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Nice I wished there had been a continuation with that theme or even a revers in situation for those two. Great job keep it up


Flim: What? *looks towards other end of machine, to see AJ bucking away one of its supports* Oh no.
AJ: I told ya both to NEVER set any of your darn contraptions on my land. And ya almost didn't.
Flim: Almost?
AJ: Just that one piece. Lucky for ya'll I'm in a good mood today, or you'd be picking up the pieces of this whole thing from here to Canterlot.

Wow I love machine bondage stories haha. Always do got to wonder why signage needs to be on the inside


Now I really want to see a fic based around ponies being turned into life-sized dolls like Rarity is here

“Is it bad,” Rarity chuckled, amused at his question. “Is gangrene bad? Is first degree murder bad? Is polka-dot patterning bad?”

“Um… yes?”

“Wha-- of course yes! Do you live under a rock?”

“It was only for one night,” Flim managed.

Okay this (and the entire exchange before it) is actually pretty funny. I like it.:yay:

It strikes a nice reliance on Rarity's artistic sensibilities, and it's funny to see Rarity allowed to cut lose and be creative in her criticism.:rainbowdetermined2:

She's a bit over the top later on, but this early exchange is really good.:eeyup:

Film and Flam being ridiculously flamboyant is also fun to see.:twilightsheepish:

“Well, I hate to speak poorly of my fellow townsponies, but… they are not so bright when it comes to sussing out high and low quality works.”

Fluttershy and Applejack both paused to feel indignant at being overlooked.:twilightangry2:

Rarity was confused, until new clamps brought something down into her view. A white square with puffy pink frills on it. The arms unfolded it to reveal a patterned diaper!

So is it just the frills or?:trixieshiftright:

The scissors reached her mane, and the tears from early actually began flowing now. Rarity saw snips of her beautiful, purple hair fall away at record speeds. “No… NO!”

Poor Rarity.:fluttercry:

She bore hair meant for a filly; and in a style so old-timey no sane filly would ever be caught dead in for that matter.

In a swamp somewhere, a adorable teenager by the name of Spur puffed out her cheeks angrily.

Hey! I was the sanest pony in that episode!:flutterrage:

But yes, I do see who you're referring to there. Hooray for puggles!:twilightsmile:

The rest of the dress made her want to scream.

Soft pink color, with red, yellow, and blue polka dots.

That makes me want to scream... With joy.:pinkiehappy:

A massive, poofy diaper spreading her legs. A hideous, out of style dress. A detestable mane-cut. Runny make-up. A pacifier shoved between her lips.

I'd probably be tempted to take her home anyway, not going to lie.:raritystarry:

She looked positively ridiculous. She’d be a laughing stock like this!

Silly Rarity. It's not the clothes that make the mare, but the mare that makes the clothes.:ajsmug:

Of course, both are beyond adorable in this instance.:rainbowkiss:

“Once we’ve made our quick buck here, we’ll be off to towns all over Equestria,” he explained. “And it would be quite a bother to haul your fat flank around with us.”

Silly Flam! Her flanks aren't fat! They're thick and sexy!:raritywink:

Flam had at least told her the truth one time that day; they really weren’t interested in changing her diaper at all.

Things got worse with the inclusion of two new dolls: Flutters, and Jackie in the box.

Jackie in particular being a terrible stinker, having filled up on beans a few hours previously.:pinkiesick:

The good news is that the discovery of these cuties by one Zippaowill lead to a rush to buy, and collapsed interest in the Film Flam brothers shoddy constructs.

In this way did Rarity indeed prevent the brothers enterprise from taking off, although not in the way she had orginally envisioned.:derpyderp1:

It was two weeks of being a plaything for local filly Diamond Tiara, before it was determined by one Spoiled Rich that Rarity was not in fact a doll.:fluttershysad:

The resulting trama resulted in a nervous breakdown, and caused a reemergence of her phobias.:fluttershyouch:

The same was true for Fluttershy, who to this day refuses to leave her house.:fluttershbad:

Applejack was significantly less affected, although she was much more consistent about cleaning the animal pens from them on.:rainbowwild:

To pay back their customers (and the many lawsuits and criminal charges filed against them), the Flim Flam brothers wound up selling the Build A Doll and it's related patients to the highest bidder.

Eventually, the Build A Doll saw repurposing into a number of different inventions, including a closet that groomes and dresses ponies by itself.

It also inspired a line of customizable toys, which would be modeled after one of Fluttershy's bear cubs, and go on to become a smash hit with fillys world wide.:trollestia:

To this day Rarity refuses to have anything to do with "Build A Bear", although whether that is due to her trama, or her own regret at turning down being their flagship model, has never been determined.:pinkiecrazy:

Feels like you're really hint hint hinting for a diaper fic with Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity, lol. Maaaaaaybe someday.

For now, glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for all the comments recently!


Feels like you're really hint hint hinting for a diaper fic with Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity, lol.

Rarity and Fluttershy are adorable, I'm not going to lie.

"Filly Vanilli", "Green Isn't Your Color", or that infamous sowing scene in "Suited For Success" containing my favorite moments between them.

Applejack is okay, but most of her interactions with Rarity are overrated.

They make for good rivals and coworkers, but not much else in my view.

If we're submitting story ideas though, I do think Rarity, Fluttershy, or Pinkie Pie, would be fun characters to see more of.

Or perhaps a gentlemanly caller has a intrest in the adult foal scene, and to go the extra mile to woo him, Rarity agrees to be his baby.

Either way, I'm definitely looking for more fics with a more gentle parental focus these days.

That being said, I'm always up for cute outfits, regardless of the focus.

For now, glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for all the comments recently!

No problem. Just feels like the right time.

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