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If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we should find.


Pinkie is the Cyberponk, a cyber pony that awakes in a world she knows nothing of. The distant future of Equestria involves a cyberkinetic revolution, interstellar colonization, and a race of android ponies built to satisfy the demands of the rapidly expanding equine population. While struggling to adjust to a world she doesn't belong in, Pinkie uncovers her forgotten identity in an attempt to understand her role in a mystery that seems to span the entire universe.

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I'm hooked. Came here from the FiMFiction thread on /mlp/ and was not disappointed. Please continue writing, this is great.

Pinkie Pie and Applejack remind me a lot of the androids from Aliens.

But still, I really like this setting.

So Twilight made androids of her friends and something happened

Even if not in power anymore How would Twilight have trouble making the girls? She would have to be loaded.

So by sheer luck we get a physical clone of Dash while the other two are bits. I really hope there is a good pay off on this. Frankly surprised they survived reentry

Probably helped that they were only ever in a lunar orbit, not a super-high-speed low orbit like most people think of when they talk about re-entry.

um even the Apollo needed sheilds. they should burn up from that.

Just saying it's about mach 3, and this is a version of Rainbow Dash. Didn't she get clocked at like mach 7 in the show?

Low orbit is more like mach 24.

they would still burn up. they were in moon orbit

Only if they gained a lot of speed somehow. You don't burn up at mach 3. It's more like mach 20.

Apollo probably literally fell from the moon and gained tons of speed -- it's the most fuel-efficient way to do it. If Rainbow was decelerating the whole time they could have entered the atmosphere at... basically any speed really.

I just find that hard to believe. they should have burned up

You can explain it any number of ways, I invite you to take your pick. First of all, not every exoplanet is identical to Earth. This one could be significantly less massive, which means it imparts less gravitational acceleration during satellite reentry. You could write off the atmosphere as being thinner, which makes the compressive friction less intense. It's the far future, so you could assume her spacesuit was coated with a highly efficient heat-dissipating substance. Pulled straight from the Wikipedia article on space diving,

At any given density of air, the terminal velocity of a person is much lower than that of a heavy spacecraft.

Orbital mechanics are lot more complicated than you seem to realize. In the end, if you can accept that she canonically survives a sonic rainboom at much higher speeds than this, you can suspend disbelief enough for a controlled descent from low-earth-orbit.

Thanks for your interest in my story.

Pinkie leaned in towards Applejack. “Why does she talk in the third person like that?” she whispered.

TRIXIE!!! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:: No, Madame. (You're going to blow my cover!)

That ending, that cliffhanger, such evil cliffhanger.



You really need to explain how these guys have so much power.

Can you imagine a cyber pony that awakes in a world she knows nothing of? She knows nothing because drivers are very pure and old. You want to save pony, do you? Driver updates for Windows 10. Save your pony update your drivers immediately.

Wow did the princesses buck this up. Really need to know more about how equestria got to this point

I think twilight is about to get a beating:ajbemused::twilightoops:

Nice to see see an update on the story, I wasn't exactly supersized that it was Twilight who was Madam, but I wonder why she had sent Pinkies away after so long or what ever happened to be separated?

Fluttershy you idiot. You should have TOLD Punkie what the OP was. Why is there so much stupid ball going on?

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