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If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we should find.


A crisis has struck Equestria, and it is Princess Celestia's duty to restore the economy. How does she do so?

By sending every pony a check in the mail for the sum of 1200 bits.

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So... sixty cherries.

Amusing, and most of those things actually happen on small scales. I don't think a run on the banks has ever come from a policy like this though.
Although some of this is actually within what would count as a positive outcome, if the sole desired outcome is stimulus. Being selfish still stimulates the economy, as does gambling.

Filthy Rich: No, you all don't understand how banks work! Your bits aren't here! They're in Cherilee's house and Bon Bon's house!

Lyra: Hey, what are you doing with my bits in your house Bon Bon!?

You can tell this fanfic was based WAY early on in the show when Twilight is pulling a Chancellor Neighsay XD And old Neighsay to boot! Not to mention that if this was season 9 that means Fluttershy was like 11 or 9 in S1? And headcannon on the parents too XD
This did help the story a fair bit since it helps to preserve the immersion.

Uuuuuuh... ok then.

I always wonder what would have happened if Spike went to Iron Will's assertive training seminar.

This was HILARIOUS to read:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:. I have a question though... if Fluttershy is fifteen and too young to receive the check doesn't that mean Pinkie pie is also too young to receive a check since Fluttershy is a year older than her?

Ow god the chaos that would unleash

Meanwhile, half the fogeys in the Ponyville Retirement Community did not get their money because of a glitch in the system, a few million others got disallowed due to incorrectly filed tax forms, and the Royal Treasury is stuck trying to distribute the handouts from their own homes (because turbo-feather flu) via a hastily automated system that was created before Luna got herself banished. But at least the fact that Equestrian bits are the global reserve currency--and thus are used for pricing petroleum--has prevented the whole thing from turning into a death spiral of inflation!

This is hilarious

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