After getting married, Apple Bloom sees that now she would have to go live with her husband and move out of the small house she shares with her CMC best friends.
Despite being very happy and in love, she's a little afraid to imagine what her life would be like no longer living in the same city as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
But they do remind her of the promise they made the first day they started living together.

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Pete100 #1 · Saturday · · ·

"But I also can't imagine my life without you two, this is the first time that we'll live away from each other. I'm afraid of missing you more than I should!"

Then, why not do what twilight is doing?

"Yeah and do you remember the day we moved here?" Scootaloo asked, but there was no sadness in her tone, just emotion, as well as the tears that welled up in their eyes.

Then, what would the emotion be?

"You said you were scared that Scootaloo and I would get married and move away, but look at the irony, you're the one going!" Sweetie Belle joked, which made the three of them burst out laughing.

I was actually gonna comment that, but no need.

Not long after, all the boxes were taken for the castle, the only thing missing was the the belongings' owner.

Damn, that was fast.

Meanwhile, after sadly staring at the door, Sweetie Belle pulled Scootaloo into a strong hug. That was an empty nest without one of them.

God, this hurts.

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