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I am trying to be Writer but, my english is not so good. ONE PUNNNCHCHHH!


Hello and how · 1:14am Aug 23rd, 2022

Hello everyone is beena long time since I posted anything how is everyone doing I myself am doing ok I think covid will soon be gone completely unless their is a new varient at this point
I can say I am one year to go with school and I will be done, I hope everyone is good too !
And I am sorry I have not updated my story in a long because, it takes me time, sorry

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Happy new year · 11:20pm Dec 31st, 2021

It is now 2022 and we have reach the next year!! Happy new year everyone on here and have a good year ahead of writing and reading and hopefully no virus anymore!!!!

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New chapter out!! · 2:32am Nov 19th, 2021

It has been a while since, I have posted and, it has been a while since I have posted a blog. I am ok feeling better since my last time, I've been down some of because, I feel my story is not read so but, because of my friend mlpdisneyfan I will keep writing when I can come up with my story!
And if you do like my story Thank You, it means a lot that you like!
I also want to know how everyone is doing now?

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Update on me and story · 11:17pm Oct 26th, 2021

Hi everone it has been a while I have done Anything. So I will update you. I am ok I am still doing normal at school and live. I hope everyone is still safe and ok especially now with no restrictions

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Second story coming · 1:59am Jul 20th, 2021

Hey everyone I want to say that I am finally sending the second story to approval and here we go! Also I have been good, sleeping a lot more this few weeks, I hope everyone is also doing Ok like me !

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Finished! · 1:12am Jul 14th, 2021

Hey everyone, I am very proud to say I finally finished my first every story! So thank you for reading it and I didn't think so many people will like it and thank you also for those who maybe not like but, they gave criticism so I can learn to improve, so their are many people to thank and while I work on the next story, please stay tuned and the adventure will continue! One Puuuuuuuuunch !


Update on me and things · 12:48am Jul 9th, 2021

Hi everyone it has been a while since I updated. I am still ok I got sick for a week but, thankfully it was not covid so I am ok now. I also want to tell everyone that in my next story arc I am going to introduce some new characters and one of them is a OC from Mlpfan1 and he will be joining my story as a character. I will not say what he can do yet so that is a surprise for later and their will be more characters from One Punch Man

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Viccine taken? · 1:38am Apr 28th, 2021

Hi everryone has anyone had to take the viccine yet? I would like to know if their are any problems since taking. Just to know opinion I am not saying it is not good to take if people think so I just want to know what people think about taking it
So far I am still ok to update myself I have not caught the virus I am fortunate to not, everyone still stay safe!!

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Update to of me · 2:45am Mar 26th, 2021

Hello everyone Iam still ok I have recently update my story A hero for fun! And I am hoping that I can get feedback to the story and why you like and don’t like if you could comment tor me I, would be very thanks to be having of it because, I would like to know of how it is!
Thank you and don’t catch corona and I hope the vaccine is to be for us soon for not just eleers!

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To the new · 12:56am Jan 21st, 2021

To the new president of the un nited states congragulations to the finally being president to be changing the country I hope now is finally the time for the country to move into a better time since the last year because, their is to much to deal with and I hope it can be back to before normal. :rainbowwild:What do you Think?

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