• Published 17th Jun 2019
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Father's Day at Grandpear's - Creativa-Artly01

It's their first Father's Day at Grandpear's. Will it change the children's view on the holiday, especially AJ's?

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Chapter 2

Later that day, they all sit down to a Father's Day dinner of sugar pear mash, pear tarts, apple sauce, apple tarts, caramel apple slices, daisy salad, roasted carrots, apple juice, pear juice, roasted potatoes, sweet watermelon skewers, amongst other things.

"This is amazing, well cooked," says Aj with a smile. "Maybe this family Father's Day won't be so bad after all."

"Do you know I still remember when it was called Sire's Day?" says Grandpear with a smile, slightly boasting.

"Really?" says Apple Bloom curiously.

"Yeah," responds Grandpear. "And Mother's Day used to be called Dam's Day. They were called these things back even before Equestria was founded. About fifty years later, maybe 100, did they start calling Sire's Day Father's Day and Dam's Day Mother's Day. I just love Equestrian history. It's so much fun."

"That's so cool!" squeals Apple Bloom.

"Yeah, that is really neat," respond Aj and Big Mack in agreement with their sister. Grandpear blushes.

"Thanks for finding my stories and history tidbits interesting. Most ponies don't and just dismiss it as me being a senile old stallion."

"No problem," respond the siblings. "The stories and tidbits really are quite fascinating."

'Maybe this isn't so bad after all. He's actually really interesting and fun.' Aj thinks to herself. 'Even if he is the reason our parents are dead.'

After dinner comes to an end, Grandpear pulls Aj to the side to talk to her in private. "I know you're still mad at me even though you hide it. I know you think I'm the reason your parents are dead, but I'm not. I have something to show you. It's an old letter from your granny." He hands the piece of paper to Aj and lets her read it.

"Dear Grandpear," Aj reads. "I have some bad news. I know you don't like talking to me, but it's about your Pear Butter. She and Bright Mack got in an accident and passed away. They fell from a cliff while trying to save me and the foals from timberwolves. I...I'm sorry. Granny." Aj gasps. "They died trying to protect us. It really wasn't your fault."

"No, it wasn't my fault. They loved you and your siblings very much and they'd do anything to protect you, even if it meant their own deaths."

"Well, I'm glad to know the truth," responds AJ with a sigh as she embraces her grandpa in a hug. "I'm sorry for blaming it all on you."

"Don't worry child, you're forgiven," responds Grandpear with a smile and tears. The two then go back out and look at family scrapbooks together of when their mother was a filly. Aj smiles as she looks at them with her grandfather, grandmother, and siblings. Maybe she doesn't hate the holiday so much anymore. Sure she still misses her father and mother, but she always will. Her hate of Father's Day may have faded away and with it her hate of Mother's Day, but she can't believe her anger was wrongly founded for so long. She can't believe she blamed Grandpear for something he never did. Now, how will she ever learn how to forgive herself for all those years of judging a pony for something he never ever did? She doesn't know yet.

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I don't like AJ's characterization here. AJ would be a lot more mature, and last time I checked, she welcomed Grand Pear with open hooves. And why is she closer to her parents then her own siblings are? It's not enough to just tell us.
She isn't being stubborn, she's being unreasonable. She heard the story before they went to confront Grand Pear, and she was pretty okay with it after that. And why is she blaming him for it? We don't even know why they're dead, and unless he physically caused or something, she doesn't have a good enough reason to blame him. She might as well blame Granny Smith too.

Still a bit rushed. Also, yeah, AJ doesn't quite feel in character. It kind of feels as if she's just being angry because the story needs her to be. :applejackunsure:

While the story as a whole can feel rushed and underdeveloped, it's a good idea with a decent execution that would've been really interesting to see in the series canon.

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