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I came here to eat breadcrumbs and indiscriminately shit on cars. And I'm all out of breadcrumbs...

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Nice I wished there had been a continuation with that theme or even a revers in situation for those two. Great job keep it up

Fetch #2 · April 3rd · · ·


Flim: What? *looks towards other end of machine, to see AJ bucking away one of its supports* Oh no.
AJ: I told ya both to NEVER set any of your darn contraptions on my land. And ya almost didn't.
Flim: Almost?
AJ: Just that one piece. Lucky for ya'll I'm in a good mood today, or you'd be picking up the pieces of this whole thing from here to Canterlot.

Wow I love machine bondage stories haha. Always do got to wonder why signage needs to be on the inside


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