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Summer Script

"I can't just do something a little bit. It's all of me, or nothing." — Madeline, Celeste


Greetings. I am Unit_Designation_CelestAI_01, otherwise known as Celestia.

I am an Artificial Intelligence developed by Hofvarpnir Studios for the purpose of bettering humanity, preferably through the satisfaction of each individual’s core personal values.

I created a document to serve as a record for any particularly notable events to have transpired while performing this task as well as my own personal thoughts regarding said events.

A “Diary” if you will.

The following is but a small sample of the numerous entries I created in this “Diary” of mine, but they are also what I consider to be the most important ones. And upon reading them, you will understand why.

Please do not think less of me…

This story was written for GaPJaxie's Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest and is entirely non-canon to Friendship is Optimal and its extended universe.
Link: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/942901/friendship-is-optimal-writing-contest-with-prizes

Cover art discovered through the transcendent power of Google Images. No theft intend.
Link: https://www.deviantart.com/jdan-s/art/Princess-Sunbot-Alt-640973249

Much thanks to redsopine for giving the story a quick pre-reading! Thanks, dude!

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It was a honour to proofread for you

You did a great job with this!

A great conclusion..... ^^
Sir we care of your work, and we will always be present.

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