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Interesting so far, I wonder what GW stuff there will be in this one?

A neat set up, I'm intrigued as to how this is going to continue.

Oooooohhh looks interesting so far!

Just want to make sure the author is aware that Cookie Crumbles is the name of Rarity and Sweetie Belle's mom and may cause confusion with your OC.


Thank you, yes well aware. There's a few fandom OC's with the name Cookie Crumble without the S however and throughout the majority of the story, she'll be referred to as simply Cookie or Crumbly, without using her full name. But thanks for the heads up!

Upper Crust.” Pinny said, thinking on the name. “I can’t think of anywhere else that has it already."


Worried, stressed, using a vague wording trying cut corners to cover all their bets, no problem could ever come there. I wonder what deal with the devil /potion he is going make for his marefriend.

This is looking good, getting a nice feel for Cookie and Pinny and their life. So far it hasn't been about ponies getting blob big and immobile, but I like going slow and ponies who are only chubby so that is a positive for me. I'm looking forward to where this goes, and hoping a rotund Rarity makes a cameo at some point.


Thanks! I'm trying a much slower approach and buildup with this. The fatties will come, but it'll take a bit more time. I want to have some fun building up the characters and setting first.

Hi all, sorry to say there will be no chapter tomorrow as I am away with family for Christmas. Updates will resume next week or the week after. Happy holidays all!

now this is where the fun actually actually starts

Oooh! Nice start! I'm glad to see things starting to take off. Curious as to how you'll focus in on other characters for this!

well thing are going pretty well for them, now I wonder how it will go out of control or that they will start eating their own medicine.:pinkiehappy:

And how does the pony actually named Upper Crust feel about the bakery?

Oh this was a fun chapter new things are really kicking up, can't wait to see how it will turn out. Can't wait to see when ponies starts to take on the pounds.

Hi All, just wanted to say sorry for no update this week! Had a very busy weekend - will write the next chapter this coming weekend!

Oh I wonder if the new guy will be exposed to the cookies to make him more compliant, or they will make sure to keep him away of the stuff?

Now all we need to see if the new pony will be tempted enough to try one of the sugar spiked treats and fall victim to the fattening epidemic Pinny and Cookie are facing, or if they will stay loyal to their employers and be driven insane by the sweet torture.

It's good to see more of Clipsy! I hope this means you'll be giving us glimpses into other ponies' lives as the story progresses as well. Good work!

Nice can't wait to see the new employee test period. from the three candidates, I would say the stallion would be the best choice, and is the least likely to actually eat the cookies but he is the mostly likely to notice that something is up with them, and I am sure he will complain a lot to take on more responsibilities in the shop instead of just manning the window. The first one I can't wait to see her blowup in size. The last one I am sure she will be a lot of trouble for them with how much of a flack she is.

Interesting, the new higher doesn't sound as much as a pain as he did in the post interview part, but he still seems to pick up on something is strange in this shop, I wonder if they will try to get him addicted to the stuff to get his compliance. I am betting that ponies will start to call him 'Slim' in no time. I wonder if they had tried to delude the amount of that sugar in the cookies to at least lower the flow of customers or at least stop them from taking on weight so much. I would like to see a little about where they get that sugar in the first place, for the amount that they seem to buy they must need a steady reliable supply of the stuff.

I also wonder if he will run off with the sugar or secure his own supply to created his own pastryshop in direct competition to the Upper Crust?

Oooh I'm curious as to how Twilight's visit will go, and with the new hire. Lots of set up here! Can't wait for the next one!

So many plots...:moustache:
Would Doughy give in to the sweet sensation?
Or take the secret ingredient for his own?
And what of Princess Twilight?

Nice, I wonder how this is going to turn out for Doughty.

I think we all know approximately what chance Princess Twilight has of visiting the Upper Crust: 100%. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Oooh yes! So glad to see some payoff for all the Twilight setup. Hopefully this helps get the ball rolling now! Excellent work!

Nice, looks like the colt is catching on what's happening, I wonder his they will make his addicted to the sugar to keep him quiet? and Twilight might have guessed on what's happening, can't wait to see what will happen next for them.

Not gonna lie, Doughy is a little suspicious. Inspecting the ingredients as soon as no one is looking. I'm probably over thinking it though.

Nice chapter, can't wait to see how their attempts to remove the special sugar will backfire on them, I am guessing they will just stop coming to their shop. I wonder what happen when withdraw starts to kick in, will they start eating even more to make up for it or something?

Here is to being cautious, I wonder if the sending of sweets is meant as proof for Twilight test that if they are really using illegal additives in heir pastries. I would wonder how this will start turning wrong for them, before they can finish paying their debts to ease off. I wonder how they deal with seeing those cookies to foals?

"... You get on with the bread deer,.”

That's a spelling error, I presume

Also "dispite tired". Did you mean 'Despite being tired?' Not really an error it just gave me pause.

But otherwise this was a good chapter! A bit short, but that's because I enjoy this story so much! I'm excited to see what Twilight and the others think of everything (and what the effects of the sugar will do to them).

Hi all, not had any inspiration this week for anything good and I'd rather leave it a week and write something better than something bad, hope you understand!

Clipsy getting a new job and gets to enjoy the treats of Upper Crust?
I'm jelly

Now we really see the consequences of that sugar. I'm intrigued about Cookies plan for her.

Moment... when was the sugar exchanged?
are you currently using normal or addictive sugar? :D


They're still using the addictive sugar

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The one thing I really want to see is some on screen weight gain. Maybe like a chapter about Twlight taking place over time as she orders more and more food. While the after the fact weight gain is good could we please also get some on screen gain?

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