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I am trying to be Writer but, my english is not so good. ONE PUNNNCHCHHH!


This story is a sequel to A hero for fun.

My name is Georg Filipe Mendoza and, I went to a con dressed as Saitama from one Punch Man, and then I appeared in Equestira and the Equestira Girls world and I had all of Saitama's powers and his Bald, and I went to Canterlot High School where I met my best friend Rainbow Dash and my girlfriend Fluttershy and the Defenders of Canterlot and after an ordeal we set up the Hero Association to protect Canterlot from threats sent by Phantom Wizard, the One who brought me and the others from One Punch Man here to the cartoon human world. I will continue my adventure as a hero but, not for fun anymore but, a hero for justice and what it takes to be a true hero for all. My will will be tested more and will I break under the pressure of being a hero for justice or will I succeed and be the hero I never thought I will be?

This is a sequel to my first story a hero for fun. If you haven't read it you should, to know, what has happened before this. Again I'm sorry for my bad english I will continue to try and improve just let me know what I can change in the comments and thank you for helping me write better!

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I’m so happy to see this arrive!

Also You can have Arctic Ace be called Ace for short :pinkiesmile:

Yes I have Ace sometimes! I am also glad to finally post one

The combat sounds odd... :applejackconfused:

Are you trying to use the Anime storyline as guideline?

Sorry if is the english, I am still working to be better, and for this second story I am not following the manga I am trying a little different but, some similarities

It was a student girl with black and white hair and he had her in the cell where he was going to mix in gas with mosquito blood in it for her to inhale and see what she becomes.

I know who this is! :heart:

This was DEFINITELY worth the wait! Looking forward to seeing the next chapter!

Then their is Mosquito Girl as sexy as ever standing their with her feminine body which was very revealing


Amazing chapter! Definitely worth the wait

We all look up and I recognize her immediately, it is Mosquito Girl from One Punch Man and she looks exactly the same which is incredibly hot for a Monster and she has a lot of mosquitos flying around her.


Amazing chapter! Really looking forward to seeing the next one :heart:

This was SO AMAZING! :heart: I love it very much definitely worth the wait

Another amazing chapter my friend! Keep up the amazing job :pinkiehappy:

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Amazing chapter! Definitely worth the wait! :pinkiesmile:

Amazing chapter my friend!

And nice to see a chapter uploaded close to my birthday which is on the 17th

Thank you for always reading! And in case I don’t remember on your birthday it is a happy birthday first before then!
Sorry I don’t know what is is

Thanks 😊 it’s in 2 more days now this Friday

And you’re welcome I always love reading this

Amazing chapter! Definitely worth the wait

Love the chapter between Ace and mosquito girl

Even having there first kiss to

Happy to see you back my friend!

And another great chapter like always. If you ever need help I am happy to do whatever I can with giving you ideas

I appeared in Equestira and the Equestira Girls world

How is that possible when he doesn't have a pony/human counterpart?

Because he is not from the MLp universe of pony or human he is from our world with normal people

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