• Published 17th Jun 2019
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Father's Day at Grandpear's - Creativa-Artly01

It's their first Father's Day at Grandpear's. Will it change the children's view on the holiday, especially AJ's?

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Chapter 1

"Come on and hurry up with packing, we can't be late!" hollers Granny from outside in the cart.

"Coming!" holler the siblings as they run down the hall and into the cart, Apple Bloom stopping briefly to grab her apple blanket and great seedling doll.

"You still need those?" asks AJ with a smile.

"What? We haven't done a trip to the Pear side of the family ever. I'm nervous and I needed something to hold," responds Apple Bloom somewhat annoyed with her big sis.

After about a twenty, thirty minute drive, they arrive at Grandpear's new house on the outskirts of Ponyville. There, Big Mack helps unload the cart as does Applejack while Apple Bloom goes with Granny to knock on the door.

"Nervous or sad?" Big Mack asks Applejack.

"Neither. I'm made." She then whispers into his ear. "He's the reason they're dead."

"I know," Big Mack whispers back, "but we need to let that go now. Please try to enjoy yourself. We're with family."

"Fine," responds AJ with a snort. "I'll try." The two then bring the luggage into the house and set it down.

"It's good to see you again, my grandcolt and grandfillies," says Grandpear with a smile.

"And you, too," says Apple Bloom as she goes over and embraces him in a hug. Her siblings then slowly follow suit. Granny just smiles.

"It's good to see you again, Prickly," says Granny with a smile.

"And you, Crabapple," responds Grandpear with a laugh. "It's nice y'all stopped by to visit for Father's Day."

Aj soon lets go of her grandfather's grasp and goes and stares out the window and drawing in the dust on its sill. Little does she realize she's drawing a pic of her with her parents in the dirt and dust. Big Mack notices this and goes and confronts his sister. "You need to stop being so cold towards Grandpear," he huffs. "You need to be better behaved. You're so, you're so stubborn!"

"You two, what's going on?" huffs Granny when she hears Big Mack and AJ yelling at each other.

"In all honesty," responds Aj, "I just don't like being here. I don't like Father's Day. You know this. You know I didn't want to come." She then runs off in tears to her guest room. Big Mack runs off after her to comfort her.

Unfortunately for Granny, Grandpear heard all that. "My granddaughter hates me. She blames me for her parents' death, doesn't she?"

"Yes," sighs Granny. "We thought things would change after they first reunited with her, but for AJ, those scars run deep. She was so close with her parents, much more than her brother and sister."

"Yeah, I get it," responds Grandpear sadly his tail going between his legs. He then heads to his room and cries. Granny runs off to confront her granddaughter.

A few moments later, Aj hears a knock on her door. "Come in, Granny," cries AJ. "I already feel bad for hurting his feelings."

"Well, that's a start, I suppose," responds Granny as she sits on Aj's bed. "But you need to let go of the past. He's not the reason they're dead, well, not anymore. Please learn to get along with him. It's Father's Day."

"Okay," responds AJ, "I'll try. But deep down, you and I both know he is responsible for their deaths."

"Yeah, I know," responds Granny. "But put that aside for one day, just today and today only."

"Oh, okay," responds Aj as she embraces Granny in a hug. She then runs off and apologizes to Granpear which he embraces with open hooves.