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On my way back from the movies, I was mugged. Like the idiot I was, I chased him down and ended up getting shot. I woke up... but I shouldn’t have.

Upon waking up and finding himself in Equestria he tries his best to help the ponies and to earn their trust! While learning his place in his new life in an ever-expanding world!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

Why are we yelling!? No seriously, that's more exclamation points than any description needs.

tbh im not very good with grammar and the edited description that fimfiction wanted me to make wasn't run past any of the betas for the story...

Shouldn't NightTalon be two words?

I'm enjoying the story pretty well I haven't down voted nor upvoted. Though dont try to rush things like in the 1st chapter to me it felt too rushed like you couldn't wait to get to the main story. Now it doesn't feel as badly rushed. Take your time bud though good job so far.

Your right it is in this story... im just so used to writing it all as one word since NightTalon is a OC of mine who this OC is partly based off of...

Trust me I am trying to take my time... the betas have heavily edited it from what I originally wrote cuz I had rushed it too much! :twilightsheepish:

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