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just a dude who likes mlp way to much for some reason


it was a dark day for starlight she had always wondered why people think counseling is so easy let me tell you. its not. one day when Starlight's crush for Sandbar is reviled in a appointment with Silverstream every thing goes wrong. (or does it) on a race against the clock after Silverstream black-males her into telling Sandbar her true feelings. she had 7 day. 7 days of love.

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feel free to point out any mistakes! (also this is my first story so i'm trying my best) you opinion is always welcome!

make youre profile wof then silly!

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See, there’s this thing called Grammarly, and I think you need it desperately.

iif you see a mistake you can tell me i cant spell.

also i want to know why you did not like this chapter, i did not like were this is going but il try to go on at a better pace. im sorry. (also please do tell me how i could make this better i'm only starting writing your opinion is always welcome)

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