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Twilight and her friends have tried to befriend the returned Princess of the Night for years now. Still the Dark Princess seems to prefer a secluded life, barely speaks to other ponies or takes part in social life.
Twilight is growing desperate. Why can't she, the Princess of Friendship, make the royal sibling a happy part of the society?
So she does, what she had always done in the past. She asks her mentor...

AU for safety reasons.
Picture was free on unsplash.com

This is my first time posting anything I wrote. Comments are welcome, just, please, be kind.

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Comments ( 10 )

From what i can tell about the grammar and spelling and whatnot, the only things i noticed were a few misspellings and missing commas. Other than that really well written for English not being your native language. Kudos:twilightsmile:

Thank you!
I will work on my spelling and punctuation, I promise.
Thank you for reading.

.................................wow. English isn't your native language? Because this..............is incredible.
Yeah, I can see a few issues with punctuation, the tiniest bit with spelling..........but otherwise, I rate this five stars out of five.
You have a way with words. This was a very powerful story. :heart:

Thank you very much. This is very motivating.
I'll do my best.

I really like the idea of this being cannon. Actually, I really wish it was. Damn, that would be a good explanation for where the alicorn sisters came from. Still really pissed that the show didn't actually end up revealing it, or even giving us a story. Anyway, you're a great writer, and the story is amazing, just keep practicing your grammar and you'll be set! Keep up the gooooood work. :raritywink:

Thank you very much. I'll keep up writing and practicing.

I was always fascinated about the early times of the Two Sisters.
Maybe it is a good thing, that there is no true canon story about them. Like this, there's plenty of room for imagination and stories to be written. There already are so many...

Well that’s what “Cannon Break” is for, if we actually did have a cannon explanation it wouldn’t stop people from writing stories like this, they would just be classified as the “alternate universe” category

You're probably right.
I just thought, people might be less compelled to write their versions, if there is an official canon.

Yeah I totally get it. I love Hasbro, but, sometimes they’re just so clueless, you know what I mean? But at the same time I guess it’s nice to be able to read all these fanfictions

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