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Whilst clearing out the Futas in Central America and Mexico, they run into something that changes their lives forever.

As a wise man once said:


Favorited because of that SWEET T&P 610 Picture when she was part of the 1975-1976 American Freedom Train in the cover art! X3

This story is about her and 5017 because texas types dont get enough love. And as a proud Texan who has gotten to have a look around 610 at the Palestine Texas State railway, I felt she needed a story

Yeah, heh.... while on the subject of steam locomotives.... you know which one has yet to get any love in stories here on FIMFiction? :3

Frisco 1522 <3 :heart:


Gotta love that Burly Baldwin 4-8-2 Mountain built back in 1926. X3

Plus btw.... she is my No. 1 Favorite Steam Locomotive <3 :heart:

Ya know I might find more interest in this story if it was more like the story that Scarfox's story was based on by An Iowa Class Battleship.
Linky Dinky

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