• Published 12th Sep 2012
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What Happens in Terraria - BioChemicalWolfGear

I was playing Terraria when I found a magic mirror that went somewhere...new.

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It's All Wrong!

I got up from my chair and looked around my apartment. I was alone like I always was. I almost turned the game back on and went to watch a pony sleep out of boredom but I realized one thing. It was 3:00am and I wasn’t tired. Normally I should at least feel something right now.

I decided to take a shower and get into bed and try to sleep. And if I can’t sleep then I would have to lay there with my eyes closed in hopes I get some sleep.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds…darkness took me. And it wasn’t the kind of darkness you find in a dream.


It felt instant and different immediately. I shot up from the bed to be surrounded by stone brick walls.

“No…” I whispered to myself.

I saw different signs over the past few days that something about me was changing.


I got up and looked around. I noticed something weird. I couldn’t see outside but I knew what was out there. I also knew EXACTLY where I was.

I was in Terraria.

I looked (and sensed) around the area and I found I was in my sky home. More importantly I was without equipment and I needed to get some gear fast before anything gets me.

I quickly ran downstairs and passed several NPC’s that looked at me questionably. My room was the top most room on the little tower. I also went and made myself angel wings. (Because I didn’t have enough Night Souls for demon wings.) so if I fall or get lost I can quickly run back.

I got down to my storage room and put on a mythral hood and mythral breast plate. I then went over to another chest to grab some weapons before I noticed a presence. A very decked out in gold presence. I looked over to the entrance to the storage room and I saw none other than my own character looking at me. He switched out of his crown and golden armor and put back his tux and sunglasses.

Then he put his demon wings on to finish the transformation to when I’m at my most powerful…he’s ready for a fight now.

“Umm hey wolfGear? Uh its me! User!” I said while smiling. I pulled down the hood to show my face in the dim room. I got worried as he stood there idly. Then he started jumping. And he started jumping around me as if in joy.

Wait what? I totally thought I was dead. I am nowhere near ready to fight myself.

“Hey wolf I’m kinda stuck in here. Got any ideas?”

He stopped jumping and stood there. Of course he wouldn’t be able to talk to me.

Wait hold on…he already did something I would do. I like to jump for joy when I’m on servers and such. But.

I’m two different people in life. When I’m at work or school I act different than when I’m playing a game. I also like to kill things…a lot. Especially other players. I’m a real badass when it comes to some games similar and even different to Terraria so I hope my character keeps my traits.

Though that actually is a serious problem if wolfGear decides to turn on PvP…I could only think of one thing to do in a time like this.

“Wanna do some bonding?”

Because wolfGear and I like bonding with people or socializing.

As expected he jumped for joy. I grabbed some more gear and we headed outside…little did I know but between the time of waking up and grabbing new gear, wolfGear created a Mechanical Eye.



“BONDING WAS A BAD IDEA!” I said while shooting cursed flame balls at the Twins.

wolfGear was doing his thing and actually doing more damage than me. He was taking less damage than me as well. When I was struck by the twins it felt like I was punched rather than cut or gashed.

I wouldn’t leave wolf to defend himself. And I think I’d like to know how death feels like if I weren’t too afraid of it. But I trust wolf and I will get out of this unscathed.

*wolfGear was murdered by death laser*



Twilight has been reading for hours on the adventures of the Terrarian and his companions who appear after he does great feats. The details of each adventure was so great she could understand each of the strange magical items that the Terrarian grabbed.

She learned he had to free a poor soul who was cursed to defend a dungeon. And fight the eye of an ancient and powerful force of evil. Each of these creatures he had to kill rather than send or seal away like her friends have with the other villains.

But the adventures were intense. They made her blood pump with adrenalin and her breath erratic. The fights were impressive and you could see the Terrarian becoming a different person the more the story continued.

She was so excited when she read this that she could easily place it on top of her favorite adventure books. Well above Daring Doo.

It took her two books to finally realize how much of her day she missed out on. Spike didn’t say anything knowing that she would become bitter when disturbed while studying or reading. Same thing in Spikes mind.

The purple dragon in question was sweeping the floor downstairs while her surrogate mother was upstairs reading the strange tomes. It was midday and she hasn’t even eaten breakfast yet.

“I haven’t seen her this interested in a series since Daring Doo.” Spike said to himself glumly. He wished to spend time with Twilight along with all his other friends. But no friend was more important than Twilight. Twilight’s always been Spikes care taker even though they usually switch those roles every week. They are each others responsibility and they both mean a lot to each other.

But at times like this where Twilight is away on some adventure or reading a really good book…Spike feels alone.

*Knock Knock Knock*

Spike puts the broom against a bookcase and briskly makes his way toward the front door. He opens it up to see a different Terrarian looking directly at him.

“Hey Spike is Twilight home?” The dragon jumps back in surprise when the Terrarian spike. wolfGear didn’t speak.

Spike takes a moment to give him a look. He had pegasi wings and a green hood with green breastplate and green greaves.

“Whoa who are you? And how do you know my name?”

“I’m the Puppet Master. Just call me String Holder if you really don’t want to call me Master. And don’t dare call me Puppet.” He said in a positive yet businessy manner.

“Umm sure String…you’re looking for Twilight?”

“Well now that I think of it I don’t. I just need you.”

“Me? For what?”

“Send a letter to the princess. I need to speak with her immediately.” He said urgently.

“Umm sure.”


Celestia had nothing to tend to during this day. Not much happens in Equestria. It’s the reason why Celestia was capable of having Twilight as a personal protégé when she was younger.

Celestia grew rejoiceful when she saw a scroll materialize in front of her.

She was so eager to read it she cached it while it was still in the air. Tearing the Canterlot seal off she began reading.

Hello Celestia.

Call me Puppet Master or String Holder. I am wolfGear’s master and friend. I would like to meet you and discuss arrangements for housing within your kingdom. To be perfectly honest with you I’m trapped…No way to get home and no family to get into contact with. I will need any assistance I can get, I currently am awaiting your response here at the Ponyville Library with Twilight Sparkle and Spike.

I look forward to seeing you face to face soon.

With love and friendship,

Puppet Master

Celestia reread the message a few times over and always stopped at the name. Puppet Master…

With a name like that the possibilities of this new person’s character could be very catastrophic to Equestria if this new arrival is indeed another creator.

Being an optimist Celestia got up from her throne and started down the small steps that led up to her throne and makes her way across her royal runway. The two guards who stand guard followed her on each side.

“Tell my sister there is a new creator in our mist and I’m going to meet him.”

“Yes ma’am.” Said the brown earth pony stallion as he saluted and ran out the door to Luna’s chambers.

Celestia reflected on what she wanted to say when she met this new person.

She went down to the hanger to take a chariot to Ponyville.


“So let me get this straight, wolfGear is your puppet and now that you’re in this world he’s your friend? That doesn’t make sense! He was basically your slave! Why is he your friend?!” Shouted Twilight angrily at the mythril covered arrival.

“Think of it as I was him until I came here and now he learned everything from me so we are very similar but not the same.” I responded trying to reason with Twilight Sparkle after explaining my situation with wolfGear.

“But. I. Ugggggggh! Can you at least tell me that you two did something together that would explain this relationship between old master and slave! It’s just not possible for this to happen! Diamond Dog’s have inslaved ponies but never have they become friends after slavery!”

“Twilight this is different than slavery.”

“HOW?!” She shouted angrily.

“wolfGear and I used to be one person. I had will over his body while his body had no soul…Now that there is no connection to me and him he should be dead. Or at least stand there eternally idle.”

“…I don’t get it...Ugh I give up.” She groaned with annoyance and trotted upstairs to continue reading the Terrarian’s adventures.

Spike watched the whole ordeal in the corner clutching his broom for protection because he believed Twilight might just burst into flames like she did when Pinkie Pie didn’t make sense. It’s not like he feared the flames because he was fire proof, but he feared what kind of evil power had to be behind Twilight’s anger to make her burst into flames in the first place.

“Wow dude you just survived a potential Twilight melt down.” Said Spike when Twilight was out of ear shot.

“Meh I’ve been through worse. Lucky for you, you have to deal with just Twilight. I have to deal with twelve angry bitches and my mother.” I silently preyed.


“I’ll explain some other time.”

I walked over to the couch and sat down. Spike followed suit and sat down next to me.

“Hey where is wolfGear right now?” Asked Spike.

“He’s probably slaughtering the demons from hell. You know for fun.” I said with a smile.


wolfGear was not having a good time. He was outside during a blood moon…in the hollowed grounds.

Pixies, clowns, unicorns, and aliens where surrounding him and drilling his life points.


“Fighting demons? Pfft I don’t believe you.” Spike waved a hand in dismissal of the statement.

“You want me to summon one so you can see how awesome we are?” I said with a sly smirk.

“Yea right like you can do that…” His face went from disbelieving to worry. “Can’t you?” He said with a small hint of fear.

“You doubt my power?” I had a confident smile that possibly disturbed Spike because I saw him shudder for a moment.


“Oh ok. Anyway I don’t want to stir up trouble right now because I need help. Mainly housing and such. Eating won’t be a problem because I’ve gone without food for…days now and I’m not hungry. Or thirsty for that matter…That scares me.”

“So you’re basically a god that needs a home?” said Spike.

“Well if you want to see it like that then ok be my guest. But I’m not exactly all powerful and controller of fates like you would think. Though that would be pretty cool I must admit.”

“Yea that’d be pretty cool…I can make Rarity like me.” He looked lost in his own thoughts with a goofy love struck look on his face.

“Wow did not expect that reaction.” I said out loud.

I let the dragon be lost in his thoughts about his love for a while; I took the opportunity to reflect on the past events of the past few days. How I got here and how wolfGear was doing. I don’t know why but at that moment I became worried about him. I set it aside as nothing when I remembered wolfGear was a badass. He could take care of himself if he wanted to.


wolfGear was torn into a pile of flesh by a Pixie


Yea I knew he could take care of himself. He’ll be just fine.

(I know this chapter isn't as well done as my others because I've been REALLY busy. I hope I'm able to continue to write this but I'm kinda hitting a snag at where I want this story to go. I can fix it easily but I don't have much time for myself anymore to think of it so expect late updates. I could also alternatively distract myself with another story so I can remain interested in writing in my free time.)