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Great story, this needs a sequel.

I loved this! We need more stories of Rainbow Dash becoming a big fatty. And this story needs a sequel!

Wow. One of the best fatty RD stories I've seen in awhile. Wish there was more description of her at the medium fat stages, but still really awesome overall.

Having Derpy be Dash's feeder is adorable as well.

Y'know, normally I'm not into the whole magical weight gain while eating thing, but I guess it's a testament to how well done this is that I enjoyed it. Your descriptions were great and the mental aspect of it was engaging and believable, so job well done.

Also +1 for excellent cover art

I think this is your best expansion story yet. I like Derpy and Dash’s interactions, and Dash’s completely transparent excuses to keep eating. And the descriptions of Dash as she gets bigger are good stuff.

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