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Mirai Clock has had a pretty normal life for the past 17 years. But when his grandfather has passed away, he found himself with extraordinary abilities. Now he must use these abilities to fight off the evil kaijin and find the other chosen riders ...

While also going to school for the first time and making friends

(Kamen Rider x Mlp: Eqg crossover)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 9 )

Pretty interesting.
Currently in middle of reading this.

Though I wished we see Spike's reaction to all of this since he was there too at the site in the movie there.
In fact, I wonder if there will be anything for Spike in this fic here?

Curious on what happens next.

Hope my other comment wasn't weird or anything..

Ok, NGL, I kinda forgot to put him in this. And as for your question, I dunno

I am guessing its due to the fact he's a flipping dog instead of human that he's easily forgettable there..
Really wished the EQG writers didn't think it was funny to make Spike a dog there like that, it really screwed him over..

Also, I'm kinda curious, what do you like about my story so far?

I find it pretty interesting and fine there.

Aside from wondering about Spike, I am curious on what happens next.

So yeah, like I mentioned in my comment from a few days ago I am interested in the fic.

How big might the next chapter be?

Well, it kinda depends on the definition of big, maybe like somewhat big, I mean I will introduce a new rider, because the plot is that Mirai is trying to find the chosen kamen riders.

Ok then.
How long you think will the next chapter get to show up?

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