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Ditzy has a carefree life, everypony likes her and she loves her friends, but when Ditzy gets in an accident she needs to know who her real friends are.

AN: This is a prequel to When Time Stops for her and I'm going to re-write the clocks are spinning later, so expect that!

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Not a word for how depressing it was looking for pictures of Ditzy crying as a filly... :fluttercry:

Ummm yes, Ditzy, I don't use Derpy considering the fact that my autistic cousin gets called that, I find it somewhat offensive, sorry if you don't like.

Well uh..."Ditzy" is just as offensive, if you didn't know. Towards women specifically, no less.


Yes but less so, I don't find that term as bad and sorry for not using Derpy, I just don't like to use it all that much, you could just read the story and not think about what I'm calling her though.

1099359 If it's any consolation, I don't find Ditzy offensive.:raritywink:


That's the thing, I don't either, in all my life (and how stupid I've been during it) I have never been called Ditzy, so I mean, it's not very offensive for me.

1099520 You should have been calling her ditzy. That was her canon name until The Last Roundup, and even that was edited so that Derpy is no longer her canon name. No one should be putting you down for using canon names for your characters. It just makes no logical sense.

also, have a moustache: :moustache:
whoops, sorry, I misread your comment. but this (^) is still true.

Woah... wait, where did you find that pic?
Can I have a link please? :pinkiehappy:
(I'm not exactly sure if that was the right emoticon to use. But the sad one wouldn't make any sense though...)


I dont know why you would want a link for such a depressing pic, but here you go.

1100570 Well, i need it because I'm making an MLP tarot deck, for a Persona- like fic. Not exactly a full crossover however.

I prefer Ditzy, I always call her that no matter what hasbro or the fandom say :derpytongue2:


Yepp, I don't care what anybody else calls it, Ditzy is what I like :pinkiehappy:

1099294 awwwwww :fluttercry: I can imagine :raritydespair:

Poor Ditzy :ajsleepy: I loves you Ditzy and I hope you have more friends like Vinyl. She really is the bestest friend (no matter what fic she's in it would seem)


I looove Vinyl, she's one of my favorite ponies :pinkiesmile:

1101091 hmm... now that I think about it, I'd say, barring the mane six and the CMC, she's top three... she's definatly behind Derpy, but not sure where she ranks with Trixie and Berry Punch... I think she's at least ahead of Berry though.


*cough cough Cherry Jubilee is best pony cough cough* :ajsmug:

1101123 hmm... you seem to have had a typo there. You accidently spelled :pinkiehappy: as Cherry Jubilee.


*cough cough Pinkie Pie doesn't compare to Cherry Jubilee, cough cough* :trollestia:


*cough cough, Cherry Jubilee could kick Pinkie's ass any day, cough cough* Mannnn this cough! It's terrible! :ajsmug:

1101512 I know right? I mean, who's controlling it? Snips and Snails? I mean, even Discord had to work to even mess with Pinkie and all it did was make her stronger. She outruns Rainbow Dash, out parties Vinyl, out teleports Twilight, out fluffs Angel, out dances everypony and can even overpower AJ and Dashie. And let's not forget how she somehow knows the library better than Twi does.


She can't handle cherries as well Cherry Jubilee, I mean that has to be it

1101561 But nopony can handle parties like Pinkie... or ponies, or fourth wall breaking, or cupcakes. NOPONY can handle cupcakes like a Pinkie

:pinkiegasp::raritystarry::yay::trollestia::pinkiehappy: IT'S THE DOCTOR!!!!!!! OMG IT'S THE DOCTOR!!!!!! *fanboy squeal* It's okay Ditzy! Everything will be alright now.:pinkiehappy:

(For the record, I rather dislike calling her Ditzy, but seeing as how this has her being insulted by her dad by him calling her Derpy, I will call her Ditzy... for now.)

... you wouldn't happen to know which of the doctors had the scarf would you? I know it's one of the earlier ones, but I don't know which.


I believe it was the fourth doctor, but since on When Time Stops for Her I was getting so much shit for not having Doctor Who stuff so I made it so he has all the items but only uses them ever so often

1145845 kk thanks. Also

:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::rainbowwild::yay::trollestia: IT'S THE DOCTOR!!!!!!! OMG IT'S THE DOCTOR!!!!!! *fanboy squeal*


Yep, I really like putting him in the story because it's funny to write he and Ditzy together

1145887 speaking of awesome British shows, have you ever seen one called Sherlock? It's worth looking into if you haven't. It's about as close as you can get to Dr. Who level of awesomeness without actually having a Timelord..... or ponies.


I don't watch Doctor Who too much because I get shit for it, but I haven't seen that show, I'll look into it, and thanks for the recommendation! :twilightsmile:

1145999 Season one is on Netflix, if you have it. Umm... I believe the first two seasons are finished and a third is in progress, however each season has three episodes. Each one is about an hour long.

It's Sherlock Holmes set in modern day London. It's got the same hilarious randomness as the doctor gets, it's dramatic, it's clever and the cases are, for the most part, modern day adaptations of the original stories. It's very, very good. Especially if, like me, you started watching it after studying the Sherlock Holmes stories for like a week so you get all of the little references and such.

I promote to save derpy. Avatar says all

1145828 4th
i rather liked this story i almost cried poor ditzy


A-almost cried? YESSSS! Ahem, sorry but I've been wanting to make my writing good enough to get someone to cry, thanks!

1189578 your very welcome looking forward for more!! :scootangel:

So... it's just over.... like that? *sighs* okay


AHAHAHHAHAHA I'm a fucker, sorry... ANyways, I just wanted to get this done

1372225 oh, I understand perfectly.... just.... ah well, at least the Doctor is still on netflix :pinkiehappy:


I was like, "Should I make this one of my best fics? NAHHHH FUCK IT!"

awww its over :fluttershysad: oh well it was still good


Nahh not really, and there wasn't much I could do, you don't want a chapter on how Ditzy got raped, that isn't fun...

youre right i dont want that chapter

is this over? :fluttercry:
no sequel to the time stops for her either? :fluttershysad:
:raritycry: :raritydespair: :flutterrage: :fluttershbad: :applecry:

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