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So adorable hope's there more!!!

Glad you liked it. I hope so too, I quite liked how this one came out.

Readers beware~ You're in for a scare~ Goosebumps

Was gilda actually turned into a baby or did everyone just see her as one?

Just see her as one. I put in a couple details like her still having a "tall griffon stature" and being an "overgrown toddler" to kinda clue in on that a bit more subtly.

She's unchanged, but the way the world see's her is different. But it's vague enough that you could interpret it as a physical regression if you really preferred it that way; as in if you're imagining it from everyone but Gilda's perspective they see a baby griffon, but if you're looking at it as Gilda herself she see's herself as fully grown.

The reality is she isn't actually physically regressed, but then again reality is a matter of perspective, and in the end, despite Gilda's grasp of reality, she ends up seeing herself as what the world sees her for. That's the theme in a nutshell if it clears things up a bit.

Great story, no doubt, but what exactly happened? Was it all just some made up dream in her mind? Did she get cursed by Luna/Nightmare Moon? Did Gabby have something to do with all of this? I definitely want to see another chapter of this!

A Nightmare Moon curse for disrespecting the spirit of the holiday. It happened, but only she remembers it. Everybody else saw it as if she was normal. I went for a Goosebumps sorta vibe for the story, where it's kinda like an cruel and ironic twist of fate that's just mysterious. I didn't want to just spell it out and have Nightmare Moon appear and go "You're punished, have diaper". It's supposed to give you that feeling of "wait, did this really happened? What did everybody else see? what was that in the moon?" to fit a slightly more spooky vibe.

To surmise it's just a punishment for her calling Nightmare Night lame and not wanting to dress up, but also really just a vehicle to have an excuse to have her diapered and embarrassed like a lot of the things I write.

Gabby's is gonna be a bit different going off the ideas I currently have but I haven't settled on anything so I could play up the Nightmare Moon mischief angle a bit more if it fits with what I end up going with.


I went for a Goosebumps sorta vibe for the story, where it's kinda like an cruel and ironic twist of fate that's just mysterious.

Well it definitely worked! I was just a little confused there for a sec:derpytongue2:. Keep up the great work!:twilightsmile:

A delightful Nightmare Night romp! You did a superb job with this one, I gotta say.

Hard to even pick a favorite part. Everything just built on itself so well and led into a perfect little ending. Thanks for this one!

Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightblush:

I have to agree with him on this you did a great job. Would love to see Gabby’s trials and tribulations but what you have already written is incredible.

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