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Oh, this is going to be good.

So... I'll be waiting and watching, miss Nightshade. Make it a good show.

Oh my lordy. No wonder you've been so busy lately. This one seems a bit more out there than Withania's usual adventures, but still in character for her. Nicely done.

~You can check out, but you can never leaf...

(It's not the exact title, so it's not the exact song. Might as well throw in another pun)

Well... did not see that coming.

That seems to be an interesting point to follow.....

these things tend to introduce a type of moral dilemma if you don't unfuse them before the new entity forms its own personality. The only show I've ever seen handle this smoothly is Steven Universe.

Yea I was drawing a lot on SU's ideas of fusion for this! It'd be fun to let this one play out further, but that would be for a different story.

Thank you so much for the stay :heart:

I wonder if a pony on the run from the law would go there, and hide as a seed, unable to be found, until the heat died down?

Unf. I kinda wish I could try this now


Any chance one of the future guests choose to sleep in between the petals of the original plant, instead of going into Withania?

"Whoops" indeed, Ms. Nightshade.

It'd need to be someone fairly special for that... The original Magnus Tegmen is quite dear to Withania for obvious reasons, and she wouldn't share it lightly.


I typed that wrong
I meant like a plant a few generations down from the original one that turned her into a plant pony.

Oh look, an accidental guest. Hehe.

Ah I got you... Yea maybe! I need to think about what Withania would do with that situation. This story does bring her to a point where she's getting a lot more adventurous with her ideas.

I can't help but feel like that first pony with shoddy paperwork was just trying to turn into a seed to hide from someone.

seems unlikely. being turned into a seed could be an effective way of hiding out, but there would be no reason to check the other kinky boxes. asking to be left on edge but unable to release for an unknown amount of time, possibly months, or even years is not the action of a criminal on the run, but rather that of a severe masochist

i dont know about the fire or damage, but if an animal broke in and ate them i imagine the results would just be that the pony wakes up somewhere in the woods. the way a lot of plants spread are by luring animals to eat their fruit, then after they pass the seeds the perfectly unharmed seed grows fertilized by the rest of the waste. given that the seeds are made by withania a being that is basically biologically programed for non fatal vore, i doubt the seeds are fragile enough to be damaged by acid. besides withania is eaten all the time and her seed is fine afterwards. the only problem a pony might have is the risk of being eaten again before they can get back to civilization. thinking about it, that could be a pretty good story

I'm wondering if it's possible for a pony to be a permanent resident.

If you can turn a pony into goo without hurting or killing them, are we going to see any super weird body fetish coming up? Like, I don't think the idea of "organ play" even exists, but if it ever could, this story would be the one to create it.

...and now I have a macro/micro kink...... Thanks, I think.

Certainly possible. Withania doesn't go in for perma-anything, but if someone asked for indefinite, she'd deliver!

There's ideas for weird transformative stuff in on the bucket list. Not sure if they'll get written, but the scope is certainly there!

You're welcome :raritywink:

Well, this got my motor running.

... first pony porn to arouse me, congrats!

Glad to see you back :twilightsmile:

Not into vore, but I thought I'd stop by and say that I love the pun in the title.

Such a lovely place!

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