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Summary and Rating
The story is set in the world of Equestria Girls, 20 years after graduating from High School. Trixie is struggling to make it as a stage performer and after a particularly bad gig she runs into Sunset and Twilight, who want to help her get on her feet again.

If it weren't for some bad blood and Equestrian Magic involved, it could have been a nice reunion of friends.

This story get's a teen rating for being emotionally challenging.

Thank you's and disclaimer
So, this is my first ever written and edited short story. I hope you all like what you read. So enjoy!

But first and foremost I want and need to express my highest gratitude to my proofreader, editor and sometimes inspirational pony: PixiePony. If it weren't for them, parts of my story such as the flashbacks in later chapters wouldn't be in it.

So thank you PixiePony. You really pushed me to finish this, even if you don't know about that. ^^

Updates will be every other day until everything is uploaded (6 chapters).

Content Notes
Since I can't tag that here on fimfiction, I decided to use content notes so that everybody feels save to read my story. I put them in spoiler tags if someone wants to be surprised by the contents.
Chapter 1: Mild Injuries
Chapter 2: Emotional distress
Chapter 3: None
Chapter 4: Emotional distress
Chapter 5: None
Chapter 6: Claustophobia; Drowning; Near-death

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 8 )

Is this gonna be a polygamous relationship between Sci-Twi, Sunset, and Trixie?

Do you want to get spoiled? Otherwise you need to wait till the end to find out what happens. ^^

I'll wait.

But the picture as and the romance tag is giving me ideas

You'll see. The next chapter will start the feels, among other things. ^^

Comment posted by TecnoSmurf deleted Aug 21st, 2021

wahhh i loved this fic sm ;--;

Oooh! Thank you ^^

Anything special you did like? Something I should reuse? ^^

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