• Published 30th Nov 2020
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7 days of love - jonniejiggles

starlight has always loves sandbar but she can never truly love a student after all he is too young right? (this story is just a joke between friends)

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for when love calls

7 days of love

It was a long dark day for starlight. she sat in her office. The turquoise walls sat there tempting her with their beauty. Most people think that being a student guidance counselor would be easy but they were mostly wrong. Most times her job only consists of random questions about what type of shower handle would look best on the wall. Or how many times do you think I can run in circles without stopping. but It's a sad job to deal with sometimes. Like for example Silverstream has always and always will be a cheery little Hippogriff. But every-creature has their problems.

So one day Silverstream came inside Starlight's office looking like something had gone through her mind. So being the mare Starlight was she invited her in. with a smile like any sane person would do with a student like Silverstream. Silverstream looked up just with a glance at the stuff in her office. She was looking at the best mare ever mug sandbar got her for christmas. laying on her shelf to the left. And then proceeded to burst out into tears. I was starstruck by the amount of tears flowing from her eyes her beak was red from wiping so much. Her eyes were pale and stale like she had just seen a ghost that wanted to kill her family.

Starlight looked up at her and went in for the hug. she needed not to be told what was wrong because this office is a place of tears and rips in the soul. It's a place where her student can rest her little head and trust her to say her part in her problems. I waltz to my shelf to find something to calm her down. But then starlight remembered the mug that had started this outburst and how it could hurt the beautiful Hippogriff. And then she thought back to the time Gallus rejected her she acted the same way as this. So it must be a break up but with who? His mind struggled to remember what could be causing this. She strained her head, she needed to know. Sileverstream was still ballin 'in her arms then her mind flashed with a tough like the sun had lighted her mind and she knew why this mug had done this. Sandbar broke up with her.

So starlight being the mare she was, talked to Silverstream about how this sad event had happened. Silverstream studerd on this tough starlight could see her thinking about what to say and how to say it. Starlight waited there for a while, usually she would have to say that she had to go but she could see that Silverstream had needed this. Silverstream finally spoke up after a few deep breaths.

"Starlight I broke up with Sandbar"

"I figured as much"

"What how would you know about us do you keep tabs on everybody in the school"

'pretty much'

Silverstream then looked at starlight with an expression that just spoke. what the hay

"Silverstream, don’t take this the wrong way but I am a part of this school. meaning I need to know the students in it. so as a consular I know who needs more surveillance than others. I know who needs to be seen and what I need to know to help the poor souls that wander in here seeking my knowledge and wisdom, on the problems that they need to be helped with"

"So you stalking us all"


Silverstream laughed at this thought. The guidance concealer. Stalking her. she has never heard such crap. But then almost as soon as that thought came in her mind. Starlight saw the wordy laughing and started to glow her horn and created a giant screen that can only be seen on TV in this day and age. The screen consisted of 10 different mini screens. The screens show a variety of things ranging from smolder yelling in a closet, to Gallus mumbling in his sleep, to sandbar pacing in circles, to Yona jumping in the gym, to Ocellus yelling about the plot of a book she is reading, and silver stream. talking to starlight. And a few other ones that Silverstream new from class but not personally.

Silverstream jumped from shock, all her friends' secrets and personal things. all the private things they thought they had, even the crying she did in the closet. Did she see all of it? Starlight saw the look on her face and noticed that it was probably wired knowing that she knew everything and she could see all. So starlight taught to herself what she would do to say that she knew about all the crushes she had and everything that she wanted to be hers and only hers. so after a moment of unspoken silence Starlight cursed.

"Shit i did not think about how you now know i can see you all the time"

Starlight had a look of fright in her face as she spoke

"Its OK counselor starlight i won't tell anybody"

"Not even Twilight"

“Why would i need to tell twilight,she knows right”

"Do you really think twilight would let me stalk all my students"

After a pause of silence Silver stream barely spoke.

"No not really"

"So please don't say anything i only do this to see your problems and how i can help you concerns but at least now you know that yes I've seen you clop to a pic of Gallus i know you did its OK we all do it at one point"

Silverstream screamed and looked down to her privates in horror and starlight laughed.


"Because you should not be scared even I did it once to a picture of Sandbarrrr.... oh GOD DAMN IT

Starlight had her hooves on her face. Her face was buried deep in her hooves even under all the pink of her hooves Silverstream could see the blush on her face now Silverstream was the one laughing. Silverstream was not crying. but i know she would be from laughter if she had not already dried herself of tears from balling for a few minutes straight. After a little while starlight lifted her head and looked at Silverstream. Silverstream had never seen her so serious.

"Silverstream if you tell ANY-CREATURE you will not live the days to boast about it to any-creature DO YOU UNDERSTAND"

Silverstream was shocked by the amount of seriousness in her tone. so Silverstream knew she needed to take this chance to do something.

"Only if you let me help you tell him that you love him"


"In a week"


Starlight then began choking and Silverstream helped her up from the place under her desk on the floor then starlight blacked out

Starlight thought about what had just happened. That hard moment with Silverstream was just yesterday, only yesterday that just one prime part of why her job is so hard. starlight contemplated what had happened. She had seven days now silver stream said the timer would start next week to Starlight's relief.

Then it struck her. her brain had just found the worst possible outcome. she felt a shock go through her entire body she felt the sweat drip from her forehead and she saw the truth.

Sandbar is single.