my ass a few minutes ago caught up to me.

I fought for my life. More importantly I fought to remember the placement of said chest. It was locked like it should be and to be able to open it would be rewarding if it was such a rare spawn.

Of course I died then.

After a moments of raging I decided I should switch from my new character to my old character…

wolfGear was my characters name. Just like many of my online aliases.

My character had:

Hollowed mask
Adamantite Breastplate
Mythril greaves
Guarding obsidian shield
Warding flipper
Warding aglet
Armored cloud in bottle
Armored Spectere boots

Overall he had 65 defense in all.

He was also made early on when the game came out so there weren’t many options for him during customization.

He had a black afro and the default clothing. (I was lazy and wanted to get ingame so I didn’t do much with detail)

I’ve used that character to go places other characters would never be able to go. (mainly because of equipment and health)

I also had many vanity items for him so I could make him look pimp.

He was wearing a tuxedo with pants included and sunglasses. (I also had ‘Violent demon wings’ in the inventory.

Armed with my ‘savage night’s edge’ and the wrecking ball that looked like a yin yang symbol with spikes called ‘Dow of Pow’ and an ‘Intense Flower of Fire’. I was also armed with three book tomes just so I can have magic. (Cuz magic is cool) And a ‘Fairy Bell’. I also had the ‘Rainbow Rod’ which I REALLY wanted to get because I thought that was a really cool item to have. Only I was kinda disappointed because I expected an actual rainbow to come out of it.

Night’s edge was my favorite sword mainly because of the damage which was 53.

Excalibur can do better but I didn’t have any souls of might to craft it.

Now armed with my favorite and strong character I marched my way across the map to the dungeon entrance. The monsters did little to slow me down because I had so much defensive capability. Eventually I reached the shadow chest that caused my need to change characters.

I ALWAYS keep a shadow key on me at all times. My character wolfGear had said key.

I opened it…

What I encountered was…Unexpected.

Inside the chest was a magic mirror. But not any old magic mirror. This mirror had a green center and I moved my curser over that item and read the title.

Equestrian Mirror.

I immediately knew what that was. I’ve been part of the brony community for a long time now.

But at the same time of my sheer joy that one of the creators was a brony…I was also puzzled by it.

I thought that they were bronies when they added the Hollow. Could Blue have decided to add another world entirely?

The possibilities were endless. I looked at the description and it said “Gaze into the mirror and experience peaceful magical land of Equestria.”

At first I wanted to enter right then and there but decided against it.

I was going to go to my world were I built a sky home specifically for my character ‘wolfGear’

I hit ‘Save & Exit’


I’m in my sky home in the most to date map. Of course I went over to the ledge of the home (It was covered in snow so it looked like a cloud.) and used the magic mirror for dramatic effect.

Because it looked so bad ass to lift up a mirror and disappear on an edge. Trust me. Go do it in your game.

Then what I saw shocked me.

I was surrounded by a dark forest. Almost like the jungle but quieter. Crickets could be heard as ambience but what I found the most confusing was there was no background ambient music.

It was basically silent.

Not wanting to waste anymore time I rushed out of the forest. My Specter boots speed up the process and I was able to speed across the forest at a fast pace.

A minute into the trek I realized this forest was the most massive forest I’ve ever been in. I was also puzzled by the ground because I could only see the grass and nothing below it that I could see.

I reasoned that to be the fact the forest was pretty dark. So I used the Fairy Bell to give me a friend to help light the way.

When I did that I noticed some strange objects in the background…They looked like Timber wolves. What I also noticed was that all the textures looked SMOOTH! I mean EXTREAMLY smooth. So smooth in fact it looked exactly like the show. Oh and so did the Timber wolves.

They hid in the background and followed me wherever I went. I decided to wait for them to pounce so I stood there.

I switched to my Rainbow Rod and stood still. The tension was increasing as time went on. I put my cursor over what I thought was a Timber wolf and it had health…


WEAK! I sincerely hoped that they did more damage than their health because they would be easy to destroy. Unless they have a lot of defense…which would suck in my case.

I waited for a good thirty seconds and was about to just continue walking or attack them before I noticed the one behind me was moving.

I threw a rainbow ball magic thing in the air…what else am I to call it? Anyway the movement startled the creatures. And the one who was approaching stood still. I wanted to experiment with them and see how good their AI is.

I slowly moved the ball closer to the one behind me. It moved back into the background and tried to hide from the ball. But when it started moving out of the picture I move the ball faster toward it. I accidently hit it but for some reason they ran away when I did that.

Except the one I hit because he literally exploded.

I felt satisfaction toward that kill because it looked awesome. Wood flying everywhere…

I shook off the incident and continued going left.


“Apple Bloom are you sure this is the right way to Zecora’s?” Asked Sweetie Bell.

“Totally!...Well I think. It should be over here.”

“I swear Apple Bloom if you get us lost-” Scootaloo was interrupted by a hoof being placed on her mouth.

“Sh! Did ya’ll hear that?” Said Apple Bloom while looking at a bush just ten feet from them.

“No.” Said Sweetie Bell looking in the direction her friend was.

She was looking between the trees trying to find what she heard. Just then Timber wolves ran out of the bushes.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” They all shouted in unison. But the Timber wolves never stopped to eat them. They continued running as if in a panic through the trees and bushes.

“W-what was that all about?” Asked a Startled Scootaloo.

“U-um somethin’ musta scared em.” Responded Apple Bloom.

“But what?” Asked Sweetie Bell.

They heard more rustling in the bushes and they all grabbed onto each other.

Then a figure emerged. It had a puffy afro almost like Pinkie’s but thicker and black. It wore a Tuxedo only the tux looked like it was made to fit him instead a pony. And his face was brownish and had sunglasses that covered its eyes.

There was something about it that didn’t quite match the forest. It obviously wasn’t from this place but it seemed at home in the forest. It had a powerful aura to it as if it was half as powerful as an Alicorn and it wasn’t at all threatening looking. That fact alone kept the girls from screaming and taking off.

The girls pulled out of their huddle and looked upon the strange creature.

“Coooooooool.” Said Scootaloo.

“Um what’s it doin’?” Asked Apple Bloom noticing its idleness.


I was frankly completely at a loss. They not only spoke but they also looked exactly like three fillies I knew. Sweetie Bell, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom.

“Um what’s it doin’?” Asked Apple Bloom.

I quickly typed.

“Hi there!”

“I dunno it’s just standing there.” Said Scootaloo.

Ok typing doesn’t work…maybe I don’t need to communicate with them. Actually now that I think about it I’d rather move about without being noticed so I should go make an invisibility poison or something. Wait…THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’LL DO!

I’ll go become invisible and then come back and watch them…creepy? Yes! Brilliant? YEA!

I took out my magic mirror and used it in front of them. Disappearing in a blink of the eye.

After the initial teleport back home I began to ponder whether or not I would spawn back at home. To my relief I did and I began rummaging about my army of chests for ‘blink root’, ‘bottled water’, and ‘moon glow’.


“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Said Scootaloo after the crusaders walked the way they came.

“Yea I can’t wait to tell Rarity!”

“Or Applejack!”

“I’ll go tell Rainbow Dash!”

“Come on girls lets get to Ponyville!” Said Apple Bloom.


I made enough potions to last me a long time. 20 to be exact. I then grabbed a few books for Twilight and a music box with the (Hollow) ambient music.

I finished the potions and went back to the edge of my ‘cloud castle’ and used the Equestrian Mirror.

Once I arrived I quickly sprinted toward the left where I saw the crusaders last. It took me a long time too.

I rushed through the jungle growth and jumped over inclines. At one point I decided to put on the ‘Violent demon wings’ and just flew over much of the terrain. I kept low enough so I didn’t go above the trees since I wanted to keep a low profile. I noticed an interesting quirk with the demon wings too. I could fly almost indefinitely or so I assumed when I was able to continue flapping my wings and go high up. But I didn’t do that as a risk of being spotted early.

I found Zecora’s hut and drank an invisibility potion. They last two minutes so I would have to be sparing and careful when I drink them. My cloths showed so I had to take off my armor and vanity items. I right clicked on Zecora’s door and somehow the scene changed and I entered the room. It was hard to explain but I could control which way I turned and where I wanted to go...I could easily avoid Zecora if I wanted but something caught my eyes and ears.

“-on two legs and it sent the Timber wolves running!” Said Sweetie Bell.

“And it wasn’t scary at all! It stood there and it was so cool! Then it pulled out this circle thing and disappeared in a lot of sparks!” ended Scootaloo.

“I’m sorry girls but I don’t understand, what you describe is too simple and bland. But I’m glad you are all safe and sound, and not gobbled up by some evil hound.”

“Aw ok. Common girls lets go to Ponyville and tell everyone what we saw.” Said Scootaloo.

“YEA!” they shouted in unison. They sprinted past me out the door.

At this point I thought about what I should do with them. Should I expose myself to Zecora? Maybe but what are the repercussions of that action?

I watched Zecora walk around her hut and started making potions. She kept looking at a list so my curiosity peaked and I went over and right clicked it. It acted like a sign and it even had an edit tab. But the items listed were potions she had to make today. I quickly formulated a plan and hit edit on the slip of paper.

‘Beware of open doors.’

Hahahahaha! Life’s no fun without a good scare.

I’m sure I’d be a dick for doing this but…wait I just noticed. How did I open Zecora’s door so quietly? Maybe it’s and effect of the invisibility potion.

I opened the door to Zecora’s hut and waited for her to go back to the slip. After a few minutes of watching her create a potion she went back to the list…She froze after reading it and looked back at the door. She quickly trotted to the door and closed it.

I wrote.

‘Sorry for the scare love. I’ll be out of your mane.’

I quickly backed away from the list when I was done. Zecora looked at the list again with a puzzled expression. She turned around and her jaw dropped. I was in front of the door. But more importantly I was visible.

The potion ran out.

I exited the door and walked away. I looked back and saw Zecora at the door. So I decided to be a drama queen and drink an invisibility potion while walking away.



Oh yea…Zecora stood there a little tense before calming down and going back in the hut. I continued on my way to Ponyville and rocketed there with my boots while still invisible.

I had to be careful so I don’t start sprinting and leaving a smoke trail when I get to Ponyville.

I admired the surroundings and minded the blue plants. Once I got to the edge of the tree line I took in the sight of Ponyville. I wasn’t all that impressed. It looked exactly like it did in the show. Only it didn’t have a clue where to start looking.

I decided to just walk along a path that led out of the quite peaceful town. I assumed it would either lead me to Sweet Apple Acres or Fluttershy’s cottage.

I didn’t want to go to Fluttershy’s cottage. I mean she’s a great character and all but let’s be honest. What impressive shit can happen there? We all know she just feeds and talks to animals. So what epic adventure that would start there is impossible to see.

I walked on the dirt path and my potion ran out again. I decided I would put on my armor and vanity items just in case. But when I did that I noticed another oddity.

When I opened the inventory the world paused. How I knew this you ask? I saw a bunny hopping by me when I opened my inventory. It stopped dead in its tracks…while in the air. I put on all my gear and exited my inventory.

The bunny continued to hop away into the forest.

I took in my surroundings once again. The birds that seem to be in an abundance and the multiple little critters that scurried about below me. I listened to the ambient noise and listened to the birds chirping.

The frogs croaked.

The insects buzzed loudly as they passed by character.

The wind whistling of a really fast jet…WAIT WHAT?!

I hopped into the air just before a Rainbow colored blur came into view. Though after it happened it seemed more like she wasn’t going to actually tackle me. She stopped a few feet short of where I was. I turned my player to face her and she gave me an odd look.

“Umm are you that thing that scared all the Timber wolves? Man I thought scoots was pullin’ my leg but I guess you are real.”

I really had no idea what to say. So I waited for her to finish her dialog.

“Hey were you headin’ to the apple orchard?”

“Umm yea.” I typed.

“…What’s the matter can you not talk? Well I guess it makes sense since you’re not a pony…or a griffon or anything that can talk.”

Well now that I have an audience I thought…what the hell? I’ll use the rainbow rod to dazzle her.

I selected the Rainbow Rod and launched a little sprite off into the air. I then made the infinity symbol over my head with the sprite trail. She seemed awed by it more than anything.

“Whoa how are you doing that?”

I would love to respond but I’m not exactly in a talking mood…not that I can talk. But then I decided to take off my gear and turn invisible again so I let go of the sprite and it hit the ground between me and Dash.

I acted fast and went into opened my inventory which left the world petrified and unmoving. Dash had her hoof in front of her face to shield herself. I took my time to set up the potions in the nearest slot from my mouse and I took off my vanity and armor. I unpaused and without hesitation I switched to the invisibility potion.


When Dash put her hoof down I was gone. Her reaction however was not what I expected.

“Wow that’s like old Twilight anti-social.”

I laughed at this because I got the joke. I waited for her to leave and she did a quick search around the area and flew off.

I waited and watched her to get out of view. I kept along the path with the invisibility activated. I suspected I would arrive at Sweet Apple Acres soon because Rainbow said I was heading the right direction.

I could tell I was at Sweet Apple Acres because I could see not only the sign…But the apples.

I kept walking until I came across a barn. I saw Apple Bloom talking to Applejack. I decided I should find a way to communicate to them in some way.

I created a workbench and plopped it down in the orchard. I made a sign after that and picked up the work bench and headed to the barn. I opened up my inventory and placed all my gear on, and then I removed the potions effects by clicking on the invisibility box. I had about a minute left but with my gear on it wouldn’t matter since everyone would see me with the gear on anyway.

I walked out into the open and took off my boots so I wouldn’t sprint toward them.

Let’s be honest…If you were a pony and you saw something sprinting toward you that you’ve never seen before I’m sure you would either run or try to kill it then run.

And Applejack being a protective sister would most likely pick a fight with me to protect Apple Bloom.

I made my way over to them. Applejack was first to spot me and I thought I would have to catch her mouth it fell so fast. She took on a confused expression and said something to Apple Bloom. She turned around and looked at me and said something to Applejack and continued to stare at me with a blank expression.

When I finally got within ten feet of them Applejack put herself in front of Apple Bloom. Not wanting to warrant violent behavior I stopped. I threw down the sign and typed.

‘My name is wolfGear’

It took her a moment to comprehend what I did. Applejack eventually started to walk toward me with a bit of concern on her face. I backed away from the sign. She responded by walking faster toward it. At this point it’s blatant that she’s unsure of me. Why? I don’t know.

She took a glance at the sign barely noticing it before looking back at me. Then something registered in her head and she looked right at the sign.

Looking back at me she eyed me suspiciously. Then there was silence…tense and weird silence.

“Uh mah names Applejack.” She said finally.

I walked up to Applejack used a hammer to remove the sign.

“What in tarnation?”

I decided to just walk around. Sneaking was boring and its not like they can kill me permanently.

I took out my magic mirror and went back home.


I leaned back in my chair and took in my surroundings. Looking at my little apartment I figured I would shut off the game and get some food. Tomorrow I have work and I need my sleep. When I get my pay I’ll head back home and go back to Equestria.

I reluctantly turned off the game and the whole time my mind was filled with questions of ‘will it be there?’ ‘can I go back?’ ‘what if they turn against me?’ ‘what if Celestia is able to teleport me into Equestria?’

I let these bother my attempt to sleep. Slowly I went into a dreamless sleep.

Author's Note:

Wow 100+ likes?

Well ok. For those of you who are new to my stories, welcome! This is a really old story and this isn't the best work by far that I've done. Some better examples of my current writing is on my page.

I do get better as the story progresses. In fact, I get an editor to help me out after a few chapters in. The chapters get noticably better as time progresses and I hope you stay long enough for that to happen.

But for now I hope you enjoy what I have already uploaded. I probably won't come back to fix up these chapters any time soon. But they are very fun to read after a while. I think the adventure that happens in this story is a defining moment for me. It basically kick started my big interest in writing. Later I actually plan on becoming a writer in the future.

But for now you have to deal with my 'ok' stuff. Oh and don't worry about any weird story line stuff. I did my best to keep this from being too awkward. (There are reported cringe moments though) So you might have to suffer through that if you're not entirely into the story.

But enough about that. Continue on to the next chapter. Or back away slowly...You decide.