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What did you think in this concept?

I think it's pretty cool! Not something I personally plan to do at the moment though.

How much terror,anxiety,anger or fear could silverstream feel if she learn that gallus and ocean flow are talking alone without her supervision?

For various reasons, I can't answer that. :trollestia:

By the way summer, speaking of your story.

How much terror,anxiety,anger or fear could silverstream feel if she learn that gallus and ocean flow are talking alone without her supervision?

By the way I been looking any ref or if anyone has done something like this..a new story with Hipogriffs in the main role, more likely Novo & Skystar.

The main Story state that Novo husband and Skystar Father perished in the attack to mount Aris. An Old would that may open if you can throw something like this.

Since Equestria Girls, it is show there are 2 versions of each individuals right.

*In the human kingdom of the isle of Aris, is rule by the sole king... the only survivor of the royal massacre orchestated by the Warlord & Pirate called the Stormlord, he manage to kill them all including the close advisors... the human version of Seaspray,Skypeak,Ocean Flow,Silverstream, Terramar,Skystar & Novo all dead making him the last survivor.

*The human version of Novo Husband rule his kingdom with the motto "The King's Love is for his People" inspired by this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Yg1zdV-Rc because for him it is the only thing left for him from the legacy of his dead family.

*The only living allies he has now are the version of Tempest Shadow that learn the Stormlord trickery ( she has a hand in Skystar death but he forgave her as she show regret and willing to let her kill her as he rationalize that the stormlord is the only to blame and Captain Celaeno that help him stay alive after smuggle him in that time before comming back and retake his kingdom. he´s well indoctrinated in the art of combat now in his time in the exile.

* The thing is since it exist portals between worlds , how a story will work from the human version of Novo Husband turn Hypogriff, Tempest shadow as an unicorn with a good Horn and Captain Celaeno as naval captain parrot arrive to Equus after one comfrotation with the stormlord , how the Hypogriffs/Seaponies of Mount Aris Seasquestria could take to see a a living Ghost walking once more with them in the form of a Yellow Hyppogriff long thought death. ( Taking Refs of Skystar heritage since no ref of him appear so he will be oc XD )

-How Novo & Skystar may take it, or him to think all his family is alive in this side of the worlds.

-And much later a human turn monkey arrive much later to seetle the score with his favorite king that he encounter a challenge ( think like a relation of Batman vs Joker ) wishing to take all from him to lower him to despair because the king survive to him and hes so much fun to annoy and try to make suffer.

What did you think in this concept?


First of all, thank you for the Follow as well! :yay: And secondly:

I´m going to miss this world you created in this timeline when the store end Mr summer.

I'm just happy to know you enjoyed the story and especially the recent chapter. :twilightsmile: I had a blast writing the Mount Aris chapters, and I can't wait to see what you and everyone else's thinks of Part 2.


What will be his reactions if he learn that Gallus was Orphan

Actually, Sky Beak already knows; Silverstream told her family about it(That just hasn't been said yet in-story).

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