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Hello. I write longwinded comments on the Austraeoh series instead of reading the next chapter. I'm also writing a fanfiction of my own.


Full Lance is just an ordinary knight living in the outskirts of the Holy Roman Empire, managing his land, serving his military dues, upholding chivalry and exploring the developing urban scene whenever he has time.

I have no idea what I'm doing and am sleep deprived. I appreciate all criticism whether it be constructive, deconstructive or something more colorful.

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Over the course of writing the early chapters, the actually extent of the ponification shifted. So to clarify, my fic happens in 1300s Europe, but with ponies. And mysteriously, some of the ponies have historical names, while others have more equestrian pony names.
Geographically, it happens in The Holy Roman Empire which is pretty much where Germany is now.

So, basically, "Roman" is supposed to be non-ponified.

By the way, if you have any speculations regarding this sort of thing, now would be a good time to comment.

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