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Hey y'all. I'm a christian brony born in 1996, I just love making stories. Picture of my oc done by a really good friend of mine.


Twilight has an imaginary friend who she has fallen in love...or some might think. the truth goes deeper and is hard to convince others that he's real when Twilight is the only that can see him

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Comments ( 5 )

Could use a little smoothing out in some spots but a very good start overall. And you have grabbed my attention with this one.

When can we expect chapter 2 to be out?

I'm currently working on chapter two, but it doesn't have a set date due to other obligations

Interesting concept. Could use some better execution though.

A very nice and cute story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

So Thorax went out like a true hero?

Kinda expected with his personality.

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