• Published 12th Sep 2012
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What Happens in Terraria - BioChemicalWolfGear

I was playing Terraria when I found a magic mirror that went somewhere...new.

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The party was dispersing and Applejack most of the time kept thanking me for that outcome. Big Mac and Fluttershy both approached me and wanted to thank me.

“Um Mr. Wolf.” Said Fluttershy who now seemed in more control of herself. Apparently potions and food items wear off slower in Equestria than Terraria.

“Yes?” I responded with typing.

“Thank you for bringing us together.”

“What? I just wanted someone to take care of Cindy.” I emphasized my point by summoning the Fairy. “Then somehow you two hallucinated something and became a couple…not that it wasn’t nice and all.”


“Nah just kidding. Not like you two wouldn’t have done it on your own anyway. That’s how this world works. Two ponies fall in love, and then they get together and live happily.”

“Still nice to be together sooner.” Said Big Mac.

“True dat brotha.”


“…never mind just go make out somewhere nopony is looking.” They both turned red…but Big Mac had a head start on the color shading of his face so to compensate he turned pink instead. “That’s the expected reaction.”

I noticed it was night time in Equestria.


I turned my head and looked out my apartment window…holy shit it’s night time. And I’m not even hungry or tired. Maybe I still have some time. 10:00? Well better wrap up my playing session soon.

Wait did I skip lunch? And dinner? Why am I not hungry?

Shit ponies are talking.


“Mr. Wolf I noticed your performance this day. And I was quite impressed. Your actions brought my little ponies closer together and I’d like to thank you for that.” Said Celestia. Big Mac and Fluttershy have left to do pony things.

“You’re welcome. I must be on my way. Maybe tomorrow I’ll steer clear of Ponyville and do some exploring of Equestria.”

“I can give you a map if you want one.”

“Nah getting lost is half the fun.”

She looked a bit worried.

“Are you sure? Some of the places are quite dangerous.”

“I was born to put myself in dangerous situations and come out alive. Don’t worry.”

“Well I’d like to invite you to a meeting with some of the leaders of the world and introduce yourself to the nobles of this realm.”

“May I wear my more…royal attire?”

“If it makes you feel more confident then go ahead.”

“I’d like to get your approval of said attire.”

“Well I must get to Canterlot. The night is the only time I can sleep and my sister gets up around this time. Maybe you can spend some time with her before you leave.”

I wasn’t exactly tired and I had work tomorrow…but know what? A night with Luna! Why the fuck not?

“I may need help getting to Canterlot. Is a chariot coming for you?”

“Yes actually. It should be arriving shortly. Want me to hold it for you?”

“Yes please. I’ll be back in a moment.”

I pulled out the magic mirror.


I quickly ran over to my piggie bank. The Piggie bank was what I used to put my platinum, gold, copper, and silver coins along with all my ores and refined stuff. I started off a long time ago so when the piggie bank came out I used it to hold all the emeralds and every other sort of gem and all the important and valuable items.

I grabbed a lot of gold…And it wasn’t enough so I grabbed more gold in my other chests.

The first thing I built was a golden chest plate and then golden greaves.

After that I placed them in my vanity item tabs so I would appear to be wearing them. I also grabbed my crown and put it on.

I then thought for a moment. I went and got my Cobalt Repeater and a few holy arrows and some stars. You know because Luna would like to hold a star because that’s her thing right?

I quickly scanned my memory for anything I would like to talk to Luna about.

It was now that I remembered that I had a Sunfury and Blue Moon that I didn’t want anymore because of the Dow of Pow that was almost over powered compared to them. I also grabbed my shotgun and a few silver bullets just in case I want to kick some ass…or kill BlueBlood.

After I got those items I quickly used my Equestrian Mirror to go to the Everfree.


I sprinted through the forest anxiously and at a brisk and almost unreasonable pace.

I eventually made my way back to Celestia who actually met me half way so to speak by placing the chariot at the edge of the Everfree. She saw me and a smile appeared on her face.

“Nice to see you didn’t keep me waiting.” She calmly stated as I jumped really high and then down into the chariot. “…how did you do that?”

To be honest I used my balloon with a cloud in the bottle item thing. But I should explain myself maybe now.

“Items my dear sun goddess. I have a few items on my person that would allow me to do interesting things. I have potions that do the impossible and even a few items that allow me to control the heavens. Think of it as gods Developer Tools.”

“I’m not sure how to take that. Are you saying your power is dependent on items?”

“Oh I never had power. But what you believe is creation is actually another world. I’d hate to mislead you so I’ll tell you as much as I can about my world as we go.”

“Very well. I’d like to hear more enlightening information.” She turned to the guards attached to the chariot. “Bring us to Canterlot.”


“So tell me about your people.”

“We are a proud civilization.” And we are. “Our buildings grow tall and our machines make us powerful.”

“What do you mean powerful?”

“Our machines allow us to go across the continent with little to no effort on our part. Not instant teleportation no. But something more terrifying and awe inspiring.”

I had her attention and she looked at me interested. “Like what? Is it evil.”

“It depends on your point of view. What would you do when you see metal in the air carrying hundreds of ponies inside of it taking them to far away places.”

“I would wonder where there going.”

“Usually we don’t know. But I’ve been on one and it’s a lot like riding a chariot. Only the wind doesn’t blow in your face and it’s a lot faster than this. Pegasi can only have a certain speed depending on how hard they fly. But machines put all majestic beings to shame when built right.”

She remained silent.

“Our machines can help out with every day activities. In fact the world of Equestria is made by these machines called computers. I won’t go into detail just yet because I need to practice explaining it to you on terms you could understand.”

“I see.”

“No…no you don’t. Some of the machines even I don’t know about. Our machines are powerful enough to bring back rocks from the moon. In fact our machines are on other planets right now.”

She seemed even more interested and lost her professionalism. “wolfGear.”

“Yes my friend?”

“Is your society a threat to Equestria?”

“No we can’t get here. I’m here by some fluke and I intend to make the most of it.”

“So the reason you’re here was because of a terrible mistake?”

“One I don’t even know how to fix…and I know how worlds like yours are made. I want to actually get into it myself some day. But what I’ve seen with the combination of two inventions so far is beyond my belief right now. I merely comprehend what I’ve seen.” I want to become a game designer. But I don’t want her to think she’s not real or just part of a story.

“I think I can understand…Tell me does your society suffer from interaction with other countries?”

“No we thrive on those connections. United States is a country made of immigrants and no royal family. We are a new country of free people and we support liberty. I won’t say any more. We are proud and more powerful than any other country.”

“No royal family? Interesting. I need to get some advice from you so I can manage my country with more efficiency…unless of course it’s a big power struggle.”

“Nope. We have a representative democracy where we have people like governors that take care of the cities while they answer to our leader. And the leader doesn’t have much power unless the rest of the senate says so.”

“That doesn’t seem efficient.”

“It used to be a very poor system. But we perfected it over time and we are still making small changes today. So far it’s working and we haven’t had another civil war.”

“Civil what?” her eyes betrayed the look of horror.


I spent the trip explaining to her about the many wars the world has and how much tech improvement came out of the bloodshed to improve society. I then told her about much of the business world and how humans know how to cherish the world around them by creating national parks.

Well sept China because they’re ass holes to mother nature.

Fuck China. USA!

Eventually we made it to Canterlot and Princess Luna was waiting in the courtyard pacing. Possibly waiting for her sister. When she saw the chariot she brightened up.

“Tia you’re a bit late. What took you so-?” She spotted me. “Oh. I see. Welcome great one.” She said as we landed and the chariot departed.

“Please call me wolf. Great one is too…great. And I frankly am getting old of being the all powerful being.”

“I’m sorry I did not mean to offend.” She said remorsefully.

“You never did. Now Celestia I bring gifts.”


“Yes for you. The Sunfury. Forged in the underworld to represent the sun.”

“Oh…umm dangerous.” She smiled sheepishly.

“And for you Luna the Blue Moon. Rumored to have originally fallen from the sky. I found this in an ancient ruin. I believe it was enchanted by powerful mages.”

“Thank you.” They both picked up their respective ball and chains with Terrarian Enchantment. Luna looking smug as the background of hers seemed less violent. I totally picked that up.

“And Luna I’m not done with you.”

“Oh? Is there more?”

“Yes. I gift you. A star.”

“Hmhm as you see I have many stars.” She raised a hoof to the sky.

“Is that so?” I moved a good few meters away. Then I dropped the star on the ground and smaller stars sparked off of it while it lay on the ground giving off its mystical glow. Celestia and Luna analyzed it with blank expressions and Luna had somehow mixed that expression with awe.

“What is that?” Asked Celestia.

“A Terrarian star. They fall out of the sky regularly and only exist at night. They disappear when the sun rises. I believe they return to the sky ”

“A-and you’re giving me a star?” Stuttered Luna.

“Yes. You control the night sky…so I gifted you one of their jewels.”

“…A-are you trying to woo me?” asked Luna puzzled.


“No sorry if I came off like that. I just want to show good will.”

Politics when it comes to old world shit like queens and princesses is easier when they’re your friends. And I now know it’s the most risky thing to do. Shit if I do too well Luna might want me. *Shudder*

Whelp this night is going to be shit.


Twilight noticed Celestia’s chariot flying away from town with both the princess and the ‘creator’ or whatever it was. She couldn’t remember anything from the party other than before the ‘Ale’ wolfGear brought for everypony and so generously made return trips home to get enough for them.

Her memory became less hazy and she saw she was back in the library in front of all the strange books in front of her. She realized they were in an organized routine where she’d read all the books on the left and then put them to the right in a pile.

Two books were on the right while twenty were on the left. Each seemed in order as it should be.

However Twilight couldn’t remember what was in the first two books so she placed the open one in front of her in the pile on the left along with the one on top most of the small pile on the right.

That left the first book she should have read.

‘Building a Home.’


Twilight read and read about the traveler and how he established his own colony. His first adventure was finding resources underground to make a stone wall to keep the monsters out and how he light up his town with the remains of the evil slimes.

Twilight soon realized the novel was a lot like a Daring Doo adventure only way more mystical. Hence the first night.

Our adventurer looked out into the night. He saw many lights falling from the sky and the surrounding forest seemed to light up as these lights landed in them. The adventurer hopped off his wall and recovered from the fall quickly.

He ran through the underbrush of the forest he was entering until he came upon a clearing. He looked in awe at what he saw. It was a luminescent star that radiated energy that he could feel running…no…dancing between his fingers. He picked up the star and looked at it closely in amazement.


He looked up and saw in his horror another Terrarian who’s skin was rotted and worn away. His brain was exposed. His undead figure hobbled aggressively toward our hero and he bravely took up a short sword and successfully repelled the creature. Then fear was plastered on his face as two more replaced the ugly rotting creature.

The Terrarian ran back to his home and opened the door and shut it quickly but in the process got a look at the soul sucking undead eyes that followed him to his door.



They were trying to get in. He took a chair from the room and he put it against the door. He then backed away and ran into his room and waited for the horrors of the night to disappear.

He then remembered the warm embracing aura of the star he picked up. He took it out and it seemed those loud banging’s on the front door were in the back of his mind. Only a slight annoyance compared to the loving glow of the lone star.


Luna had a taste of that loving glow. Celestia left them alone to talk and Luna was gazing and analyzing the star. They haven’t spoken other than to discuss the origins of the star. WolfGear told Luna of how that particular star amazed him enough to stand there and look at it while it was in the inventory. He even clicked with it which made it ting.

Though Luna got an abridged version so she could understand. She didn’t notice his hesitations as he made up stories on the spot and instead basked in the glow of the beautiful entity in her hooves.

She didn’t even notice the Terrarian disappearing in a shower of many shades of blue sprites.

(This way shorter than it should be but this is important. I'm in collage so my time isn't my best friend right now. Also I'm getting bored with this story so I need a break from it anyway. (short one))