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This is everything I ever wanted and more. The creepy Neckbeard Weeaboo was the best touch. He's literally the ideal caribou distilled and yet is the worst, the absolute worst.

This is why you're the best.

Congrats again on it being published, and great work! I've seen a lot of FoE parodies in my time that frankly weren't really funny at all, but this one was hilarious, and I think I know why. Most prior parodies have been from people who resented or even despised Fall of Equestria, and moreover barely even understood it, so their jokes were bitter and often didn't even make sense. With your parody, it's clear that despite making jokes you truly do love and appreciate Cardinal's story, the Redux plotline, and Fall of Equestria in general, so the parody comes from a place of affection, understanding, study, and fond recollection rather than spite, and that's what makes the jokes hit. For the above reasons, this makes an excellent capstone to Fall of Equestria and a positive legacy to leave it with.

By the way, I'm sure that if by some chance Cardinal ever sees this, he'll laugh his ass off.

Heh. The different members of Dainn's council could all be seen as comedically exaggerated representations of different types of FoE fans.

- Roar is the guy who constantly quips and makes jokes about even the darndest things and seems to have no filters. You know, like the people who post in threads like this one. His name therefore refers to "roaring laughter".
- Alpharys is the nerdy fan who writes stories or does roleplays about caribou trying out "unconventional training methods" on mares for their own amusement, and who outside of FoE loves stuff like Anime. Despite his heavy kinks, he's actually really awkward and a huge softie. (He's also a shout-out to Dr. Alphys from Undertale, of course.)
- Sinsei is the guy who wants Fall of Equestria or Post-Fall to be some kind of Epic High Fantasy with Shakespearean prose, deep lore and possibly multi-layered, complex characters - like Cardinal, or (on the Post-Fall side) you or Ekhidna.
- Ghey is the fan who's into the setting for the tits and wine and the easily digestible maledom, and actively resists any attemt to bring sense into the setting or explore its themes beyond the absolute surface level, because "dude it's just porn" - pretty much the classical first-hour FoE fan.
- Vestworld is the exact opposite of Ghey: He's the guy who desperately strives to make sense of the setting and viciously calls out all the ways in which it doesn't, irrespective of whether he steps on other people's feet with it. He could be someone who was initially pushed into Post-Fall by NCN's unwillingness to tolerate any kind of criticism in his own group, or someone who writes a FoE fic the size of a Harry Potter novel just to make some kind of point.
- And finally, RAAGH! is the solely Post-Fall-oriented fan who's pretty much only in the fandom to vent his anger over the setting's very existence, and usually writes crossover curbstomp fics about some emotionless overpowered edgelord character slaughtering bulls an does alike by the dozens. In fact, Fall of Equestria is probably just another entry on his long list of things to be angry about. You know, the kind of guy you'll find in the Caribou Hunters' Club.

No problem.

I did a bit of a double take when reading this because the parallels between the FoE fan archetypes you enumerated and not just your parodic characters but the actual original characters from the real story are almost uncanny.

In the original story:

-Sindri wants Dainn to be civilized and act like a proper king very badly and keeps trying to push him to be more mature and genteel than he is, but runs up against his willfull and stubborn nature. Similarly, FoE fans who want to make an epic setting ran up against the original canon's flaws and the setting leader's own stubborn convictions mlre than once.

-Raskh is a smart and useful person and has very good ideas he's used successfully in the past, but he lets his whole personality and mind be dominated by pathological hatred for Dainn and that turns him into the villain. Similarly, some of the anti-FoE Post-Fall types are smart and have legitimate grievances with the canon and good ideas to fix it, but let their hatred for the setting consume them and prevent them from being constructive.

-Anvari is basically fixated on training slaves with the worst, most hedonistic and depraved methods; one of the main ways he's characterized is by showing off his extremely submissive slaves. Similarly, there are a bunch of fans who used FoE as a way to explore the extents of their fetishes and whose relationship with the setting ended up being defined by their slaves or those they were enslaved to in roleplays, which is by no means a bad thing.

-Strom appeared out of the blue, did a little very impressive magic and saved Dainn's slave's life, and then for one reason or another lost his magic powers. He's like Cardinal, Silent Dream, and all the other writers who weote brief, high-quality fics that injected new enthusiasm and hope into the setting at times FoE sorely needed it, but then had to leave the setting for one reason or another.

-Vestri and Ivangir both have certain plans for the future of their service to Dainn which are at odds with one another, and have an intense fight based on their rivalry with each other. They are a lot like the fans who wanted FoE to be consistent and better and those who insisted it remain exactly like it was because it was already as good as it could be. "Ivangir" fans in this metaphor are different from "Frey" fans in that they don't say "It's just porn, stop trying to make it an epic, consistent story" they say "Stop trying to change things, it already is an epic, consistent story." The best example of this is early NCN, who insisted FoE was already grand and well-made enough and got into plenty of fights with anyone who thought differently.

-Frey is amusing but basically useless to Dainn and everyone else, and is very vulgar on top of that. The type of fan who cares for porn and not much else provided good fodder and support for the setting as it got off the ground but in the end people who truly wanted it to be porn and not much else didn't contribute much to what it eventually became.

I think you definitely have your finger on the pulse of the state of the FoE fandom and the people in it and wrote this parody with the different tribes of fans in mind, but your comment genuinely makes me wonder if Cardinal understood what kind of audience he was dealing with at some level too and intended some of the characters to be subtle nods or snipes at some of those groups. We'll never know for sure, but somehow I wouldn't be surprised. He was, whatever anyone wants to say about him, a pretty clever guy lol.

Ha! Quite possible and I do like your analysis. Particularly your analysis of Strom is interesting, though it would require Cardinal to anticipate his own departure, which I find a tad weird. Overall though, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Cardinal already had a similar, but even more differentiated analogy in mind.

Also, it kind of makes you wonder who or what the original King Svardagr is a representation of, if anything.

It may not have been clear enough on my part, but in the metaphor I was equating Cardinal/Silent Dream having to leave for unforeseen reasons with Strom's comment at the end of the chapter that his scrying his gone away for reasons he can't say, or something to that effect. However I do speculate sometimes that he knew in the end his time in FoE would be short-lived given how busy he was.

As for Svardagr, if we continue to use the general motif that Dainn is a metaphor for FoE itself as a setting and all the fans are fighting over how to enjoy it/shape it, Svardagr I suppose could be the original team and particularly NCN.

Svardagr first recruited Dainn as his protege when Dainn was unknown and impoverished, and brought him to prominence. He groomed him (no dark pun intended) to be his heir and be a leader and general in his wars, to act in exactly the way he wanted him to. And Dainn did that for a while, but secretly resented Svardagr and chafed under his control as we see in the first scene. And then, an unexpected catastrophe called the Cycle killed Svardagr and made Dainn king, and from there Dainn was on his way to becoming his own man.

Similarly, NCN funded the initial creation of FoE, when he started there were only a handful of fans and under his leadership the setting grew to huge prominence in 2013. Also, just as Svardagr, invested a lot of wealth into Dainn, NCN poured a huge amount of time and money into directing the setting creatively and commissioning art. He also gathered a team of writers he considered perfectly in line with his vision, like the old king's council mentioned in the chapter. But secretly, many wanted FoE to be free of the original vision of him and his people. Then, out of nowhere, a fiery cataclysm called the Cycle Schorl hit and basically ended his dominion over FoE overnight. Some people who had been reading the writing on the wall might have predicted this event, but NCN certainly didn't. He was too caught up in his own power and vision, and he overextended himself, and then kaboom, so to speak. After the dust cleared, FoE was anyone's to work with and that's when it began its real journey to being the memorable setting it is today.

Occasionally, the legacy of NCN's vision haunts current FoE, for better or worse, just like dreams of Svardagr haunt Dainn. And, just like Svardagr will always be an influence on Dainn even though he's gone, NCN will always be a crucial influence on FoE no matter how many people influence it afterwards. But there's a new, mismatched council surrounding Dainn now in the form of all the different writers and ideas floating around the new, more open post-NCN Fall of Equestria. Sometimes we all conflict and fight but we all want FoE to be the best it can be, and in the end I think FoE's trajectory was more interesting for our participating.

So at the present moment, I guess you could say since we're putting the final finishings on Fall of Equestria as a setting, I suppose we've reached the point of the story that Dainn is dead and in the ground and his council and people are mostly scattered, and all that's left to do is remember the good parts of what he was and keep moving onward.

:rainbowlaugh: I like this a lot! But here's my last challenge for you:

If Dainn is FoE, Svardagr is NCN, and the Cycle represents Schorl Tourmaline, what does the White Cow represent?

The White Cow is the ancient, subconscious energy that compels Caribou to be as patriarchal and vicious as they are. She influences certain people more than others of course, but she is strong in most of the Caribou and has made them what they are. Where she came from or what her purpose is, we can only guess at, she seems to be a sadist for sadism's sake sometimes.

In that way she's similar to the latent drama of Fall of Equestria that's been here since the start of the setting. Contributors usually want to cooperate and get along, but behind the scenes there is always a latent undercurrent of drama that is caused by certain contributors more than others, and that has built up years of tension and conflict in the Fall of Equestria fandom. Drama is a dark impulse that the best people can resists just like th best Caribou resists the White Cow, but mpst get caught up in it one way or another and it has become a defining aspect of FoE. In the end it's hard to say what purpose drama really serves or exactly why there's so much drama and so many dramatic people in Fall of Equestria, but drama has made Fall of Equestria what it is, for better or worse.

I'm going to do something I almost never do. Be direct. Also something my professors wouldn't like. Give up trying.

I am not mentally normal. I was born with an inherited mental illness. Several, though only the anxiety is genetic. I understand being non-neurotypical, just ask the counselors, my family, some teachers. So I get that not all minds are easy to think alongside.

But you talk about these... we'll generously call them gentlepersons... as if they were just aw gee willickers golly gosh shucks normals who maybe made a little incel oopsy goof, perhaps the worst of the oopsy goofs. Silly, silly them, they're all up for a toxic story of genocide, mayhem and the starvation deaths of billions. With the Alpharys types desperately playing a deck of "it's a joke my bromide" cards in ever increasing flop-sweaty terror that someone might find their Stonetoss comics, The Turner Diaries, or the disturbed areas in their backyards, basements or crawlspaces. All cruelty, per Seneca the younger, springs from weakness. Feeble, frightened, jellied, weak and helpless nobodies and nothings, showing what they are. Authoritarian boot-lickers. No, not the rulers, they're nowhere near capable enough for that. But they'll happily cheer as long as they get to keep calling slut Stacy a slut online and catcall and creep in the streets. Let them be safe from the cruelty they want to inflict on (let's be honest, mostly) women and minorities and they'll wear whatever Hugo Boss springtime collection is demanded.

I can't see his vast collection of charming cafe wits and wags. I just see weakling incels saying "The Midianite genocide needed to be sexy foxes" "Weren't the only survivors prepubescent girls?" "*Slaps stack of foalcon* Did. I. Stutter? More youths!"

I give up trying to think alongside the Fall proper. This, however, is good. I actually encouraged a friend to read it. Called it like Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, vis-a-vis Robin Hood and Camelot, the quality farce version of a creation.


With the Alpharys types desperately playing a deck of "it's a joke my bromide" cards in ever increasing flop-sweaty terror that someone might find their Stonetoss comics, The Turner Diaries, or the disturbed areas in their backyards, basements or crawlspaces. [...] But they'll happily cheer as long as they get to keep calling slut Stacy a slut online and catcall and creep in the streets. Let them be safe from the cruelty they want to inflict on (let's be honest, mostly) women and minorities and they'll wear whatever Hugo Boss springtime collection is demanded.

Ugh, this again. Do you have any evidence that any of this is generally a common behavior among Fall of Equestria fans? Trendy and I moderate a large Discord server for FoE chat and roleplay, and we wouldn't tolerate such behavior for even a second - but we actually don't have much to do in this regard. Believe it or not: There are women on the server, and they're generally treated with the same amount of respect as everyone else - if you don't believe me, why don't you ask Moonshade44, for example? Plus, some of the men like to play female characters in the roleplays, and some of the women like to play male characters. It's almost like people are capable of keeping their normal interactions with each other separate from roleplay with fictional characters. As for the far-right authoritarian types you're talking about, they seem to be by far more common in the Caribou Hunter's Club than in the rest of the FoE fandom - which, incidentally, is precisely why I left the CHC Discord server - and the CHC is a vocal Anti-FoE group. So, as you see, it's not quite that simple. I absolutely understand anyone who has a strong distaste for Fall of Equestria's themes, and I've always supported people who voiced that kind of distaste in public, but I don't think that gives them the right to stereotype others based on flimsy evidence and innuendo. If you still feel the need to do that for some reason, I would at least ask you to not do it in the comment section of my story.

I told you. I gave up. I don't know why someone made a story for incels. I don't know why women are playing up to the incels that will enslave them given half a chance. I don't care anymore. I can't think why anyone would enjoy a story that toxic AND stupid that falls apart if you breathe on it wrong. It's ridiculous claptrap and people deserve better. This is nowhere near related to BDSM or whatever desperate bunker it hides in. There are rules for that. This is just a way for incels to pass the shibboleth. They know the handshakes. I can't fathom anyone's interest and that's why I gave up. It's never going to stop, and that makes me wonder if it was ever worth being a part of anything. There is nothing noble and good about creating for a global genocide story. When the numbers turn into statistics, it's not sexy. It's an RTS management system for tragedy. If you focus down on what the statistics say you have to confront that it's a story of perpetual war crimes, from "corrective" mass unwanted intercourse of those who prefer women to the destruction of the culture of individual regions or the reduction of those like donkeys and Diamond Dogs or Zebras into simplistic stereotypes or racist caricatures used as sexual threats.

Also, you missed the part about the weakness. They have no status in society, and maybe or maybe not have issues with social interactions. Fodder for grifters like Roosh V and Davis Aurini selling the philosophy of failure. The caribou are the ultimate philosophy of failure. No hints for how to be better. Just who is to blame and how to punish them for it. And, you don't really know anyone, but that's a separate issue. I'll leave out explanations of how to radicalize and change the ideology of a normal person. Everyone is entirely sure they know how to separate fantasy. And I'm sure they do. I'm certain this is all going well.


I'll leave out explanations of how to radicalize and change the ideology of a normal person.

That's probably for the better, given that I have fifteen years of academic research on that very topic on my résumé and am currently about to finish my PhD on a related topic as well.

Just leaving this here for those of you who might be interested:

I want to say this in the most neutral way possible. Thats really amazing and fantastic. We can't all say that, however. I'm super impressed, but not everyone has all of that. I recognize you're not trying to flex, it's no humblebrag, but some of us must rely on other people for that, like Thought Slime or Innuendo Studios to explain the radicalization of a normie.

Yes, not everyone is as knowledgeable in this area as you and I. I believe the solution for that is competent group and server moderation. As I said, I'm an admin on the two biggest FoE servers on Discord. I'm also a moderator on all important FoE fimfiction groups with the exception of non_creepy_nickname's original (which is now run by Rand). If I noticed any attempt to infiltrate and radicalize these groups, I would take steps to shut it down immediately, and so would Trendy or Rylasasin, who both have similar positions. I'm not saying there were never any problematic people in the FoE fandom. But for the most part, these people didn't stay. At the very least there are far less of them now than there were in 2014, or even still in 2017. Among NCN's original creators, Schorl and Scylla are the only ones who are even still active at all in the fandom, and most of the original first-hour fans have also left - particularly those who were toxic. The fandom really has changed over the years. I think it particularly shows on the Discord servers. I'm also a moderator on the two biggest ones, and one of them (Ofaerr's) simply always had a huge focus on resistance-themed adventure RPs where the caribou get their nuts kicked (although other types of RPs are still allowed); and the other one (Trendy's) does have more p*rn-themed RPs, but has also gradually moved its focus away from FoE as a setting and its associated themes. We also have strict rules and vetting processes to keep toxic people out. Of course, that does still leave derpibooru unaccounted for. Can't say much about that part of the fandom.

That said, I'd also like to say that I explicitly endorse your advocacy for Thought Slime and particularly Innuendo Studios here. These are great channels and people should definitely check them out. :twilightsmile:

As he entered, the idle chatter quieted, and the stags rose from their seat. Performing the traditional salute, they first pushed their right fists to their chest, then raised their right hand and waved at him seductively. “Hail, King Painn!”, they saluted.

I half expected the Spaceball Salute...

It's clearly inspired by that, but I wanted to go for something slightly more original.

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